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West of England Teams at Weston, includ- are confined to players with a Master-

Master Point promotions ing one against the eventual winners, but point ranking of 1* Master and below:

came only third after a tight final match. 1. Richard Brown and Andrew Morris;

4 Star Premier 3 Star Regional 3 Star Regional 2 Star Master Recent winners of County events 2. David Furnival and Tess Whittal;

Master Master Master Mr M Moxley include Mary Jones and Cynthia Moore 3. Janice Brent and Elizabeth Dinnen.

Mrs K B Richardson Mr T Card Mr R Lewis 1 Star Master in the Ladies’, and Andrew Kambites and Following his successful appearances

Mr N J Richardson 1 Star Regional Mrs J Lewis Mr E Bourne Dan McIntosh in the Men’s Pairs; the with brother Tom in several England

5 Star Master Master 2 Star Regional Mrs J Porter British Energy Team in the Bredon Vale Under-20 teams, Ben Paske has progres-

Mrs PAM Barber Mrs J Nicholl Master Mrs S Prout

Cup (Elizabeth and Glen Bourne, George sed to the England Under-25 squad.

2 Star Master Mr L Thacker Mr S J Burnett Advanced Master Bisseker, David Simpson); Judy and Allan Playing with Ed Young in the Junior

Mrs VA Frost Regional Master 1 Star Regional Mrs SD Dowle Sanis, Lesley Harrison, Roger Schofield Camrose Trials, they came 2nd out of 13

1 Star Master Mr D Maloney Master Master in the Leslie Everett Trophy. Well done all. pairs and must have a good chance of

Mrs EH North 28 Star Premier Mr C A Hockley Dr G R Jones making the team for this event involving

Mrs R Thomas Master Regional Master District Master

Advanced Master Mr AW Fifield Mr E Ahern Mr HM Watson

Hants and IoW the home countries. Tom Paske, playing

with Adam Hickman in the Great Northern

Mr I J Dalrymple 8 Star Premier Mrs C Mobbs

Club Master Swiss Pairs, was awarded a Junior Prize for

Mrs JM Edwards Master 17 Star Premier Mr D Johnson IT was encouraging to have finishing 30th out of the 98 entrants.

Mrs J Lucas Mr R Webb Master Mrs J Johnson 5 tables at the first New- In the EBU Autumn Sim Pairs, Jutta

Master 3 Star Premier Mr EC Paterson Mr R Johnstone comers competition of the

Mrs ME Paterson

Shadforth and Nick Duberley, playing at

Mr J Child Master Mrs E A Lloyd-Nash season. I hope they enjoyed

Mr R McLaughlin Mr DB Hicks

Ross-on-Wye, achieved 4th place out of

11 Star Premier Ms J Mabe the afternoon and will return on Feb 24.


1,946 pairs nationally.

County Master Tournament Mr F Stott National Results: West of England Con-

Mrs T Ratcliffe Master Mr GE Vincent

Diary Dates: Jan 11, National Pairs

Mrs EM Walker gress, Swiss Pairs: 1. Pauline Serby and

Mrs M L Wade Mr MS Stribling Mr NW Whiteman Qualifying Heat, Bartestree; Jan 18, Inter-

Hertfordshire John Moore. Chris and Richard Ray had Club Teams League, Round 3, Ledbury;

District Master 5 Star Master 6 Star Premier a successful Guernsey Congress winning

Mrs J R ClutterbuckMrs L Butler Master Grand Master Feb 1, No Fear Teams (only one member

Mr V Gaskell the Multiple Teams, with their Guernsey of the team may be Advanced Master or

Club Master 4 Star Master Mr PEB Vaile

4 Star Premier team-mates, and coming 2nd in the Pivot above), Bartestree; Feb 10, Swiss Pairs for

Mr APN Cordrey Mrs CM Love 3 Star Premier Teams and Seniors Teams. Chris also came

Mr G Langley Mr ME Wood Master Regional Master the Bulmer Rose Bowl, Tarrington; Feb

Mr JW Mathews 2nd in the Ladies’ Pairs and Richard 3rd 22, Mixed Pairs, Bartestree.

Direct 2 Star Master Mr E Clucas

1 Star Premier in the Men’s Pairs, both playing with out

Mr A Fry

2 Star Tournament Mr R Waller of county partners.

Master 1 Star Master 2 Star Premier Regional Master

County Results: Simmons Flitch: 1. Hertfordshire

Master Mr R A Slater

Mr M Rowley Mr M Harris Claire and Martin Bevan; 2. Claire and Ian

Mr DM Tuff Mrs M Smith Premier Regional

Club Master Master Fearon; 3. Elaine and Ron Ewins. Simmons HERTFORDSHIRE players have been

Ms M Kultalahti Advanced Master Premier Master

Mr M V Rodney Plate: 1. Karen Dewar and Stephen Hurst; doing well in congresses around the

Ms W Logan Mrs D Syms

Dorset 2 Star Regional

2. Madeline Lawson and Mahmood Nur- country. In the Bedford Congress, held at

Mrs J Wallace 2 Star Tournament

National Master Master mohamed; 3. Trish Brook and Clive the delightful Towcester racecourse, in the

Master Master

Mr H Kevill-Davies Mrs J E Pamplin Mrs P F Lyons Ashton. Newcomers Pairs: 1. John and Jean Pairs Bill Thurl and Tara Harding were the

Mr GD Walker

1 Star Premier Regional Master

Pettit. Ladies’ Pairs: 1. Pauline Serby and top-placed Hertfordshire pair in 4th place;

Mrs B Parker 1 Star Tournament

Regional Master Mr J Peers Eleanor Rice; 2. Lillian Craigen and Sally in the Teams, Dave Dickson, with Beds

Mrs DA Stones Master

Mrs J Irvine Wyne; 3. Sheila Stubbings and Sheila team-mates, was first, and Francis

County Master Mr B C Barnard 8 Star Premier

2 Star Premier Mrs I Gaches Master

Clifford. Men’s Pairs: 1. Mahmood Nur- Eddleston, Tugrul Kaban, Peter Clark with

Mr J Alhadeff

Master Mrs A S Egglesden Mr G Butt

mohamed and John Jones; 2. Jim Sherman Steve Abley of Beds were 2nd.


Mrs IM Thomas Mr FL Hall Master Mrs P Henry and Peter Aubeck; 3. Stephen Cross and In the Hertfordshire One-day Event,

2 Star Master Mr K J Hardaway Mr PI Clemow Paul Barnes. Roll of Honour Pairs: 1. John Tugrual Kaban and Andrew Lee, together

7 Star Premier

Mrs LA Wilson District Master Mrs AE Tranter Master

Jones and Mahmood Nurmohamed; 2. with Suffolk team-mates, were 2nd.

1 Star Master Mrs J Brown 4 Star Master Mrs R I Emanuel

Sonia Blandy and Sue Hands; 3. Daniel In the Rhodes Congress, Sonia Griffiths

Mrs S Cairns Mr R England Mrs CM Muir Miller and Colin Jones. Harrop Mixed and Tim Dean with Middlesex partners

6 Star Premier

Mr T D Macfarlane Club Master 3 Star Master

Teams: 1. Kathy Vaile, John Moore, Pauline won the Swiss Teams; Bobbie and Martin


Advanced Master Mr J Sullivan Mr D Chambers Mrs K Howland

Serby, Andrew Bennett; 2. Chris and Rich- Rodney, with Steve and Julie Abley, were

Mr DJ Gill Gloucestershire Mrs B Matthews ard Ray, Gary Reynolds, Jeremy Baker. 3. 2nd. Sonia and Tim also came 7th in the

2 Star Premier

Master Mrs J Richardson Madeline Lawson, Stuart Strachan, John Swiss Pairs. Paul and Fiona Littlewood,

Premier Regional Master

Mr PS Tripp Master 2 Star Master Mr P M Lewy

Jones, Mahmood Nurmohamed. together with Stan and Tara Harding, were

County Master Mr J Watson Mrs M Major Miss N M Shachar

Diary Dates: Dec 2, Bloxham Trophy 2nd in the Mixed Pivot Teams, and Stan

Mr J Petran 8 Star Premier Mrs SB Wyne Open Swiss Teams; Dec 16, Yuletide Mini- and Tara 4th in the Mixed Pairs.

1 Star Tournament

District Master Master Advanced Master Swiss Teams; Jan 6, Lincoln Mixed Pairs. Congratulations also to Derek and


Mr R Chapman Mr A H Fatemian Mrs GLT Hunt Mrs L Irvine

Jan 13, Midwinter Mini-Swiss Teams; Jan Celia Oram, with Dee and Peter Lindon,

Ms S Fazakerley 5 Star Master Mrs M E Lewis 27, Candlestick Open Swiss Pairs (1pm.); who knocked the holders (de Botton) out

2 Star Master

Club Master Mr F Cawley Master Feb. 10, Valentine Mini-Swiss Teams. All of the Hubert Phillips in the 3rd round.

Mr R Ashdown

Mr A Bishop 3 Star Master Mrs A V Dearden Mrs VA Barton

the above will be played at Romsey, Local results: Swiss Pairs: 1. Jeff Green

Mr K Deighton Mr IA Wilson Mr I Ralph starting at 2pm,unless otherwise listed. and Bill Thurl; 2. Andrew Doye and Rob

1 Star Master

County Master Entries: or Cookson; 3. Mike Aslett and Helen Robin-

Essex Master Mr J Hopkins

Mrs A V Dymond Lillian Craigen 023 8025 4276. son. Mixed Pairs: Martin and Bobbie

Premier National Mrs A M Cartmell Master

Rodney; Flitch: Barbara and Derrick Kime.

Mrs A M Smart

Master Hants & I.O.W. Mrs J I Latham

Mr R Perryman Life Master

District Master Mrs DE Wilson Herefordshire Diary Dates: Jan 6, Humble Cup (1st

Mr V E Webb Qualifier); Jan 13, Championship Pairs

National Master Mr RR Ray County Master

Club Master Semi-final; Jan 25, Cadet Pairs Final (all

Mr R Clarke Premier National Mrs D J Chapman THE Avocet Pools Cup, a teams event

Mrs M Fleetwood events held at the Bridge Centre).

Mr E Marks Master Mr M Rudd normally played in Swiss format,

Dr J Williams Mr J S White

8 Star Premier Mr W M Kinsey attracted ten entries this year; this was an

Regional Master Dr S Zakrzewski Herefordshire District Master improvement on the previous year but it


Mr B West National Master Regional Master Dr CM Edwards was not enough to avoid repeat matches,

6 Star Premier Ms J Bellinger Mr B R Paske Mr C S Fleckney so two had to be repeated. The winners THE Kent Congress took

Regional Master Mrs E M Ewins 8 Star Premier Mr D C Haste were Sue and Derrick Munday, Sarah place at the end of Oc-

Mrs A West Dr R A Ewins Master Mrs J R Hunter Mathews, John Griffiths; 2. Diana and tober and there were

3 Star Premier Premier Regional Mr G F Richardson Mr S R Hunter

Ken Vowles, Jutta Shadforth and John double the entries com-

Regional Master Master 1 Star Premier Mrs E H P

Crowe; 3. Madeleine and Geoff Harring- pared with last year. The

Dr J C Williams Mr K S Benjamin Master Pemberton

ton, Tony Shadforth and Peter Aston. friendly atmosphere was

8 Star Regional 11 Star Regional Mrs M Harrington Club Master The Next Step Pairs for the Woolhope complemented by Eddie and Kathy Will-

Master Master 3 Star Master Mrs J Evans

Cup was contested by twenty pairs – iams’ excellent direction. Championship

Mrs C McChlery Mrs CJ Carter Mr G J Ling Ms R Giovannini

again an improvement on last year. Entries Pairs (Invicta Cup): 1. Vida Bingham and

44 English Bridge December 2007


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