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Nigel Osmer; 2= John Griffiths and who have reached the quarter-finals for

Master Point Graham Pollack, John Amor and Neil the second time in three years. London

promotions Benn. Swiss Teams (Lukey Cup): 1. Jill

Skinner, Jeremy Willans, Keith Ashcroft,

In the Midland Counties League, our

teams recorded 3-17, 0-20 and 6-14 and


2 Star Master

Michael Prior; 2. S. Burton, A.M.G then 16-4, 10-10 and 18-2 against Glouce- Tom Townsend, David

Isle Of Man

Mrs P A Barker Thompson, A. Clark, M. Fletcher, Phil ster and Worcester respectively, leaving Gold and Gunnar Hall-

2 Star Premier Williams. Ray White Trophy (for Bridge first and third teams well placed in their

Regional Master Mr J G Cox berg for finishing second

Mrs BJ Evans Students): 1. Elizabeth Hornsey and Avril divisions. after the first two week-

Mr A Elliott

Mrs J Woods Strong; 2. Sara Brophy and Christine Bull. Leics clubs fared badly in the upper ends of the English trials and to Nick

3 Star Regional Mixed Pairs Championship: 1. Harry divisions of the annual Three Counties

1 Star Master Sandqvist and Artur Malinowski for

Master and Mary Tuff; Mark and Barbara

Mrs RM Blundy competition, but County B and West- finishing fourth. Both teams will go

Mrs M Murdock

Miss J M Kingston Howarth won the Hunter Cup (highest- cotes took the first two places in the third. forward to the final knock-out stages to

1 Star Master Mr CP Nielsen placed married couple). Fourth-placed Loughborough club select the English team for the 2008

Mrs B F Laidlaw Mr B T Smith Colin Wilson and Diana Avis won the based Geoff Shaw, Jon Worters, Antony European Championships.

Kent Advanced Master Mixed Pairs at the Guernsey Congress. Edwards with an out-county guest were Well done to Anne Catchpole who

Mr M Dubock Jean Paxton and Diana Avis were in a the leading local team in the Green Point won the Mixed Pivot Teams in Brighton

Premier Life

Mrs M Hepburn team that qualified for the semi-finals of Swiss Teams at Spondon; Katie Bruce and

Master (with apologies for the omission last

Mr D T Mann the National Women’s Teams before losing

Dr N T Charles Win Stocker the leading pair. time), and, from the Guernsey Congress,

Mrs EA Rhodes

Life Master to a team of Scottish Internationals. Within the county, Christina Brewster to Jan Svendsen who won the Swiss

Master We are pleased to announce that the

Mrs C Ingham and Chris Heames won the Otto and Teams, and Mike Fletcher who won the

Miss N Cahour

Mr D Ingham team to represent Kent in the Tollemache Edith Bowl for mixed pairs; newly-wed Pivot Teams. In the Surrey September

Dr N R Padley

Premier National Mr P Tinsley Cup will be: Gerald Tredinnick (Capt), Katie and Ian Bruce, 2nd, and Kathy and One-day Event, Geoffrey Lederman was

Master Stuart Tredinnick, Jeremy Willans, Ian Hongji Yang, 5th, qualified to represent 2nd equal in the Swiss Pairs.

County Master

Mr K A Ashcroft Draper, Derek Patterson, Pat Collins, the county in the 2008 Midland Flitch. This year’s Lederer Memorial Trophy

Mr D W Fairbairn

9 Star Premier Mr J Goacher

Dennis O`Donovan and Peter Law. The Grantham A1 (Jim Steele, Graham was a big success (see page 25)and was

Regional Master Mrs AM Mace pairs selected to represent Kent in the Smith, Charu and Sobhag Shah) defeated won by the Schapiro Spring Foursomes

Mrs MM Rumbelow District Master Sussex Invitation Pairs for the Chairman’s Clarendon 1 in the final of the Summer Winners (Neil Rosen, Martin Jones, David

1 Star Premier Mrs J Benson Cup on Sunday 11th November will be Knock-out Cup; County E (Ian Walker- Price, Colin Simpson, Gunnar Hallberg,

Regional Master Mr D Grilli Denis O`Donovan and Peter Law, Brian dine, Cynthia James, David Betterley and Andrew McIntosh) who edged ahead of

Mr D Mortlock Mr O Kinsey Crack and Dean Mortlock. Tony Wood) beat County B in the Plate. Ireland (Tom Hanlon, Hugh McGann,

4 Star Regional Ms M T Spence Diary Dates: Jan 6, Men’s Pairs Stanley Trophy results: Heat 1: 1. Alan Tommy Garvey, David Bakhshi) in the last

Master Mr T G Weedman (Hunter Homines) and Ladies’ Pairs Lord and John Thompson, 2. Kathy and match where they met head to head.

Mr J Davy Club Master (Fleming Femina), TW; Jan 20, Golf- Hongji Yang; Heat 2: N/S Ian Bruce and County results: Mixed Pairs Champ-

2 Star Regional Mr H A D Cairns print Kent Heat TBA; Feb 17, Seniors Mick Mahoney, E/W= Mary and George ionship: 1. Simon Cochemé and Susanna

Master Mr M S Collins Pairs (George Griffiths Cup), TW. Gross; 2. Anne Catchpole and Colin

Brown, Hugh Cairns and Steve Francis.

Mr P L Morgan Ms D A Genet

Diary Dates: Dec 9, Midland League Hepworth. Champions Cup: 1. London

Mrs B Goodfellow

1 Star Regional

Mr P Paranjape Lancashire County Match v Oxfordshire, LGS; Dec League (Ian Swanson, Ken Ford, Ivor

Master 12, Josephs Bowl round three, County Miller, Catherine Seale); 2. Middlesex

Mrs JE Robards

Mrs MI Poole BC; Jan 13, Midland League County League (Harvey Bengen, Kevin Elstow,

Regional Master

Lancashire IN the third round of Richard Palmer, Richard Davey).

Match v Derbyshire, Spondon; Jan 16,

Mrs K Morgan Premier Life matches in the Northern Diary Dates: Dec 2, Daily Telegraph

Stanley Trophy Heat 4, LGS; Jan 30,

19 Star Premier

Master Bridge League, Lancashire Cup, invitational inter-County Teams of

Mr A Woodcock

Josephs Bowl Quarter-finals, tba; Feb 4,

Master A finished 5th out of five four, YCBC – contact Chris Duckworth at

LCBA National Pairs heat, LGS.

Mr G Lawrence 6 Star Premier counties, Lancashire B 6th or 020

Regional Master out of six and Lancashire C 5th out of

13 Star Premier 7385 3534; Jan 13, Ian Gardiner Trophy,


Mrs M Taft seven. In the fourth round, Lancs A came Lincolnshire London Teams of Four Championship,

5 Star Premier 3rd out of four counties, Lancs B 3rd out

Mr CC Parker YCBC – contact Sati McKenzie 020

Regional Master of six and Lancs C 3rd out of seven. In the

7 Star Premier THE AGM held on 2nd 7627 0977 or at; Feb

Mr KC Renno overall tables, Lancashire A ended 4th out

Master September saw Michael 3, London Championship Pairs, YCBC –

Premier Regional of six counties, Lancashire B 5th out of

Mr B A Richards Grant re-elected as Chair- contact Nigel Freake 020 8801 2884;

Master seven and Lancashire C 2nd out of seven.

6 Star Premier Mr A Dickinson man for his third and final Feb 24, Palmer Bayer Trophy, simple

Master Bolton Congress winners: Men’s Pairs: system pairs, YCBC – contact Chris

Mr A W Wilkinson

Andrew and Nick Woodcock; Ladies’ year. Vice-chair man:

Mr R H Bird Mr A D B Glynn Elwick; Competition secretary: Duckworth as above.

5 Star Premier Wilkinson

Pairs: Catherine Draper and Sue Wood-

cock; Main Pairs: Nick and Sue Wood- Stuart Knox; new treasurer: Mike

Master 2 Star Premier

cock; Main Teams: Paul and Hilda Llewellyn; new secretary: Drene Brown. Manchester

Mr JC Maloney Master Top scorers: AGM pairs: Vic and Mike

3 Star Premier Mrs C Croasdale Williams, Mike Nicholson, Steve Haley.

Pendle Witch Pairs: Experts: Bernard and Llewellyn. Closed trials: Andy King and WELL done Barbara

Master 5 Star Master Ron Wall. Mixed/Married pairs: 1. Mike

Mr J P Burdett Mr C Wade Rhona Goldenfield; Middle Experts: Hackett who won a silver

Robin Atkinson and Pauline Holden; and Christine Grant, 2. Dennis Mellor medal playing for the

Dr E Kloprogge 1 Star Master

Non-experts: George Thornton and David and Carole Rushford; Dean Trophy German Ladies in the

4 Star Tournament Mr A H Haworth (Married Pairs): Drene and Alan Brown.

Master Advanced Master

Caygill. LCBA Mixed Pairs: Andrew World Championships recently held in

Woodcock and Catherine Draper. Restricted/Nat Pairs qualifier: Restricted Shanghai. The German team lost in the

Mrs C S Shaw Mrs T Watson

Blackburn Foundation Cup: 1. Hettie Pairs saw a disappointing entry of only final to a very strong USA team. Michelle

Mr S Shaw District Master

Sutton, Glenn Oliver, Julia Newall and three and a half tables, the winners were Brunner and Rhona Goldenfield pro-

1 Star Tournament Mrs J Clough

Ewart Evans. Phillip Harland and James Rowe. Four vided Manchester’s main interest in the

Master Mr J Elwood

Mr KW Gravestock Mr A P Golland Diary Dates: Dec 2, Lytham Rose pairs qualified for the National Pairs Shanghai Championships (report: page

Mr N M Smith Mrs M Henderson Bowl Final, Lytham; Dec 7-9, Gold Cup semi-final; the winners were Sue York and 9): representing England, they qualified

5 Star Master Mrs SM Monks Congress, Peebles; Dec 16, Santa Claus David Stoddard. last year by winning bronze in the Euro-

Mr DW Gibson Mr M Tomlinson Pairs, Manchester; Dec 28-30, Year End Well done to Christine and Mike pean Women’s event. This was their 17th

Mrs B Marshall Club Master Congress, Blackpool; Jan 5-6, Manchester Grant finished third at the Derbyshire joint appearance representing England or

4 Star Master Mr I Clough Congress, Manchester; Jan 12, LCBA Green-pointed Swiss Pairs on October 6. Great Britain.

Mrs J M Hargraves Mrs L Hitchen Butler Pairs, Brierfield BC; Jan 27, Would members please note that the Jeff Morris and Alan Nelson were re-

Mrs G D Lowndes Mr P L Roberts Lancashire Evening Post Pairs, Preston. Green-pointed Swiss Teams advertised at elected to the EBU Board at the AGM in

Mr RJ Maddison- Leicestershire Spalding in June 2008 has been cancelled. October.

Diary Dates, all at Dunholme: Jan 6, Alex Morris and Mike Bell were


Mrs AA Treen

National Master Leicestershire Bainton semi-final; Jan 27, Bainton Final; convincing winners of the Under-25

Mr E Jones

3 Star Master 1 Star Premier Feb 10, Random Seeded Teams – pre- Trials over the weekend of 13-14

Mrs D F Baxter Regional Master FIRST, well done Nick Steven’s Gold Cup entry is essential. Pairs one way are drawn October when they finished 30 IMPs

Mr D G Lowndes Mr I Bruce team (Nick, Paul Bowyer, Jim Mason, Ben to play with an experienced pair; Mar 2, clear of the field. They have been

Green, Duncan Happer and Dick Pathan) Garden Cities heat. selected for the Channel Trophy team December 2007 English Bridge 45


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