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continues on December 5th, alternating Christine White and Ian Clarke.

Master Point Northamptonshire with Butler Pairs events, but with the Restricted Pairs: Lesley Irving and Marion

promotions schedule interrupted by the Christmas

Party on December 12th, the Individual

Loudoun; Swiss Pairs: Pauline Servy

from Newbury with John Moore from

AFTER two of the six evenings of the

1 Star Premier Advanced Master Championship on January 2nd, the BGB Dibden Purlieu. The team of Andrew

winter league, Peter Fountain’s team is

Regional Master Mrs M Johns Simultaneous Pairs on January 9th and Thompson with Rob Lawy, Stefan

leading the north-eastern half of the

Mr J Febland Mrs J Mayhew the National Pairs Heat on January 23rd. Lindfors and Jim Grant from Norfolk,

competition, and Maggie Jones’s team

Mrs F Liew Master Events are normally scored by Bridge- Somerset and Devon, retained the trophy

heads the south-western half.

5 Star Premier Mr D Appleby mate; the results appear on the website. for winning the Swiss Teams for the

Mrs PJ Cottam

Interclub Leagues: Div. 1: 1. Northamp-

Master second year running.

Mr I Harvey ton A, 2. Stamford A; Div. 2: 1. Kettering

Mrs V Clarke

Ms M Page County Master

C, 2. Orton; Div. 3: 1. Northampton C, 2. Oxfordshire Our 2008 Congress will again be

staged at Weston-super-Mare from 3-5

Mr AS Perelman Mr P Bowman Towcester B. October and we very much look forward

Mr G Ip In the Broke Cup, last year’s champions ANDREW Robson returns

Premier Master to seeing everyone then.

Ms E E Barnard District Master were beaten in the first round by Bill to Oxford! It’s true: the After a difficult start to the Weston

Mr D Mail Mr R J Cox Chadwick’s team. Peter Fountain’s and Oxfordshire Bridge Associ- League against East Wales where we lost

Mr G Grist Mark Tilley’s team have also progressed ation is hosting this event

9 Star Tournament all three matches, the match against

Master Club Master to the second round. on Thursday evening 24 Hereford became very important. Well

Mrs S J Barnes Mr J Tilbrook In the county match against Suffolk, April 2008 at Oxford BC, done to the A and C Teams who won 19-1

Tournament North East the A team won 14-6, the B team lost 13- 147 Banbury Road, Oxford. As last year, and 15-5. The B Team came up against a

Master Grand Master 7 and the C team won 14-6. In the county Andrew’s seminar will be targeting less very consistent team and lost 16-4.

Mr PJ Hiron Mrs P Barton match against Cambridge University, the experienced through to average club Diary Dates: Dec 9, Ladies and Men’s

4 Star Master National Master A team won 12-8, the B team won 20-0 players. As places are limited, please Pairs, West Camel; Jan 5, Swiss Pairs,

Mr PJ Harwood Mrs SE Davies and the C team won 20-0. After four contact Brenda Harris ( 01865 511136) Nailsea; Jan 26, Club Teams of Eight,

2 Star Master Mrs J North county matches, the A team have 46 VPs ASAP to ensure your booking. Cotford St Luke.

Mr M Gentry Mr B Swalwell out of a possible 80, the B team 62 and Oxfordshire is delighted to announce

Ms E Kalina 8 Star Premier the C team 53. that Stuart McPhee has attained the

Mrs D Nattrass Regional Master West of England Congress: well done to distinguished rank of Grand Master. Staffs and Shrops

Mrs K Armstrong Christine White and Ian Clarke who won

Advanced Master Congratulations to Nick Smith, Alan

Mrs B A Marks 3 Star Premier the Main Pairs, and Ian Clarke and Trevor Wilson, Richard Lonsdale and Stuart

Regional Master


Mr D V Mithani King who won the Men’s Pairs. McPhee, winners of the President’s Cup, BARBARA Hackett won the silver medal

Miss S Caygill Results: September Winter League N/E:

Master and to Kathy Talbot, Denis Talbot, Rob in the Venice Cup, the ladies’ world

3 Star Regional 1. Berry and Graham Hedley, Ben and

Mr T Ridgwell Procter, Nick Smith and Chris Cooper, teams championship, in Shanghai. She

Master Joan Gibson; 2. Peter Fountain, Jo Skil-

Mrs V Sand winners of the Chester Cup. represented Germany and her tally of

Mrs J Springett

Mrs M Shah lern, Liz and Ian Coltman. September Our Green-pointed Swiss Teams drew medals is one gold, two silver and two

Mrs E I Twamley

County Master Winter League S/W: 1. Maggie Jones, a large entry and was won by a local bronze, a fantastic achievement.

19 Star Premier

Mr. G Audunsson Master

Brian Davies, Shirley Dutton, James team comprising David Flower, Tim Wolverhampton BC celebrated their

Mrs S E Holman Mr B Shepherd Dutton; 2. Andy Robinson, Rob Bates, Dickinson, Nick Perceval-Price and first anniversary in their new premises at

Mr L Kendall John Larkin, Jim Bainbridges. October Michael Goldsmith.

10 Star Premier Shaw Road with the Anniversary Pairs: 1.

District Master Master Winter League N/E: 1. Peter Fountain, Jo Oxfordshire players (Stuart McPhee, Annette Lucas and Mike Cornes, 2.

Mrs A R Haria Mr S Khadaroo Skillern, Liz and Ian Coltman; 2. Marcus Tim Pike and Alan Wilson partnering David Moir and Roger Keane.

Mr R Haria 8 Star Premier Witt, Trevor Thrower, Mike Gore Jim Gobert) also stole the honours at In the English Trials Jason and Justin

Mrs R Lister Master Browne, Bill Chadwick. October Winter Hertfordshire, winning their Green- Hackett in the de Botton team and Paul

Mr S L Mehta Mrs J Finney League S/W: 1. Mike Wiggins, Len pointed Swiss Teams event. Hackett in the Armstrong team qualified

Mr B Shah Shulman, Ross Stacey, John Josephs; 2.

6 Star Premier Oxford University A team (Greg Moss, for the knock-out stages. Paul won the

Mr DU Shah Master Kevin Fogarty, Margaret Bryant, Richard Ian Angus, James Rogers, Alice Kaye, Alex Bedford Pairs and the Pebbles October

Mrs M Shah Mrs D Chapman Gibson, Ian James. Webb) won the Portland Bowl and then Pairs. In the transnationals in Shanghai

Mr R Shah Mrs P M Hands

Mrs R Shah

Diary Dates: Dec 2, Porch Trophy, represented Great Britain at the European Paul and Justin were beaten by the Zim-

2 Star Premier Kettering; Dec 8, Winter League N/E 2, Universities Bridge Championship.

Club Master Master merman team, the eventual winners.

Kettering; Dec 12, Winter League S/W 2, In addition to being displayed on its Inter-club Sim Pairs: 1. Barry Gold-

Mrs KN Harries Mr R K Nayar

Mr S Parekh

Northampton; Jan 12, Winter League website, Oxfordshire’s recently introduced smith and Bill Clouchough, 2. Janet and

5 Star Master N/E 3, Kettering; Jan 16, Winter League

Mr N Shah Mr D Barker

county newsletter will be dispatched to David Drinkwater, 3. Ray Stubbs and

Mr A Sheth S/W 3, Northampton. all its members. Please send your news Marion Jordan.

2 Star Master

Mrs G Sheth

Mrs M Whiting and views to the editor: Malcolm We wish Jason and Justin luck in the

Dr S R Vora

1 Star Master Nottinghamshire Simpson, 7 Kennet Court, Wokingham, Champions Cup where they will be repre-

Mrs U Vora RG41 3DB ( senting England in Warsaw.

Mrs B A Godfrey

V Wadhar – 01189 772191).

Mr P G Marshall IN the county match vs Staffordshire, the

Norfolk Mr C R

1st team won 18-2, but the 2nd and 3rd

Diary Dates: Dec 2, Swiss Pairs, Oxford Suffolk

3 Star Premier Ramachandra BC; Dec 9, Dawes league v Leicestershire

Mrs P Robinson teams lost 0-20 and 3-17. Vs Lincolnshire, (away); Jan 6, Haddenham Swiss Teams;

Regional Master the 1st team won 13-7, while the 2nd and

Mrs J Rumney Jan 13, Dawes league v Warwickshire THE new two-day Felixstowe

Mrs B M Hacker 3rd teams lost 1-19 and 4-16. In the

Advanced Master (away); Jan 20, Harwell Cup (also Congress was well received,

8 Star Regional Midlands Mixed Championship, David &

Mr B Lumsden qualifier for Beck Cup) Oxford BC; Jan attracting some new faces

Master Joan Burgess won the Flitch Trophy.

Master 27, Golfprint Oxon heat Oxford BC; Jan but several regulars, includ-

Mrs C Buchanan Summer results: Black Cup (Mixed

Mrs GE Howells 29, Pro-Am Oxford BC. ing a number of Suffolk members, were

4 Star Regional Mrs A Wake Pairs): 1. Pat Mantle and William Crook; missing this year. The weekend was

Master 2; John and Irene Auld. Farr Cup (Similar

County Master enjoyed by all those who participated.

Mr J M Massey

Mr J De Martino Pairs): 1. John Auld and Clive Kaye; 2. Somerset Championship Pairs: 1. Nicolle Cooke

5 Star Premier Mrs P De Martino Lloyd Eagling and Keith Rodgers. NCBA www.somersetbridge and Ian Draper; 2. Ralph Parish and

Master Mrs M Lockett Swiss Pairs Championship: 1. Gordon Ful- ONCE again we are most Tony Shearman; 3. David Cooper and

Mrs S Birchall Mr R Zigmond lerton and Robert Northage; 2. Lloyd grateful to all our suppor- Neil Bresler. The Markwell Trophy went

4 Star Premier District Master Eagling and Keith Rodgers. NCBA Anni- ters from across the country to Mike Malin and Eric Newman, and

Master Mr L Marsden versary Teams: 1. Irene and John Auld, who ensured that our an- the Coastal County Shield to Barry Davies

Ms J Anderson Club Master Tony Marshall, Brian Chamberlain; 2. nual Congress proved to be and Din Gudka. Swiss Teams: 1. Andrew

5 Star Master Miss C Dutton Geoff Caldwell, Margaret Fox, Lee Sar- another great success. and Jane Moore with partners David and

Mrs B Starkings Ms G A Keating

gent, Wendy Walker. Saturday’s Green Pointed Swiss Teams Jenny Price; 2. Paula Leslie, Ed Lockhart,

Mr P Sutton Ms M Pugh

Mr C Smith

Diary Dates: Dec 2, NCBA Swiss attracted over 70 tables and Sunday’s Gareth Birdsall and Sonia Zakrzewski;

4 Star Master

Mr M Symons Teams Championship; Jan 9, NCBA Mixed Swiss Teams was once again a ‘sell-out’ 3. Robert Green, Colin Bamberger, Jeff

Mr P Gaskin

Pairs Championship; Jan 27, NCBA KO with 81 teams taking part. The winners Orton and Graham Beeton. Ipswich &

3 Star Master Northants

Teams Heat. Enquiries and entries to were: Ladies’ Pairs: Marjorie Dilworth Kesgrave Swiss Pairs: 1. Peters Gemmell

Mr M Pooley National Master

Graham Brindley 0115 923 2186. and Janet Jones: Men’s Pairs: Trevor King and Sutcliffe.

Mrs M Redding Mr I M Clarke

On Wednesdays the President’s Cup and Ian Clarke: Championship Pairs: The Suffolk Ladies’ Pairs was won by December 2007 English Bridge 47


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