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DEC_EB_p42-50 County News 15/11/07 12:15 pm Page 48

Barbara Barker and Glynne Whitehead; and Matthew Hoskins, Andrew South-

Master Point promotions Alan Green and Roger Tattersfield won well, Richard Fedrick. Swiss Pairs Final: 1.

the Men’s Pairs. Harold and Cecily Lindfield; 2. Philip

5 Star Premier County Master Club Master Mr G Gardiner The Suffolk Club Teams of Eight for the Hunt – Yves Lebrec. Secondary Final: 1.

Regional Master Mrs A Adams Ms M S Derbyshire 4 Star Regional Abbeygate Trophy was won by Ipswich & Marie Gritt – Matthew Kime; 2; Gerry

Mrs M Jones Mrs A Potter Mr G Kershaw Master Kesgrave, with Felixstowe in 2nd place, Stanford –≠Dave Franklin. Consolation

Mr P Sherry Mrs J Kershaw Mrs J Brick closely followed by Colchester. Ipswich Final: 1. Mike Dancy – Amanda Bolton; 2.

3 Star Premier

Mrs K J Taylor Mr P Laughlin Mrs MF Gayner & Kesgrave will be eligible to represent Sally and Jim Bugden. Swiss Teams: 1.

Regional Master Mrs C H Lees

Mrs C White District Master 3 Star Regional Suffolk in the Regional Final of the Mike Keeping, Richard Burnett, Richard

Mr P Lees

4 Star Regional Mrs B Barnes Mr J Pugh Master Garden Cities Trophy. Newton, Matt Read; 2. Jeremy Willans,

Master Mr J G Davis Mr R A Collins Diary Dates: Dec 2, Suffolk Teams Ian Draper, Jill Skinner, Jean Paxton.

Mr M Keogh Mr M Stevens Suffolk 2 Star Regional Championship, Stoke by Nayland; Jan We congratulate Andy Morris and

2 Star Regional Club Master Premier National Master 20, Mid-Anglia Pairs, Stoke by Nayland; Duncan Curtis with Malcolm and Karen

Master Mrs CR Gamet Master Mrs J Kennedy Jan 24, National Pairs Qualifying Heat, Pryor, who were second out of 93 teams

Mrs C M Luck Mrs C M Gray Mr J R Green 21 Star Premier Ipswich & Kesgrave club – this heat was in the ‘A’ flight at the Guildford Green-

Mr E Luck Mr J L G May 9 Star Regional Master cancelled last year due to lack of support point event. In the ‘B’ flight, Sue Ebsworth

5 Star Premier N Whiting Master Mr AR Grove so please put it in your diaries. and Bob Best with Denise Ebsworth and

Master Mr L N Less Mr RW Guille More information on Suffolk comp- Felicia Armes were also second.


Mrs R Stewart 5 Star Regional 19 Star Premier etitions from the Competitions Secretary The Sussex Ladies Pairs Championship

Premier Life Master

2 Star Premier Master Master Rick Waters (e-mail was won by a new pairing playing toge-

Ms A D Patrick

Master Mrs A Wilmer Mrs BM Bueno or 01379 870291). ther for the first time, so congratulations

Mr E Don Premier National

13 Star Premier 17 Star Premier to Kathy Williams and Barbara Pinto;

Premier Master Master

Mr K M Tilley Mr SJ Upton


Mrs E C Bryant


Mr SR Deshmukh

Surrey 2nd were Chris Jepson and Liz Lancaster.

Diary Dates: Dec 2, Basic Bridge Pairs

5 Star Master National Master

12 Star Premier 10 Star Premier at Chichester. 2008: Jan 13, New Year

Mrs A Wise Mr R W Day

Master Master THE County season has not yet got Swiss Teams at Henfield; Jan 20, Basic

Mr R J Walder

Club Master Mr M L Spencer Mr J Neal under way, but congratulations are due Bridge Pairs at East Grinstead. There are

Mr R Griffiths 11 Star Regional Mr E D Nock to the Surrey team of Bill Hodgkiss, John

8 Star Premier heats at several clubs for the Sussex Mixed

Mr A Manners Master 7 Star Premier

Master Short, Ian Swanson and Charles Chisnall Pairs, National Pairs, Individual, Sussex

Mrs V Dunn

Mr M J Del-Bo Master who won the Guildford Swiss Teams A Pairs, Elizabeth North Trophy and the

Notts 3 Star Regional Mr ME Stredwick Mrs S M Simpson Flight in September. Also, Denny Wade David Pavey Trophy; please see the

4 Star Master Master 6 Star Premier

7 Star Premier and Angela McCready won the Ladies’ County calendar for events.

Mrs M E Fox Mr J M Perry

Master Master Pairs at the Rhodes Congress.

3 Star Master Mrs S Stuttard Mr T D Shearman Mr JF Flower Selsdon Bridge Club celebrated its Warwickshire

Mrs B Hatfield 2 Star Regional 2 Star Master 4 Star Premier 75th anniversary in October with a cele-

Master Master Mrs DB Radley

Master bratory pairs evening (in the picture,

Mr N Clarke Mr C J Simcox

1 Star Master Mr D J Dick Beryl Absalom cutting the cake). HEARTY congratulations

County Master Regional Master Mrs A B Parker Mrs C A Morgan to Martin Jones who as a

Mr DJ Wilkins Mrs L McEwen Mr D J Pym

District Master member of the Schapiro

Club Master Mr P McEwen Mrs B Ditchburn Miss J E Spence

Spring Foursomes team

Mrs E Joyner 9 Star Premier Ms I Walsh

Mr R Joyner

Club Master won the Lederer Memorial

Master Mr R Barton 3 Star Premier

Trophy. Back home, in the

Mr F E Coltman Mrs S Barton Master

Oxford Midlands Inter-county League, the county

5 Star Premier Mr A Gray Miss M A Frame

Premier Life Master suffered setbacks against Lincs with 1-

Master Miss S Gray 1 Star Premier

Mr CN Smith Mrs J Price 19, 15-5 and 5-15 in the Dawes, Porter

Miss J E Pooley Master

National Master Mr B Talaga Mr R C P Smith

and Markham competitions respectively.

3 Star Premier

Mr C J Wilson Good luck to this year’s Tollemache

Master Surrey 1 Star Tournament

2 Star Regional squad, comprising David Jones, Gary

Mr R E Feetenby Master

Master Life Master Watson, Steve Green, Graham Link,

4 Star Master Ms A Bahal Mrs I M Tate

Mrs A Nicolson Peter Heatherington, Glyn Preece, Roger

Mr M V Smith Mr R K Fellows Tournament Master

1 Star Regional Mrs KG Chapman

Bryant, Rob Helle, Susan Stockdale,

3 Star Master Dr H Keith

Master Lady M H Moir Mr J Riley Dave Cropper, Mike Leese and Steve

Mr RHB Beach

Mrs I Merriman

5 Star Master

Wood. Midland Circle Teams at Sutton: 1.

Advanced Master Premier National

Regional Master Mrs IP Jordan The 2008 Surrey Schools Bridge event Tony Poole, John Robbins, Paul Cotterill,

Mrs R Z Dascombe Master

Prof N Stephens Mrs J Brough Mrs BF Mullins will be held once again at Cranmore Tony Cundy; 2. Peter Oldbury, Brent

Master School in West Horsley on Friday, 29th Wormald, Adrian Knight, Leslie Reece.

15 Star Premier Mrs J Cook 4 Star Master

Mr S Burgoyne Derbys Green Points Swiss Teams: 1. Mar-

Master Mrs WEH Mr D Page February (start 3.45pm). It will include

Mr J Clifford County Master McCormick MiniBridge Pairs and Teams-of-Four garet Armstrong, David Hulston, Dodo

3 Star Master

Mr B Crosby Bridge competitions. Details from CYO Georgevic and Sue Goldman.

7 Star Premier National Master Mrs K Colton

Mr N V Wisbach Mr M Lunn In the clubs, the popular Coventry

Master Mrs G Gilliam Bomi Kavarana (

Mr W McCarthy District Master Mrs J Outred Mrs A K Hughes Diary Dates: Dec 2, Affiliated Teams Pairs are led in Div. I by Roger Bryant

Mrs T Hopkins Dr W L Price Mr KE King and Susan Stockdale; in Div. 2 by Brian

3 Star Premier of 8, Richmond; Dec 9, Ladies’/Men’s

Club Master Mr P Whitehurst Mr A Rainbow

Master Pairs, Cobham; Jan 6, 30K Pairs, Oxshott; Osmond and Mike Sallis, jointly with

Mrs J Begg 11 Star Premier Mrs W Schlaeppi

Mrs M Henry Jan 13, County Pairs & Plate, Cobham Bill Hood and David Kenward; in Div. 3

Regional Master 2 Star Master by Sue Goldman and Julian Wernick; in

1 Star Premier Staffs & Jan 27, 30K Teams, New Haw.

Mrs J K Retter Mr M Griffin

Master Shropshire Mr IR Lucas

Div. 4 by Jon Downing and Liam John-

Mr P Murphy 4 Star Premier stone; and in Div. 5 by Christine Mahler

Premier Master

Grand Master Regional Master

Mrs W McKinney Sussex and Mary Taylor.

Mr I J Pendlebury Mr J Xuereb

Mrs E Currie

Mr I Angus 1 Star Master Moseley Bowl: 1. Dodo Georgevic,

3 Star Regional 3 Star Premier

5 Star Master Master Mrs I Greene The Autumn Congress (Sept Robin Ogg, Sue and Geoff Morrison.

Mrs HPG McIlvenna Regional Master

Mr J R Hartley Mr S Pratt 21-13) was held at Stenning. Ann Ormond Pairs: 1. Denis Gough and

Mrs P J Gowers Mrs V R Price

2 Star Master 3 Star Master Results: Ladies Pairs: 1. Joan Norman Sutton. At West Midlands BC,

Mrs P Everard 2 Star Premier Margaret Wort and Darren Evetts took

Mrs ER Timmis Advanced Master Hootman – Andrea Galpin;

Regional Master

Advanced Master Mrs J M Bateman 2. Fran Thornton – Tilly the Doyle Plate home, Carolyn and Mike

Advanced Master Mr M Lee

Mrs E M Crump Mrs J M Davies Hennings. Men's Pairs: 1. Fisher walked off with 909 Cup, and

Mrs I Woods Mrs G M Caddick Premier Regional Mr P L Hainsworth

Mrs AK Muir Mick Carrington – Dave Barry Holloway and John Wright took

Master Master Mrs GS Learoyd


Franklin; 2. Neil Watts – John Taylor. the honours in the Millennium Cup.

Mrs L Morton Dr G Walker Mr A Moon

Mrs S Forster Mrs J R Robson Basic Bridge Pairs: 1. Sue Baker – Roland Diary Dates: Dec 2, Qualifier for the

Mr B Murtagh 6 Star Regional

Heathfield; 2. Frank Howard and Avril Garden Cities national inter-club champ-

Mr R Sills District Master Master Master

Mr R Watts Mrs S Amos Mrs GF Fernall Mrs R Brough

Strong. Pivot Teams: 1. Karen Pryor, John ionship, Sutton BC. Jan 4-6, reserve your

Griffiths, Keith Ashcroft, Phil Jones; 2. Liz places for the Midlands Counties Congress,

48 English Bridge December 2007


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