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Bransford. Jan 15, golfers should meet at its 57th year, the team that won the

Master Point promotions West Midlands BC for the Golf Print Healey Cup came from Stourbridge

Trophy heat. Feb 10, Doyle Plate Mixed (where the late Harry Healey lived). The

Mr P L Hodson 2 Star Master Mr J Kimberley 6 Star Regional Pairs, West Midlands BC. Please send team were Brian Nightingale, David

Mrs AF Holmes Mr M P Wotton Mrs SA New Master entries for Warwks events to P White- Banks, Georgina and Ian Lineker.

Mrs C F Kurk 1 Star Master Mrs M Sclater Mrs L Bennett house, 0121 704 9287. Georgina raised her pretty head once

County Master Mrs J A King Club Master 5 Star Premier again by winning the Ladies Pairs with

Mrs SM Brown Mr J Adams Joyce Skelton, beating Suzanne Griffin

Advanced Master

Mrs J Atkin


Mr S Mapstone


District Master Mr P H Ball and Maureen Hannah into 2nd place.

Mrs S A Chandler Mr J P Hall

Mrs P Bray 4 Star Premier John Sansom and Richard Jephcott won

Mr J M Dawkins Mr A R Humphrey

Mrs VM Howell Master CLIFF Sibley Swiss Teams: the Men’s Pairs, with Mike Holmes and

Mr R Johnston Mrs K Lightfoot

Mr A H McCulloch Mrs G Mapstone the first event of the Paul Hooker 2nd.

Ms C Owens Mr J L S Peace

Mr B Spears 2 Star Premier Wiltshire season was held Irene Allen Swiss Pairs for players below

Mr D E Pearmain Westmorland

Master Master on 30 September in De- Regional Master: 1. Mike Smith and

Mrs I K C Phillips

Mrs P Bushill Advanced Master Mr S T Barrett vizes. Eight teams entered and the winners

Mr I Schofield David Cope; 2. Mike Heard and David

Mr JD Lane Mr MJ Notley 1 Star Premier

Mr J F Sheppard were Valerie and Peter Austwick with Pat Philpott; 3. Cliff and Judith Little.

Ms A P Viola Master

Mrs V E Turner District Master Davies and James Dunlop. Congratulations are due to Jimmy

County Master Mrs J Jeffreys Mrs C Heron

Club Master

Ms J Alderman

Corsham Pairs (14 October): 1. Chris Ledger and Paul Hammond who won

Mr M Alexander Club Master Premier Master Dixon and Pat Davies; 2. Roy France and the Men’s Pairs in the Rhodes Congress.

Mr A Eames Mrs P Porritt

Mr A C Boulding Miss F Brown Keith Williamson. The Corsham ladies Diary Dates: Dec 3, Mixed Pairs; Dec

Mrs J M Tourell

Mrs A Rogers 7 Star Tournament

District Master Wiltshire supplied their usual delicious tea which 17, Xmas Charity Swiss Teams, Holt; Jan

Mrs S Sinclair Master

Mr P M Tilbrook Mr J Boughey Life Master was much appreciated by the players. 4-6, Midland Counties Congress, Brans-

Mrs HY Mansfield Garden Cities Qualifier (21 October):

Mr D D Tregear Mr R Cutler Mrs J Gray ford; Jan 14, Nat. Pairs Heat, Holt Fleet.

Mrs P West Mr F Howard 6 Star Tournament an appeal which affects the winners has

Premier National

Mrs A Strong Master Master

Sussex Club Master Mr C Webb Mr GA Whitfield

not been resolved. The final result will Yorkshire

be on the website when available.

Life Master Mr R Calderwood Premier Regional 3 Star Tournament Premier League: after three matches,

Mr P Pennant Mrs P Gibert Master Master CONGRATULATIONS to

Pat Davies’s is the only unbeaten team.

Premier National Mr W H Jewell Mr C Jones Mrs MC Podmore Bradford players Hugh

Mr A Miley Mr WG Podmore

They are followed by Martin Buck’s

Master 8 Star Premier McGann and Sarah Tesh-

Mr J Patient Master team. Two of the proposed dates for

Mrs J Cowell 2 Star Tournament ome, who represented

Mr B Salmon Mr B Lloyd Master

playing the matches have been deleted.

National Master Mr R Shepherd Please see the website for details. Western Ireland and England res-

Advanced Master Mrs AR Scriven

Mrs FE Thornton Mrs R G Taylor Dr D Twiner League: in the first match we travelled to pectively in the recent

Tournament Master World Championships in Shanghai.

4 Star Premier Master Cornwall. The A team won 18-2, the B

Warwickshire Mr A N Peel

Yorkshire teams performed strongly

Regional Master Mr B Cross team lost 8-12 and the C team won 19-1.

Mrs E A Goss 3 Star Premier 5 Star Master in this year’s inter-county Northern Bridge

Regional Master Worcester Mrs F Carr The draw for the Knock-out comp-

Mr BL Loasby etition has been made and matches can League. County teams were in first place

Mrs L Stocks Premier Life Master Mr T Hird

3 Star Premier be found on the website. in the Club and Junior Divisions, and

Premier Regional Mr J A Cattanach 4 Star Master

Regional Master Katherine Hodgson and Roy France runners-up in the A and B Divisions.

Master National Master Mrs L Atkinson

Mrs J Clinton of the Swindon club are currently Winners of the Huddersfield Examiner

Mrs W Wort Mrs M Wilcox 3 Star Master

Mrs J Mayall Rose Bowl were the home team of Les

22 Star Premier 15 Star Premier Mr F H S Bedi leading the BGB Autumn Sim Pairs

8 Star Regional Master (Thursday) event. Brown, Karen Bradley, Stuart Barrett and

Master Mr JR Jackson

Master Mr T Jones Diary Dates: Dec 2, Championship Patrick Trevanion. Stuart and Patrick

Mrs P R Moore Mr R Kirby

Mr B N Gould 8 Star Premier continued their run of form with success

5 Star Premier 2 Star Master Pairs heat; Jan 6, Butler Pairs; Jan 20,

6 Star Regional Master Master Mrs MA Allen Mixed Pairs. Jan 28 (Swindon BC) and in the next county event, the Garforth

Master Mr A Imam Mr I Argyle Mrs MN Hey Jan 31 (Bath BC), EBU National pairs Swiss Teams, this time teamed-up with

Mrs SP Bodle 3 Star Premier 4 Star Premier Mrs J Pearson Heather Hobson and Roy Garthwaite.

Qualifying Heats – please contact the

Mrs C Notenboom Master Master 273 pairs took part in the Kath

1 Star Master clubs if you wish to participate.

4 Star Regional Mr J H Hind Miss B M Lee Grimoldby Sim Pairs: 1. Derek Markham

Mr A Fileman Entries for the county events via the

Master Mrs J M Macleod Mrs A Phillips and Graham Barker (Bradford); 2. Sue

Mrs J Gleeson website

Mr L G Chiswell 2 Star Premier 3 Star Premier Mrs J M Pember Boag and Richard Hilton (Pickering); 3.

Master Master

3 Star Regional Mr D L Robinson Stuart Barrett and Hubert Castle (Hud-


Mr A Manders Mr R C Rutter

Advanced Master

Worcestershire dersfield).

Mrs D Manders 1 Star Premier

Mr B J Woolf Mrs B B Burley The Leeds club successfully re-

1 Star Premier Master

Mrs V Woolf Mr T Homburg launched its Swiss Teams event after a

Master Mr C R Withers CONGRATULATIONS to

2 Star Regional Mrs D M Thorne Mr G Lund gap of several years. The trophy was

Tournament Master Mr T P Lyons Paul Hammond who was

Master carried off to Lancashire by Sue and

Tournament Master Mr R G Singleton presented his Dimmie

Mrs L J Southward Master Nick Woodcock, Catherine Draper and

Mr NH Lawrenson 3 Star Master Fleming award for good

1 Star Regional Mr G Boardman Andrew Woodcock

3 Star Master Mr J Burbey service to our CBA by

Master Mrs K Matthews Mr P Doerfler Belated congratulations to Doncaster

Mr D Facer Keith Stanley. The Malvern Green Point

Mr D Howard- Mr R Fordham

2 Star Master 1 Star Master Weekend was heavily oversubscribed and players Julia Staniforth and Barbara

Houston Mr I McKenna

Mrs P Kulkarni Mr K Lloyd bridge players from both the Swiss Pairs Boaler, winners of the Derbys/Notts Swiss

Mr C Reimoser Mrs C Turner

Mr P J Wells Mr B Sayers Pairs. Julia, with partner Di Western and

Regional Master County Master and Swiss Teams had to be disappointed.

1 Star Master Advanced Master London team-mates, also finished in

Mrs P Hart Mrs P M Claybourn Pairs (136): 1. Pam Pearce and Ron

Mr E Goodwin Mr D Banks 2nd place in the main final of the EBU

Dr A M Jackson Mr J Wright Mr L K Jones Davies (Glos & Beds); 2= Debbie

Mr A J Tryndie Summer Congress at Scarborough.

Mr A G Willard Advanced Master

Mr A J Stalker Roberts and Geoff Nicholas (Oxon),

Master Diary Dates: Dec 2, Yorkshire League

Premier Master Mrs J Bishop Mrs E J Morgan District Master and Roger Jackson and Judy Sanis

Mrs S Brown (Glos). Teams (68): 1. Keith Stanley, (third series); Dec 16, Yorkshire Mixed

Mrs D Ebsworth Mrs MC Fisher Mr P Sansom

Mr D Municchi Mrs C A Petrie Mr D C Stainton Miss P Mackenzie Irving Gordon, Patrick Shields, John Teams (New Earswick); Jan 6, Yorkshire

Rev C M Smith Greenhalgh, Mike Tedd (Glos, Surrey, League (fourth series); Jan 13, Yorkshire

8 Star Tournament Mr D G Werry Club Master

Master Master Mr S Armstrong Mrs H Wigley B&B, Wales); 2. Nick Forward, Steve Pairs (Garforth); Jan 20, Yorkshire

Mrs M Dufficy Mr R Ashby Mrs E O'Donnell Club Master Allerston, John Sansom, Richard Jephcott League (Division 11 only); Jan 27,

Ms J Clarkson Doncaster Swiss Pairs.

Tournament Master Mr I G Jackman Mrs I Stevenson (Worcs); 3. Chris Selway, Mike Elliot,

County Master Mr R Dew Liam Sheridan, Gwyneth Dew (Wales &

Mrs I Haws Yorkshire

Mrs I Myskova Miss L A Holroyde Avon).

5 Star Master National Master Mr G W Hurren December 21 is the closing

Mr C Shepherd

Mrs D M Strauss Miss AM Bamforth The County’s oldest Trophy, the

Mr G Srinivas Mr T Johnson

Healey Cup, which used to be presented date for the submission of

4 Star Master District Master Mr JMC Cole Mrs J Lythgoe

to the winners of a teams-of-four event county reports for the next

Mr DR Blake Mr A E Balfe 3 Star Premier Mr W T Lythgoe

from players invited from neighbouring issue of English Bridge.

3 Star Master Mrs M Johnson Regional Master Mrs C Rattenbury

Mrs B E Powell Mrs C Killeen Mrs V Healey Mr J H Scott counties, has now metamorphosed into E-mail:

an inter-club event within this CBA. In December 2007 English Bridge 49


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