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2007 Shanghai

World Bridge Team



THE 38th World Bridge Teams Champ- England faced the very strong Chinese

ionships took place in Shanghai from Sept- team. The match was very close until the

ember 29th to October 13th 2007. Twenty- last set of sixteen boards, where China had

two national teams competed in each series: a tremendous run to win 218-128 IMPs.

Open for the Bermuda Bowl, Ladies for the Here is a masterpiece of defence

Venice Cup, and Seniors for the Senior produced by England’s Michelle Brunner: Nevena Senior

Bowl. In the second week, there was a Trans-

national Teams tournament, open to all

players wishing to participate, and this most Game All. Dealer West. which North accepted because of the fifth

enjoyable event attracted 148 teams. ♠ 10 2 trump. Rhona Goldenfield led the jack of

For a country to send a team to compete ♥Q6 hearts, dummy played the queen and

in one of the three main events, their ♦Q542 Michelle . . . smoothly produced the four!

national team must have finished in the ♣ Q 10 9 8 5 Glad she was in dummy, declarer took the

top few positions of their zonal champ- ♠ 764 ♠J5 club finesse and went off. Had Michelle

ionships. In England’s case, this was the ♥ J 10 9 5 2 W N E ♥ K 8 4 3 covered the queen, declarer would have

European Teams Championships that was ♦ KJ98 S ♦ A 10 7 6 3 been locked in hand and, with no other

held last year in Warsaw, Poland. The ♣ K ♣64 options, would have cashed the ace of clubs.

English Ladies won a bronze medal and ♠AKQ983 Michelle had listened carefully to the

earned their place in the contest for the ♥A7 bidding: she knew declarer had running

Venice Cup. We had no representation in ♦ Void spades, so the heart loser would disappear

the Open and Seniors. ♣AJ732 anyway. She also knew that 5NT instead of

The format of all three competitions Blackwood was suggesting a void in a side

was a round robin of twenty-one sixteen- suit, so her only hope to defeat the contract

boards matches, with the top eight teams West North East South was a trump winner for the defence.

qualifying for the quarter finals. The Goldenfield Wenfei Brunner Yi Qian Playing low on the queen of hearts

Wang Liu

England Ladies team (Heather Dhondy – created a 29-IMPs swing for England, as

Pass Pass Pass 1♣

Nicola Smith, Michelle Brunner – Rhona the North-South pair in the other room

Pass 1♦ Pass 2♠

Goldenfield, Cath Jagger – Sarah Teshome) had played in 4♠.

Pass 2NT Pass 3♣

did extremely well to reach the last eight, Pass 4♣ Pass 5NT China later on lost the semi final to the

considering that a previous winner – the Pass 7♣ All Pass eventual winners- USA1, but won the play

Netherlands – and other strong teams did off for the bronze medal against France.

not reach the knock-out stages. 1♣ was strong, 1♦ negative, 2♠ game- The new Venice Cup holders are Jill

In the ninety-six board quarter-final forcing with spades, 5NT a grand-slam try, Meyers, Jill Levin, Jo Anna Stansby, Debbie

Rosenberg, Irina Levitina and Hansa Nara-

simhan. Germany finished second.

The Bermuda Bowl winners are Norway

(Boye Brøgeland, Eric Sælensminde, Geir

Helgemo, Tor Helness, Glenn Groetheim

and Ulf Tundal). USA1 finished second

and the Netherlands third.

There was another gold medal for the

USA in the Seniors: Roger Bates, Grant

Baze, Bart Bramley, Rose Meltzer, Alan

Sontag and Lew Stansby beat Indonesia in

the final.

The Transnational Open Teams was won

Photo: EBU

by a team from Italy, France and Switz-

erland: Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes,

Franck Multon, Thomas Bessis and Pierre

The England Venice Cup Team, from the left: Nicola Smith, Rhona Goldenfield, Martin Zimmermann defeated a strong Polish-

Jones (npc), Catherine Jagger, Sarah Teshome, Heather Dhondy and Michelle Brunner Russian formation in the final. December 2007 English Bridge 9


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