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West North East South difficult for Russia to alight in the making West North East South

Hugon Senior Dauvergne Dhondy 3NT reached at the other table, it also Helgemo Verhees Helness V.Prooijen

1NT helped her partner find the winning spade Pass 1t

Pass 2® 3® 3™ lead against 4™. Declarer lost three spades Pass 2t1 Pass 3™

Pass 4™ End and a trump trick for one down and a 12- Pass 4™ 4´! Dbl

IMP loss. Pass 5® Pass 5™

4™ was the popular contract on this deal The final score was England 209 IMPs – 5´ Dbl Pass 6™

and the defence usually began with three Russia 140. Many congratulations to the End

rounds of clubs. The percentage play is for Lavender Girls plus non-playing captain 1 Six plus hearts, invitational or better

declarer to ruff the third round with a low Jeremy Dhondy and coach David Burn for

trump, but with the king of hearts offside a truly impressive performance in retain- At his third turn to bid Tor Helness

this results in one down. However, ruffing ing their title. appreciated that his partner’s marked

high would work if East began with ™K-x, heart shortage meant there was a good

which was a distinct possibility on the bid- OPEN TEAMS chance of a spade fit, so with the vul-

ding, or if West overruffed from ™K-x-x. nerability in his favour he made the fine

So Dhondy ruffed with the heart queen The teams were divided into four groups inferential bid of 4´. North-South did

and when this held the trick she continued and after a round robin the leading four not distinguish themselves in the

with the ace of hearts and a low heart. teams in each group qualified for the bidding thereafter, and after the ace of

Sophie Dauvergne won with the king, knockout stage. England had been diamonds lead and spade switch 6™ went

perforce, and switched to spades, but runners-up four years ago, but the team of three down for a loss of 12 IMPs, but that

Dhondy rose with the ace, drew the last Alexander Allfrey and Andrew Robson, should not detract from Helness’s well-

trump with the jack of hearts and dis- Tony Forrester and David Gold and Peter judged effort.

carded dummy’s remaining spades on her Crouch and Derek Patterson, were not at However, Monaco found Sweden too

winning diamonds. their best during the round robin and hot to handle in their semi-final and

In the final the Lavender Girls faced a with luck going against them as well they Sweden (Krister Ahlesved and Jonas

Russian team that had performed could only manage ninth place in their Petersson, Peter Bertheau and Per-Ola

impressively so far as they had lost only group. Cullin, Fredrik Nystrom and Johan

one match in the round robin, albeit In the quarter-finals Ireland reached Upmark) carried their form into the final

against England, and had then won each their first semi-final by beating Russia by where they comprehensively defeated

of their knockout matches by over 70 23 IMPs, but there were narrow defeats Poland by 371-234 IMPs to win their first

IMPs; however, the Lavender Girls for two of the fancied teams with the Open World title.

gradually built a lead of 35 IMPs during USA, for whom Bob Hamman and Zia

the first four sessions and then effectively Mahmood were playing together for the SENIOR TEAMS

put the match out of the reach of their last time, succumbing to Sweden by 4

opponents by doubling their lead in the IMPs, while the holders, Italy, for whom The teams were divided into two groups

penultimate session. An early board in the Lorenzo Lauria was a notable absentee, and after a round robin the top eight

last session put the last nail in the coffin: saw a late rally fall agonisingly short as teams in each group qualified for the last

they lost to Poland by a single IMP. The sixteen. The England team of Paul Hackett

remaining quarter-final was a heavy- and Tony Waterlow, Gunnar Hallberg and

N/S Game. Dealer West. weight contest between the favourites, John Holland, David Price and Colin

´ J87 Monaco, and current World Champions, Simpson, contained five of the players

™ 10 the Netherlands, that resulted in the who had won the world title in 2009 and

t AKQ9763 former turning the match around in the they were unbeaten half-way through the

® K 10 last segment with the help of one of the round robin and topped the rankings;

´ A42 ´ K Q 10 6 bids of the tournament by Tor Helness however, four defeats in their remaining

™ 832 W



™ QJ7 on the deal below: matches dropped them down to fourth,

t J52 S t 10 8 4 which meant they had no control over

® Q842 ® J96 who they drew in the round of sixteen and

´ 953 N/S Game. Dealer East. they ended up with a tough match against

™ AK9654 ´ 943 Poland.

t Void ™ AQ8753 England led Poland by 17 IMPs going

® A753 t K 10 8 into the last session, but Poland won the

® K session by 30-4 IMPs and the match by 9

´ J 10 8 6 2 ´ KQ75 IMPs. However, Poland suffered the same


West North East South ™ 4 W E

™ 10 9 2 fate in the next round as Hungary came

Stockdale Khonicheva Brown Gulevich t A964 S t 7 from behind to win their match by 9

Pass 1t 1´ Dble ® 742 ® AJ863 IMPs.

2´ 3t Pass 3™ ´ A The Hungarian team of Gyorgy Barany,

Pass 3´ Pass 4™ ™ KJ6 Miklos Dumbovich, Mihaly Kovacs, Peter

End t QJ532 Magyar and Geza Szappano subsequently

® Q 10 9 5 defeated the USA in the final to win their

Brown’s 1´ overcall not only made it first world title. r October 2012 English Bridge 15


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