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West North East South Let’s take a look at one final deal – from one

Scerri Jones of the most entertaining events of the

1® midweek, the Mixed Pivot Teams. In this


Pass 1™ 1´ 2t event each team member plays nine boards WINNERS

2´ Dble Pass 4t with each of the others – often leading to

Pass 4NT Pass 5´ some entertaining results. This deal in Four Stars B Final: Alex Hydes, Olivia and

Pass 6t End particular caused much discussion: Alan Woo, Simon Cope.

Brighton Bowl: Glyn Liggins, Ben Green,

Ed Scerri, West, led a top spade. Declarer Michael Byrne, Duncan Happer.

adopted the normal-looking line of Board 13 (Rotated). One-day Swiss Teams: Saturday: Mark Lehto,

ruffing this and playing two rounds of Game All. Dealer South. Fiona Hutchison, Tim Gauld, Guy Hart;

trumps, but upon receiving the bad news, ´ K Sunday: Brian Crack, Diana Avis, Shirley Gold-

win, Colin Wilson.

South abandoned diamonds and started ™ K9872

on clubs. She played a club to the king, t KJ973 Stratified Pairs: Graham and Berry Hedley.

followed by a club back to her ace, and ® K3 Brighton Plate: Paul Thornton – Gerry Weston.

now led the club queen from her hand. ´ J4 ´ 97652 Senior Pairs: A final: Tom Gisborne – Sandy

Look at the position Scerri found himself ™ Q J 10 6 N ™ 3 Davies; B final: Chris Duckworth – Brian


in: if he ruffed, declarer would overruff in t 862 S t 10 5 Callaghan; Consolation final: Mike Seaver – Eric

the dummy, and play a low heart from the ® Q J 10 5 ® 87642 Campbell.

Senior Swiss Teams: Bob McRobert, Rob

table. Now Gary Jones, East, could go up ´ A Q 10 8 3

Lawy, Andrew Thompson, Tony Clark.

with the ace of hearts and play a spade, but ™ A54

declarer would be in command: she would t AQ4 Really Easy Congress: Pairs sessions: Nirmal

and Joy Dutta, Alison Bloxham – Fiona Drew,

have ruffed, drawn the last trump and ® A9

Frances Wallace – Anne Ratcliffe, Julia

tabled her hand which contained only Broady – Marie Hallam, John Borwick – Claire

winners. Scerri, though, had other ideas. Price, Rosemary Vase – Mary Webster, Marius

He declined to ruff the third club, pitching At most tables, the auction started 2NT by Dros – Joan Crothall, Alison Dunbar-

a low heart (showing an odd number) South, 3t (transfer to hearts) by North, Dempsey – Sally Craig, Jackie Craig – Suzanne


instead. Declarer played a fourth club, on and the final contract, after a Roman Key-

which once again Scerri discarded a heart. Card Blackwood enquiry which revealed Next Step Congress: Pairs sessions: Julia

Broady – Marie Hallam, John Borwick

Now came a fifth club from declarer: at that North-South were missing the queen

– Claire Price, Rosemary Vase – Mary Webster,

this point Scerri ruffed; declarer over - of trumps, was usually 6™. Marius Dros – Joan Crothall, Suki Kilby – Annie

ruffed and played a heart from the As you can see, 6™ will go down because Mendelow, George Siddens – Oliver Powell,

dummy. Jones rose with the ace and West holds two trump tricks. The auction, Nirmal and Joy Dutta, Joanna Seddon – T. Pat

played another heart for Scerri to ruff – whichever route it takes, requires good Lewis, Judy Wesselbaum – Ruth Kim, Barbara

Beaumont – Sheila McKenna, Premdat

down one. judgment as regards the final contract:

Hariram – Les Woolard. Teams session: Blue: Les

Note that when on the table with the when you have the North hand, and you Woolard, Premdat Hariram, Janet Rushworth,

overruff declarer couldn’t cross back to find out that your side is in an eight-card fit Maurice Hughes; Orange: Chris Derrick, Philip

hand with a spade, as she would have missing at best five trumps to the queen, Butterworth, George Siddens, Oliver Powell.

forced herself once more without having and possibly to the queen and jack, it is Midweek Events

set up her heart winner yet. A quite superb quite unlikely that 6™ will be a better con- Play with the Experts: Margaret Wort – Darren

piece of defence, and when Harouni and tract than 6NT. There is a chance that 6NT Evetts.

Robinson read out +420 for 5®+1, they might be available in top tricks – and in the Championship Pairs: Marc Lee – Phil Godfrey.

Mixed Pivot Teams: Liz Hoskins, Ian Lancaster,

were pleasantly surprised to hear the worst case it will probably need the heart Andrew Southwell, Peter Clinch.

words ‘Win ten’ from their team-mates! suit to behave, which is required in 6™ in Mixed Pairs Championship: Kath Nelson –

any event. As you can see on this Steve Auchterlonie.

lie of the cards, 6NT is on top Knock-out Teams: Erland Skjetne, Ed Jones,

and you make all thirteen tricks Alex Hydes, Ewa Kater, Tom Townsend.

Speedball Pairs: Friday: Paul Belsten – Stuart

when the jack of spades falls. Davies; Wednesday: Mike Bell – Graeme

Interestingly, in at least one Robertson; 2nd Friday: Phil Godfrey – Simon

match a greedy West doubled Creasey. Speedball KO Teams: First Saturday:

the 6™ contract reached by Ed Jones, Emily Middleton, Andrew Murphy,

North-South – and was dealt a Graeme Robertson; Second Saturday: Sarah

Pinchbeck, Alex Hydes, Graeme Robertson,

deserved blow when the oppo- Yvonne Wiseman.

nents ran to the cold 6NT. How Open Pairs: Jane and David Jensen, Joseph

bad can life be when the oppo- Walsh – Sean Mekie, Phil Godfrey – Martin

nents bid a slam and you have Garvey, Paul Maiolani – Bob McKinnon,

Photo: Matt Betts

two almost certain trump tricks? Martin Craven – Damien Byron, Chris

Cooper – Simon Creasey. Open Teams: Green

West should have passed quietly Section: Bill Taylor, Mark Hodgson, Robert

and waited for his one down! Miller, Jim Deacon; Orange Section: Mike

Congratulations to all the Hamon, Enid Hamon, Clare Hamon, Andrew

Sunday One-day Swiss Teams Winners: Colin Wilson, winners, and here’s to more of Urbanski.

Diana Avis, Shirley Goodwin and Brian Crack the same next year! r October 2012 English Bridge 23


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