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EBU News n OCTOBER 2012


FROM THE L&E 2011 YOUNG PLAYER AWARDS 5-7 West of England Congress


THE YOUNG Pair of the Year whether their results are good or 6-7 Great Northern Swiss Pairs

THERE ARE new versions of the Hilton Leeds City Hotel

Orange, Tangerine and White Award for 2011 is given to a pair bad, their only aim being to

6-7 Felixstowe Congress

Books on the EBU website, whose excellence at the bridge improve as a partnership. 8-12 British Sims Clubs

active from 1st August 2012. It is table is matched only by their 10-16 Overseas Congress

attitude and behaviour, which Marmaris, Turkey

important that these are the 19-21 Autumn Congress

ones that are used and not any has been a credit to the squad


older versions. and the EBU. 2011 saw them 26-28 Really Easy Congress

The L&E has begun a review have a fantastic year starting Wroxton, Nr Banbury

with a record score in the Peggy 27-28 Premier League (2nd w/e)

of the Orange Book with a view


to updating it in time for August Bayer, the home nations cham-

27-28 Lancashire Congress

2013. Comments on the current pionship, where they scored 223 27-28 Kent Congress

alerting and announcing regula- Victory Points out of a theo- Tunbridge Wells BC

tions together with any com- retical maximum of 225. 27-28 Malvern Congress

They then went on to Bransford

ments on the current licensing

regime are welcome, and should compete in the White House n NOVEMBER 2012

be sent to tournament where their indivi- The Young Pair of the Year for 2-4 Seniors Congress

dual butler score was one of the 2011 is awarded to Basil Letts Daventry

highest achieved by an England (left in the photo above) and 9 Children in Need Sim Pairs

NEW DIARY pair. It was in the European Shivam Shah.



NEBA Congress

Championships held in July in In addition Shivam is award- Gateshead Marriot Hotel

AS IN previous years, if you have Albena, Bulgaria that they really ed the title of Young Player of 9-11 Premier League (3rd w/e)

received this magazine, you will came of age however, as they the Year 2011, his overall year Solihull

have received the new EBU played every single board, carry- including not only events played 10-11 Middlesex Congress


diary too. ing the team to a record 4th with Basil but also a great Chan-

12-15 Children in Need Sim Pairs

The diary is jam-packed place which qualified them for nel Trophy (again in England’s Clubs

with information about the the World Championships held strongest partnership, this time 15-18 Champions Cup

EBU, its counties and competi- this year in China. with Alex Roberts) and a solid Eilat, Israel

16-3 Dec EBU Balmoral Cruise

tions. This year we have added They never criticise or blame performance in the European

with Paul Hackett

some additional features: first, team-mates or each other, and Open Pairs in Poznan in part- Cape Verde Islands

the diary has been restructured they will enjoy a laugh and a joke nership with Simon Cope. 17-18 Tollemache Qualifier

in some areas to make it a little Daventry Hotel

more user-friendly.

Secondly, we want to encour-


8-9 Gold Cup Finals

age you to engage with your ALAN GREEN which assist West Midlands BC, Solihull

county and take part in their of Suffolk has him with 15-16 Senior Camrose trials

programme of events. We are been given the the various Solihull

also aware that many of the 21-23 Junior Channel Trophy

Tom Bradley schools (provisional), England

county secretary names that are Award. This was i nvo l v e d . 27-30 Year End Congress, London

correct at the time of going to created after the He is plan- 28-30 Year End Congress, Blackpool

press are not correct when you death of the for- ning to in-

receive your diary. Therefore we mer Treasurer t ro duce n JANUARY 2013

4-6 Camrose Trophy

have included the web address of the EBU, who Minibridge Northern Ireland

of your county to ensure that was a champion and bridge 4-6 Midlands Congress

you get hold of the right infor- at at tracting to more Bransford, Worcs.

mation at the right time – so new people, schools in 5-6 Manchester Congress

please log on and join in. 7-11 British Sims Clubs

es pe cial ly the the area; if 19-20 Swiss Teams Congress

Moreover, we have included a young, into the game of bridge, you can help, please do let us Hinckley Island Hotel

‘Forward Planner’ for 2013, so and it is assigned each year to a know at 25-27 Lady Milne trials

you can add future dates – it can non-school teacher for servic- John Pain, EBU Education

also be used for non-bridge es to the teaching of bridge Manager, said: ‘Alan has a great n FEBRUARY 2013

events! Finally, we have added a 5-6 Bridge England Sims, Clubs

in England. skill in teaching all levels and 6-12 Overseas Congress

‘Useful Telephone Numbers’ Alan Green (in the photo with ages of children, and in provid- Fuerteventura

page for all those difficult to EBU Chairman Sally Bugden) ing a well-rounded education in 9-10 Tollemache Final

remember, or find, numbers. has worked extremely hard over the game. He is an ideal recipient Hinckley Island Hotel

We hope you welcome some 15-17 Junior Camrose/Peggy Bayer

the last couple of years to intro- of the Tom Bradley Award,


of the changes. If you have any duce Minibridge and bridge to because of all his amazing work 22-24 Harrogate Spring Congress

other ideas, please let us know various schools in East Anglia. in the wide geographic expanse Majestic Hotel

via Alan has now set up a team of East Anglia.’ October 2012 English Bridge 29


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