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always think competitive bidding has much partner’s suit which leaves only an ugly 2®

in common with break-building in response, concealing your diamond suit. CAPTION

snooker. The best players manoeuvre the

cue ball to make the next ball pottable, but


they don’t have totally unreasonable ex- Principle: If you open light third in

pectations. Rather than try to place the ball hand you should feel that by the

on a sixpence, they aim for a general area time you have made your second

which gives some margin for error. In call (a rebid or perhaps a pass) you

competitive bidding nobody gets a have described the main features of

successful outcome every time, but the top your hand.

bidders work on general principles that are

right more often than not.

An unusual 2NT is fine with Hand C Opening Fourth in hand

but poorly judged with Hand D.

If you open light third in hand, success is

Opening Third in Hand often measured by getting a smaller minus He was stitched up good and proper

than might have been. You might hassle on the previous table!

There are other factors which should help opponents into the wrong contract, or buy

THE winner of our August competition,

you decide whether or not to make a light the hand in a cheap sacrifice. Fourth in with the caption above, is Roy

opening bid, for example how well hand your criteria are very clearcut: if you Westwater of London, who will receive

prepared you are for the next round of decide to open with a marginal hand, a an elegant bridge mug from our

bidding. plus score is satisfactory, any subsequent sponsors, Bridge and Golf Gifts Direct

minus score is unsatisfactory. Opening 1t (see page 21). Other excellent captions

third in hand with Hand H is obvious, but were: His wife opened 2®: he passed!

Hand E what do you think will happen if you open (John Drummond, London); The tattoo

´ 754 Hand H with 1t fourth in hand? on his chest shows he played RKCB (Diana

™ Q 10 6 Beamish, Kent); Someone had opened one

t 643 heart before him (Peter Hawkes, Oxon);

® AKJ7 Hand H Gosh! Is that what a splinter can do?!

´ 75 (Peggy Griffin, Surrey); Just One Heart -

™ AQ6 but it failed (Peter Allison, Lancs); Looks

With Hand E at Love All, by all means t K Q 10 6 5 4 like a classic one heart opener (Jim

open 1® third in hand. You want a club ® 96 Andrews, Ealing); My Goodness, a heart

lead and partner has already passed, so void! (Nick Forward, Worcs); Oh dear, this

one's passed out! (Marion Keeler, Lancs);

you can pass his response.

A weak heart often makes you the dummy

It looks as though each side has roughly

(Gloria Ireland, Glos); Why is it always the

half the points. You can be confident that

hearts that get blocked? (Dave Bryan,

Hand F a competitive auction will develop, and Chester); and Diagnosis? Extended Hesita-

´ AJ63 low-level competitive auctions are usually tion! (W.E. Tipper, West Sussex).

™ 64 won by the side with the higher ranking The cartoon for our new competition

t 52 suit: spades. Most of the time that will be is below. Please send your bridgy

® AJ765 your opponents and it is more likely than captions (multiple entries accepted) to

not that you will end up minus – hence the Editor, English Bridge, 23 Erleigh

opening 1t is not wise. If you want to Road, Reading RG1 5LR or by e-mail to

With Hand F, at Love All it is safe enough gamble with a 3t opener, feel free to do not later than 20th

to open 1® third in hand and rebid 1´ so. At least it will probably silence October 2012. Don’t forget to include

over a red-suit response. Your super-light everybody at the table. your full postal address!

opening bid has enabled you to get across

both features of your hand.

Principle: To decide whether to

open with a one-level suit-bid

Hand G fourth in hand, add the number of

´ 52 your high-card points to the

™ 64 number of spades in your hand.

t AJ63 Open only if that totals 15 or more.

® AJ765

The point is that if you cannot outmuscle

However, you should pass if you hold Hand opponents with spades, you need extra

G, because if you open 1® you are not high-card points to either defeat their Sponsored by Bridge

prepared for a major-suit response. You contract or to outmuscle them through & Golf Gifts Direct

cannot pass with just a doubleton in brute force. r October 2012 English Bridge 41


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