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Diary dates: Oct 21, Island Pairs The final of the Samani Salver will be Congress. In One-Day events, David

Championship. Nov 18, Island Teams Lancashire between Clarendon North and Bradgate Ould was 2nd in the Beds Swiss Teams

Championship. Feb 17, Rawclffe Bowl A. In the corresponding Plate compe- with Graham Pollack – Paul Chapman

for Mixed Pairs. Mar 24, Green-Pointed tition, it will be between Grantham B 3rd; Geoffrey Lederman was 3rd in the

Pairs Event. CONGRATULATIONS go and Westcotes 1. Berks & Bucks Swiss Pairs; and Benji

to Michael Tomlinson, After a successful first season, the Hackenbroch was 3rd in the Essex/Herts

Ewart Evans, David Briggs Leicestershire Pairs League will resume Swiss Pairs.

Kent on October 18.

and Pauline Holden on At the half-way point of the Brighton winning the Mid Wales Swiss Diary dates: Oct 3, Stanley Trophy Summer Congress (at the time of

Teams Congress. Michael and Ewart also round one (Glenfield). Oct 8, British writing), Martin Nygren was 2nd in the

CONGRATULATIONS to won the West Wales Swiss Pairs and were Sim Pairs (CBC). Oct 14, Midland main Swiss Pairs with Espen Erichsen –

Derek Patterson and Peter 2nd in the Swiss Teams with Brian Irlam League v Staffs (home). Oct 17, Otto & David Bakhshi 4th; the One-day Swiss

Crouch who were part of and Carol Croasdale. Well done also Edith mixed pairs (CBC). Oct 18, Pairs Teams on the first Saturday was won by

the team selected to John Dearing – Anne Burgess, 4th in the League Round 1. Oct 31, Stanley Trophy Mark Lehto, Guy Hart, Tim Gauld,

represent England in the Summer Festival at Scarborough. Round 2 (Glenfield). Nov 9, Children in Fiona Hutchison; Rob Cliffe – Millie

2012 Mind Sports Games In the President’s Cup, Lancashire Need Simultaneous Pairs (CBC). Nov Jones were 3rd in the Sunday Open

in Lille, France, with Pat Collins as NPC. finished 2nd behind Yorkshire but ahead 11, Midland league v Lincs (away). Nov Pairs; Mike Hill was 3rd in the Seniors

At the AGM the new Constitution of nine other counties. In the first 12, Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs A Final; Chris Duckworth – Brian

was voted on and approved. Go to the round of the Northern Bridge League, Pairs (Blaby, CBC, Glenfield, Melton). Callaghan won the B Final of the Seniors

website to read it (Club and County Lancashire A finished 5th out of five Nov 13-14, Josephs Bowl closed Pairs; and Carla Sidney-Woollett was

News). counties, Lancashire B 5th out of eight regional heats. Nov 15, Pairs League

Kent Swiss Pairs Championship: con- 2nd in the Senior Pairs Consolation

counties and Lancashire C first out of Round 2. Nov 26, Josephs Bowl Open event.

gratulations to winners of the Philli- seven counties. Preston Pairs: 1. Jeff Heat. Nov 28, Stanley Trophy Round 3.

more Cup, Gerald Soper – John Short, Diary dates: Oct 7, Mixed Pairs

Smith – Jackie Pye. Championship, 1pm, YCBC; contact

and runners-up Norman Inniss – Stefan Diary dates: Oct 6-7, Great Northern

Syplywczak. Lincolnshire Nigel Freake

Swiss Pairs, Leeds Hilton. Oct 13, Nov 4, Junior Teams of Four, 1pm,

Well done the Chislehurst Bridge Northern Bridge League, Round 4. Oct

Club team of Mike Hampton, Pat YCBC; contact Chris Duckworth ( 020

14, North Wales Green Point Swiss AT THE County AGM, 73853534 or chris.duckworth@lineone.

Collins, Bill Charlwood, Jonathan Pairs, Northop. Oct 27, LCBA Congress held in Dunholme in

Chapman, Michael Prior, Leigh net. Nov 25, Champions Cup, 1pm,

Swiss Pairs, Brierfield Bridge Club. Oct June, the following Of- YCBC; contact Sati McKenzie ( 020

Chapman, Ian Draper and Jeremy 28, LCBA Congress Swiss Teams, Black- ficers were re-elected:

Willans on winning the Garden Cities 7627 0977 or sati.mckenzie@googlema

burn Bridge Club. Nov 4, Foundation Chairman, Glynn Elwick;

Final. Cup Swiss Teams, Blackburn. Vice-Chairman, Guy Grainger; Hon.

Congratulations to Ian Draper and Secretary, Paul Wokes; Hon. Treasurer,

Gerald Tredinnick who were in the Mike Llewellyn; Competition Secretary, Merseyside/Cheshire

winning team for the 2011-12 Hubert Leicestershire Vic Llewellyn. Before the formal pro-

Phillips Bowl for mixed pivot teams. ceedings the Waitrose Cup, awarded

This is the second year running that LAST year, we were the

for the highest percentage in any winners of the A Div-

their team have won the event (report AS a result of winning duplicate in the County (eight or more

on page 45). their division of the ision in the Northern

tables) was presented to Alan Andrews – Counties League, thus

Brighton Summer Congress 2012: 1st Midlands League com- Harry Coates for a score of 77.32%.

weekend Swiss Pairs for the Harold petition, Leicestershire’s qualifying for the Nat-

Because of low entries, the Davy Cup ional Inter-County Leagues final (see

Poster Cup – winners: Kay Preddy – second team played in

has been re-scheduled as a One-day page 25). Happily we won this by a huge

Norman Selway. 1st weekend Sunday an invitational event against similar

Pivot Teams event. The result of the margin, with our pairs taking four of

Teams – winners: Brian Crack, Shirley winners (see page 25). Our team

AGM Pairs (Herbert Trophy) was: 1. Alan the top five places in the ‘Butler’. Well

Goldwin, Diana Avis and Colin finished 2nd to Yorkshire by just 1 VP.

and Drene Brown, 2. Roy Hughes – done to Dave Keen, Jean Keen, David

Wilson. Mixed Pairs – winner Steve Congratulations on a splendid perfor-

Keith Stewart, 3. Margot Blakeney – Stevenson, Liz Commins, Alan Stephen-

Auchterlonie, playing with Kath Nelson. mance to Linda Stone, Irene Krantz,

Kath Taylor. son, Stuart Matthews, Andrew Prothero,

Tony Clark was on the winning Seniors Bob Parker, Gerry Bucciero, Gary

Members of Louth Bridge Club en- Chris Pope (photo on the left).

team. Duddle, David Green, Mick Mahoney

joyed their annual summer party in In the North Wales Swiss Pairs con-

Diary dates: Sun Oct 14, Mixed Pairs and Ian Bruce.

July. After a wonderful meal cooked by gress in early July, Neil Thomas came

Championship (Dyer Smith / Hunter County results so far this season: May

Debbie, a social bridge competition was first partnering Sue Richmond of Lan-

Cups), TW, 11am. Kent Congress: Sat 13, vs Oxford, Dawes, won 15-5, Porter

won by John Broughton. cashire.

Oct 27, TW, 1pm (Swiss Pairs) and Sun lost 5-15, Markham drew 10-10. June

The 2nd Round of the Champion The Jim Davies Swiss Teams organ-

Oct 28 Kent Congress: (Green-pointed 10, vs Derby, Dawes won 11-9, Porter

Pairs League (July 20, Louth BC) was ised by the Wirral club was again a

Swiss Teams), TW, 11am. lost 9-11, Markham lost 1-19.

won by John Gaunt – Debbie Burton; success: 1. Paddy Murphy, Liz Com-

2. Roy Hughes – Keith Stewart, 3. Andrew mins, David Stevenson, Matt Foster;

Green – John Longmuir. The 3rd Round 2. only 1VP behind, Ann and Peter Hall,

of the Champion Pairs League (August Danny Miler, Paul Holt.

7, Lincoln BC) was won by Denis Well done the county team in the

Mellor – Carole Rushforth; 2. Nick match v Derbyshire. They pulled back a

Dyer – Mike Perry, 3. Reg Looslet – 66 IMP deficit at half time to win by 4

Mary Jo Mangion. IMPs.

Diary dates: Oct 7, Random Seeded Dave and Jean Keen, David Steven-

Pairs (pre-entry). Oct 21, Swiss Teams

son and Liz Commins were equal 2nd in

(pre-entry). Nov 4, Lincoln Imp and

the Mid-Wales Teams Congress in July.

Plate. Dec 2, Ghost Pairs. All events at

The county team finished 3rd out of

Dunholme, commencing at 1.30 p.m.

the nine teams in this year’s President’s

Cup, which we hosted this year at the

London Merseyside Bridge Centre.

Congratulations to Liz Commins on her recent promotion to Grand Master.

CONGRATULATIONS to Diary dates: Oct 13, NCL4 14th

the Young Chelsea BC Chester Bowl (charity pairs), Deva BC.

National Inter-County Leagues Final Division 1 winners: from the left, TD Ian team who came second in Nov 12, ‘Children in Need’ Sim Pairs,

Mitchell with Merseyside & Cheshire’s Liz Commins, Alan Stephenson, David the Garden Cities final MBC. Dec. 9, Waterworth Cup (County

Photo: EBU

Stevenson, Andrew Prothero, Dave Keen, Jean Keen, Chris Pope, with Stuart and to Toby Nonnenma- GP Pairs), MBC. Lady Connell (County

Matthews hidden behind Dave Keen! cher and Michael Alishaw who were 2nd Teams) heats: Oct 9, LBC; Oct 12, Deva

in the Swiss Teams at the Riviera BC; Oct 18, MBC. June 2012 English Bridgee 49


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