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S TAMFORD Bridge Club

EBU News

was originally founded in

September 1967 at the



bridge ever since. Over the

years the club’s venue has

13th April 2008, York UPDATE MARK Reeve was charged by

changed three times, but

THE EBU has been invited to the Laws and Ethics Committee

after a decade of looking

for a larger place, members

attend a ‘mind sports’ event at for falsifying a result sheet in

finally moved into per- the National Railway Museum the Avon county league. The

manent rooms at the in York on 13th April 2008, L&EC received the report from

Stamford Hospital this year which will allow us to present the Disciplinary Committee

– meaning they can now bridge to the general public. with regard to Mark Reeve as

play bridge with nineteen follows: ‘We consider that in his

tables! by Sally Bugden

email dated June 2007 sent to

WE thank all our counties and the L&E Committee Secretary,

clubs for the efforts that have Mark Reeve’s statement: “I do

been made to ensure that we not deny stating on the team

have the correct data from the sheet that Mr D played . . .”

Our game is perceived by some consultation exercise carried is an admission of guilt.

as dusty and complicated, and out during November and ‘We acknowledge that Mark

this day will help to counter December 2007. Reeve may well have been un-

such views, as well as afford a Once we have completed the der considerable time pressure

wider audience a great oppor- analysis of the data, we will be during this period as he was

tunity to experience bridge. compiling the final proposals holding down two jobs and also

We also plan to hold an document. When this has been trying to find a replacement

exhibition match of some of approved by the EBU Board, it team-member at short notice,

our best young players who will be circulated in hard copy and indeed fielded a team

will be competing later this year to each club and county and member “as nowhere near as

in Beijing. All are welcome and will also be available on our high a standard” as the member

we look forward to seeing you website. We are working hard to he claimed played.

there. More information from bring forward the date of cir- ‘However, we consider the or www.ebu. culation before the vote is taken falsifying of a match returns

Photo: EBU at the Extraordinary General sheet to be a serious breach of

renessdays.htm Meeting on 4 June 2008. the behaviour expected from an

So 2007 saw a double EBU member; it was a dis-

celebration for the Stam- honest act.

ford Bridge Club, held in

October. The party started

CLUB FOCUS: THE first edition of Club Focus was sent out ‘We are imposing a twelve-

to all our counties and clubs in January and we hope you enjoyed month period of suspension

with the official opening of

the read! This newsletter is for you, so if you would like to contri- from the EBU commencing at

the new venue by Peter

bute, please e-mail To view the first edition, such time that Mark Reeve

Stocken, Chairman of the

English Bridge Union (in the please visit and follow the link. applies to rejoin the EBU.’

picture above), followed by

drinks and nibbles.

The club meets every

Monday, Tuesday and


Thursday, and welcomes AFTER an original entry of 355 teams, the final

new and beginner players. of the NICKO, the national knock-out champ-

The club has over one ionship for club teams, was played on 1st

hundred playing members December 2007 at Solihull Bridge Club

and continues to have between Manchester B (captained by Michael

Byrne) and Cheltenham (captained by Keith

success in Northampton

Stanley). At the end of the 48-board match,

bridge county events.

Manchester B were comfortable winners by 66

For more information on IMPs. Manchester is one of the two clubs in the

joining or learning bridge at country to have won the competition three

the club, visit its website at times, previously winning in 1990 and 1993.


The winners (left to right in the picture) were or call the Secretary

Dave Debbage, Michael Newman, Michael

01572 770 870. Photo: Jeff Morris

Byrne and Andrew Woodcock.

26 English Bridge February 2008


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