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English Bridge Year-end

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR

Tel: 0118 926 2602

fairy tales

Editorial Board

Sally Bugden (Chairman), Elena Jeronimidis

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis

Advertisement Manager

Harpreet Gill at Blue2

Charlton House, Old Estate Yard,

East Hendred, Oxford, OX12 8LL AS this is the first issue of 2008, I hope it’s club is of course news in sports such as

Tel: 01235 833060 fax: 01235 862589 OK if I use this column to look back on rugby, where this sort of thing normally

the latter part of 2007, particularly does not happen. In bridge, however, the

Printing: St Ives (Andover) plc

the month of November when Jerry presence of big names at club and county

English Bridge Union ‘The Terminator’ Collins was on holiday events (as reported in the County News

in Devon. in this issue) is not all that unusual, and

General Manager If you wonder who Jerry Collins is (rugby indeed the fact that Joe Bloggs and Andrew

Barry Capal

Broadfields, Bicester Road, Aylesbury HP19 8AZ fans will need no introduction to this great Robson may routinely meet across the table

CONTACTING THE EBU player), be apprised that he is one of the in national tournaments is, in my view,

Tel: 01296 317200 most awesome of the All Blacks, the New one of the best features of our game. It is

Fax: 01296 317220 Zealand national rugby union team. He was certainly one I found attractive when I first

Web site: travelling around in Devon – filling time started playing, and one I would be sorry

Bridge play online: in between the Rugby World Cup in to see disappear.

Direct EBU helplines and e-mail addresses France and the Barbarians v South Africa Simple-system and flighted events do

(STD code 01296 for all telephone numbers, bar the one

asterisked, and suffix for all e-mail addresses) match at Twickenham – when he met Kevin have their place in bridge, as they create a

Telephone E-mail Squire, coach of Barnstaple RFC, in a local level-playing field where the less experien-

Accounts 317210 account restaurant. In spite of their different rugby ced have a better chance of doing well.

Bridge for All 317217 bfa

Bridge Shop 397851

status – Barnstaple play in the Devon South However, I am very glad that there are still

Club liaison 07814 861307* krys West 2 division – the two got on well, and events where you can meet the best

Communications 317215 Matt Mr Squire invited Collins to watch a club players: you might get clobbered, but some

Competition entry 317203 comps

Education 317218 ebuta game. Not only did Collins turn up, but he of the glamour and know-how does rub off.

Laws & Ethics 317218 lecsec also coached a session of the club’s awe- I am not saying that, were I a member of

Licensing of events 317205 license

Master Points 317202 points struck Under-14. As though that wasn’t Clublington’s B team, I would be overjoyed

Membership 317201 ebu enough, he then took to the field in the to find that Clublington-over-the-Hill B

Technical services 317207 technic club’s next game: ineligible (?) to play for had fielded Robson and Forrester, on

Tournament orgn. 317204 tourns

the first team, he joined Barnstaple B for holiday locally, for a league match – I am

their encounter with Newton Abbott RFC. human after all! But I hope I would greet

All this, by itself, is extraordinary enough, their presence with enough sporting spirit

INSIDE GUIDE but the fairy tale continues: not only were to benefit from the experience, instead of

The two-minute interview 5 the Barnstaple B amateur players overjoyed bemoaning my bad luck.

Duplicate pairs tips 5 to have such an illustrious team member, In the spirit of all this, I am delighted to

Naturalists vs Scientists 7 but by all accounts their opponents, instead report that the England Under-20 squad

Your questions 9

of whingeing, were delighted to have the have embarked on a programme of playing

Open Trials Part I 11

Director, please! 13 opportunity to be beaten (up) by a famous in as many open events as possible (page

Bidding quiz 14-15 international. Yes: Jerry’s team won, and in 17). That this will help their development

The Great Road to China 17 the best rugby tradition all competitors as bridge players was proved (page 35) just

Fine-tuning 19 celebrated the match by drinking copious before Christmas by their win in the

Letters to the editor 21-23

EBU news and diary 26-27

amounts of beer together at the nearest pub. Channel Trophy (well done, lads, and also

Standard English 28 At this point, you may wonder why I have well done the girls for winning their

From the floor and Obituaries 30 devoted so much space to old news that category in the same event). Will it also help

EBU problems 31 seemingly has nothing to do with bridge. improve English bridge in general? I think

Tollemache qualifier 32 The reason is that I think Jerry Collins’s so. A quartet of Under-20s came 11th at the

Bridge Extras 33

A memorable hand 34 tale highlights an aspect of bridge that bears London Year End Swiss Teams in a very

Prize play quiz solution 34 thinking about. The fact that a great inter- strong field. Watch out, England – the

Youth Bridge success stories 35 national player plays a match for a minor younger generation is coming!

Good technique 36-37

Prize play quiz 37

On-line bridge 37


No-trump bidding 40-41

Beyond the green baize 41 Instruction EBU News Features On-line Bridge Reports

County news 42-49

Senior Swiss Teams 50

Xmas Quiz Answers and Results 50 December 2007 English Bridge 3


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