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Youth bridge success stories

READING SCHOOL teacher Richard Ford (left) reports that his school has

won a grant from the local Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF). They received

£3,312 for the school’s Bridge Club, which has been spent on a Duplimate

machine, new cards, stacking boards, new tables, bridge books and the

chance for sixth-former Robert Sassoon (right), who was the driving force

behind obtaining the grant, to go on the EBU Club Director’s course.

Robert explains that the YOF is a fund that each Council has to give away

to schools, youth groups, volunteers and any other group of young people

in their area, to run a project that they would otherwise not be able to run.

The distribution of the money is decided by a panel of young people. To

apply, interested parties should phone the youth service at their local

Council and ask to speak to the youth worker in charge of YOF.

THE NORTH EAST BRIDGE County Youth Officer, reports that

ASSOCIATION held a Congress NEBA has also been innovative in

last November, and some school running, for the last five years, a

events took place alongside the competition for the BLUNEY Cup

main Congress on Saturday. Seven (an acronym for ‘Bridge League

teams of four played bridge and six for the Universities of the North

more played MiniBridge. That’s East and Yorkshire’). This is aimed

over fifty young players, aged 6 to at giving beginners the experience

16, representing ten local schools! of playing against relative experts

The winning school for the bridge in a mildly competitive but friendly

was Yarm and, for MiniBridge, event. It is not restricted to under-

Polam Junior. (Right, in the picture, graduates or graduates, but is also

and on the front cover, some of the aimed at schools that have bridge

contestants; photos: Neil Aiston.) players of any age who have pro-

In addition, Ken Pattison, the gressed beyond a very basic level.


the Under-19 Pairs took place in London CLUB DIRECTOR and TEACHER

and was won – with 70.24%! – by Robert

Sassoon and Philip Railing. Eight pairs took TRAINING COURSES – 2008

part and five qualified to play in the final

which will be in London, as part of the

ESSENTIALS £32 The World Bridge Federation will be

Chobham Saturday 5th April producing a new code of Laws of

EBU’s Easter Festival in March. Brighton Monday 1 August

1th Duplicate Bridge to be introduced in

Three teams played in an international EBU HQ Aylesbury Wednesday 15th October 2008. Watch out for details of conversion

courses on using the new laws in English

tournament in Utrecht just before Christ- BOOK RULINGS £37 Bridge and on the EBU website.

mas. This is known as the Channel Trophy, Wormbridge, Hereford Saturday 16th February

a four-way competition involving the Ne-



Saturday 10th May

Tuesday 12th August

Focus on Value Teacher

therlands, France, Belgium and England. EBU HQ Aylesbury Wednesday 12th November Training Courses

For the first time, a ‘Girls’ event was run JUDGMENT RULINGS £37 Courses for new teachers

alongside the Under 25s and Under 20s Nottingham Saturday 23rd February Manchester 11-13 April,

teams tournaments. Our Girls and Under Wormbridge, Hereford Saturday 1st March West Midlands BC 11-13 July and

Chobham Saturday 28th June Young Chelsea BC

20s teams did extremely well, winning their Brighton Wednesday 13th August 31 October - 2 November

respective sections. Congratulations to Rob EBU HQ Aylesbury Wednesday 10th December

Courses £195 for the Full Course -

Myers, Dan McIntosh, Tom Paske, Adam ASSESSMENT £42 includes how to teach bridge, what to

Hickman, Graeme Robertson and James Welwyn Garden City Saturday 9th February 08 teach, short teaching practice, how to

Deva Club, Chester Saturday 16th February 08 recruit, how to retain and how to turn

Paul (Under 20s) and Fiona Brown, Susan Nottingham Saturday 19th April 08 your students into a partner club.

Stockdale, Alice Kaye, Laura Macdougall, Chobham Saturday 26th July

Jenny Marvin and Elizabeth Roberts Brighton Thursday 14th August For further details call

EBU HQ Aylesbury Wednesday 14th January 09 01296 317217 or email

(Under 25s Women). Playing for the Under Wormbridge, Hereford To be decided

25s, and finishing third in their group (won For further information, or to register for a course

by the Netherlands), were Alex Morris, call 01296 317203 or email

Mike Bell, Ed Jones, Ben Paske, John Atthey Likely new courses for 2008 include East Devon,

East Anglia and Leicester

and Chris Owen. February 2008 English Bridge 35


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