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low diamond lead sees the now bare king



appear and dummy has a low diamond

left to lead back to declarer’s queen.

On this deal it was not possible to play makers of playing cards since 1824

the Vienna Coup (see Part I of this article

in the previous issue) in diamonds, because 020 8661 8866

the ace of diamonds was the only entry to A competition you can all enter

the dummy. Fortunately, however, the TAKE a look at the play situation below

Vienna Coup was known to be un- and give your answer. Please include very

necessary as only West could be guarding brief details of your reasoning.

the two suits. There are three categories in our

competition: for players up to and

The show-up squeeze including County Master; for those

up to and including Regional Master; and

A squeeze may not, in itself, provide an for those with higher ranking.

extra trick by force, but it can provide

declarer with a vital piece of information This twin-pack of elegant playing cards ♠ AQ93

which can insure the success of the (‘Dealer’s Choice’) is the prize on offer in ♥ K4

contract: our series of play posers set by Julian ♦ K64

Pottage. PIATNIK is giving a prize for each ♣ Q 10 7 4

of the three winners.


♠ K 10 9 8 W E


♥ 92

♦ A K 10 9

playing cards now on sale online. ♠ K 10 7 5 4

♣ AJ2 ♥ Q93

♠ 3 ♠ 72 For more information visit ♦ Q95

♥ 10 6 5 3 N ♥ J874 ♣ J5


♦ 7532 S ♦ Q6 Entries to Julian Pottage, 17 Beach

♣ K Q 10 8 ♣ 76543 Road, Porthcawl CF36 5NH, or e-mail

♠ AQJ654 Entries West North East South

♥ AKQ must arrive by February 20. 1NT 2♥ 2♠

Pass 3♠ All Pass

♦ J84 Please indicate on the top left-hand

♣ 9 corner of the envelope, or in the e-mail West leads the ace of clubs and

subject line, the category for which you continues with the six of clubs. East

are entering. Julian Pottage will judge follows once, ruffs the second club and

South plays in 7♠ on the lead of the king the entries and the first correct answer exits with a trump. What is the best line

of clubs. drawn in each category will win a prize. for the contract?

It seems that the contract depends on

the diamond finesse, but the opening lead

improves declarer’s chances somewhat on

the reasonable assumption that West also

holds the queen of clubs.

Declarer wins the ace of clubs, ruffs the

low club, then runs all the trumps,

followed by the three heart winners. The

last winner squeezes West. Obliged to THINGS that drive me mad at bridge the bidding. Usually, the kind wishes are

hang on to the queen of clubs, he has to (face to face or on-line): followed by the all-healing: ‘No double, no

come down to only a doubleton diamond. ‘Sorry, partner,’ usually said around trick trouble,’ accompanied by a huge smile.

The club jack is now discarded and eleven when partner has made some dia- But probably my pet hate is the one that

declarer plays on diamonds. There is no bolical declarer play turning ten cast-iron has no words at all. I am playing low to

point in finessing when West cannot hold tricks in 3NT into seven. dummy’s holding of Q-10-x-x (or similar).

three diamonds, so he plays off the ace and ‘Sorry, partner – thought you had a After a delay, LHO plays a non-descript

king. different hand,’ usually after I have passed card. I play the queen and, of course, RHO

The extra chance offered by this squeeze as responder, then been forced to bid, and wins the trick. Does LHO have a winning

is that declarer will drop a doubleton my partner has gone on to elevate himself holding? Or was he simply in a trance?

queen of diamonds offside. Of course, he to game. Now he can see dummy! I know that we draw inferences from an

was always going to succeed if the queen ‘Well played, partner,’ almost inevitably opponent’s hesitation at our peril. But

was with West. said after an unmakeable contract is gifted why do they always hesitate when there is

This last example is known as a Show- by an opponent who fell asleep. nothing to think about?

up Squeeze, a defender being shown not to ‘Good luck partner, you’ll need it,’ when As I said: face-to-face and on-line too.

have sufficient length in a suit for a finesse I find myself at the five level in a 4-2 fit But at least on-line no one can hear me

to be necessary. after partner has completely misunderstood scream! Fran Bramzel February 2008 English Bridge 37


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