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COUNTY NEWS Herb Mueller, Phil Thornton and David The Men’s Pairs saw Chris Hill and Les

Congratulations to Bedfordshire Perkins – appropriately enough for the Allam (Jersey) first, with Guernsey’s

the newly promoted Carole Mueller Trophy! Martin Jones and Dick Langham as

Congratulations to Peter and Dee runners-up. In the Restricted Pairs (Upper

Premier THE Inter-club Teams of

Lindon, Derek and Celia Oram, on Ranks) Brian Youd and Sue Rankin

Four attracted thirteen

Grand Master: tables at Wilstead in winning the EBU Autumn Congress (Jersey) were first, with John Seymour

Teams. Also to Chris Burley and Ed and James Fattorini second. The Restric-

Mr MH Pryor of Sussex November, and was won

Scerri who were third in the prestigious ted (Lower Rankings) resulted in a win for

by David Willett and John

Hurst teamed up with Two Stars Pairs and fourth in the Teams Mary Thompson and Marilyn Robilliared

Maggie Willis and Mike Vogel. Well done with Richard Palmer and Dick Davey. (Guernsey) pipping Aline Staples and

Slough BC ran their innovative Knock- Mary Friswell (Jersey) for the top spot.

Master Point to them.

Forthcoming events in the BBA Out Pairs competition on 2 December The Sigma Trophy for the pre-match

promotions calendar are the Mixed Pairs on 28th with a good turn-out; the winners were Open Pairs was won by John and Pat

February starting at 7.30 pm, the Seniors Richard Palmer and Dick Davey. Panter of Jersey.

Avon 9 Star Premier Pairs on 13th March which starts at 2.00 Diary Dates: Feb 3, Mixed Pairs Cup; Later in the year Guernsey’s Mixed

Master pm, followed by the County Pairs Semi- Feb 28, Improver Pairs; Mar 16, National Pairs title went to the scratch pairing of

4 Star Premier Newcomers Pairs; Apr 16, Seniors Pairs. Susan Shaw and our Chairman John

Regional Master Mrs IE Blackburn Final, Final and Plate competitions

scheduled for the afternoon and evening You can enter all these events via the Seymour, with Vera Babbe and Robert

Mr M O’Brien 6 Star Premier

of Sunday 6th April (see BBA website for website. Plumley second.

1 Star Premier Master

Mrs V Morris details). All these events will be held at


Mrs S Lowe 4 Star Premier

Wilstead village hall. Cambs and Hunts Cornwall

Ron Davis did well at the recent Welsh

4 Star Master Master

Porthcawl Congress, coming first in both

Mr GW Allen Mr M Burch THE Cambs & Hunts Swiss Teams was THERE have been two

the Qualifying Pairs and Sker Teams

3 Star Premier won for the third year in a row by Chris Cornish successes in recent

2 Star Master partnering Pam Pearce, second in the

Master Larlham, David Kendrick, Rod Oakford Devon Congresses. In Oc-

Mr G Powell Men’s Pairs partnering Stewart Pye, and

Mrs BM Hughes third in the Red Dragon Pairs final, again and Sue Oakford. Gladys Gittins, Bryan tober, Rob Mabley, Sallie

1 Star Master Green, Jennifer Congdon

Mrs R Kennedy Last, Roger Timmins and Anne Read

Mrs VJ Wilde with Pam Pearce.

2 Star Premier Not only Ron has done well in recent were second. Cambs & Hunts have and Barrie Benfield won

Advanced Master qualified comfortably for the final of the the Teams in the Plymouth

Master Welsh events. Jon Williams and David

Mr J McGivan Tollemache. Congress at St Mellion.

Mrs SM Baily Harris won the Llangollen Swiss Teams

County Master (and 11 Green Points in the process) At the Autumn Congress, Chris Jagger After losing 20-0 to the Solomons, who

1 Star Premier

Mr N Swift Master teamed up with David Stevenson and won the Two Stars Pairs playing with Ian finished second, in the penultimate

District Master Mr R Donnelly Ted Reveley. Pagan. Cath Jagger and Jonathan Mestel round, they scraped home by 1 VP. In

Mr T Nolan The new county league season is now came 8th. Victor Milman and Nadia November, Ruth Harvey and Pat Meade

Premier Master Stelmashenko finished 12th in the were very convincing winners of the

Mrs H Parkes underway. After the first few results, the

Mr FR Summerfield Satellite Pairs Final. David Kendrick’s Championship Pairs at Torquay, with an

Ms C Selway leaders in Division 1 are, inevitably, Tudor

Club Master

2 Star Tournament Rose and, less predictably, last year’s team finishing 2nd in the Eastbourne Bowl impressive 63.66%, and they completed

Master teams. At the Middlesex Congress, Kieran an excellent weekend by coming second

Dr I Holyer promoted team Late Entry. In Division

Mrs J Cripps 2, McTitans have made a great start. and Mark Tilley, Trevor and Marion King equal in the Teams, with Colin Pote and

Bedfordshire Mr VH Cripps were 4th in the Swiss Teams. Mike Booth.

Premier Life 5 Star Master Diary Dates: Jan 20, County Individual In Cornish competitions, the Pivot

Master Mrs E Bonwick

Berks and Bucks Final; Feb 17, County Pairs Final; Mar 15, Teams was won by the Truro team (Jan

Mrs JA Abley Mr J Notton Novice Pairs; Apr 27, Jubilee Swiss Pairs. and Ken Keast, Jo Bryant and Wally

Mr AR Perry OUR report is overs- Heaton), with Rob Mabley, Geoff Warren,

Life Master

Mrs JM Richardson

Dr C Parkin hadowed by the very sad Channel Islands Bill Thomson and Sallie Green second,

6 Star Premier

4 Star Master news of the death of and Heather Upton, Neil Harris, Betty

Mrs A Krespi our Chairman, Margaret Hocking and Jenny Vaughan third. The


Mr BP Holmes 3 Star Master Hatch (see obituary on OUR main event has been Bodmin Swiss Pairs was won by Colin

Mr M Sutcliffe Mr LV Anthony page 34). Margaret gave the annual Inter-insular Pote and Ruth Harvey, with Ken and Jan

an enormous amount of her time and match in which a recent Keast second, and Lawrence Haynes and

5 Star Premier 2 Star Master

energy to bridge at both county and club sequence of the away team Bill Thomson third. Kelly Blenheim-

Master Mr AC Brown

level, and will be very greatly missed not winning was broken. The Hasse and Pauline Whitham were easy

Mr E Audsley Ms A Burmicz

Mr RJ Curry only for all the work she did but also for match was played in Guernsey this year, winners of the Newcomers Pairs, with

1 Star Premier the easy style with which she dealt with and the home team won both the A and Rod Langton and Barbara Mitchell

Master Mr A Hatch

problems and the warmth and friend- the B teams matches. In all, twelve teams second, and Grenville Phillips and Anne

Mrs P Dalvi 1 Star Master

liness of her personality. played from each Island. At half time, in Sivan third. A Truro team (Ken Keast,

2 Star Tournament Mrs GC Beal The last event she directed, only four the A teams Guernsey had a slender lead Wally Heaton, Jo Bryant and Mick Rob-

Master Mrs S Jennings

weeks before her death, was the Friendly of 10 IMPs and the B teams were also son) won the Men’s and Ladies’ Teams

Mr F Stark Advanced Master Pairs, won by Brigitte Ebert and Peter winning but by a bigger margin. In the A quite easily. There was a tie for second

Master Mr GH Mason Symm, with the non-expert prize going teams, Guernsey built on their lead to place between the top ladies’ team,

Mrs DC Burgess Mr M Ramzy to Yvonne & Steve Mancey. Winners of run out the victors by 419 to 301 IMPs. Wendy Brown, Jenny Cant, Jo Brown

Dr BV Stanley the Flitch were the County Secretary, The Guernsey B teams won by 382 to and Maureen Brinton, and another

Club Master

Mr E Winsor Master Mike Ribbins, and his wife Sara: runners- 338 IMPs. men’s team, Bill Thomson, Lawrence

Mrs P Autherson up were Juliana Simpson and her husband With so many of the best County Haynes, John Hardisty and Brian Colvin.

Berks & Bucks Mrs D Beattie Colin – yes, that Colin Simpson! It was a players in Guernsey for the weekend, the Diary Dates: Feb 3, County Teams

Mrs B Sawyer pleasure to have such a distinguished opportunity was taken to play several of Four, Ladock; Feb 10, Penventon

Life Master

Mr R P Wareham player gracing the event. County Finals. The Ladies’ Pairs was won Swiss Pairs, Redruth; Feb 24, Club

Mr BD Franklin

County Master The pre-Christmas Mixed Swiss Teams by Meredith Case and Rosemary Pallot Teams of Eight, Ladock; Mar 2, Ladock,

Premier National

Mr J Paul was won for the second year running by with another Jersey pair, Aline Staples and Mar 5, Penzance, John Perks Qualify-


Mr D Salmon Carole Mueller’s team – Carole and and Catherine Rynd, in second place. ing Heats.

Mr B L Read

Mrs EB Wallen

National Master

District Master

Mr A F Brown

3 Star Premier

Mrs G Bailey

Ms C Collier

Regional Master Mrs H Craig


Miss PJ Hopkinson Mrs W Reed WE regret being unable, because of deadlines, to publish the results of the yearly Master Point Scoring

1 Star Regional Club Master competition. These will be up on the EBU website as soon as possible after the com-

Master Mrs. M Wills petition’s closing date on 21st January 2008, and will be included in the April issue of English Bridge.

Mr M Scott Mrs R Winstanley

42 English Bridge February 2008


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