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Section Petit Congress; Feb 24, Devon 1. Mike Graham, Paul Spencer, Andy

Master Point Cumbria Pairs (Green-pointed); Mar 14-16, North Graham, Ian Moss; 2. Val and Paul

promotions Devon Weekend; Mar 30, EBU Portland

Pairs Heat (ISCA Centre, Exeter); Apr 18-

Mollison, Steve Cade-Bowyer, David

Cooper; 3. Sue and Chris Taylor, Robert

OUR Cumbria Team entered a nine-team

heat for the Tollemache Qualifier; briefly: 20, Devon County Congress (including Elliott and Sandy Riach. Winter Novices

Cambs & Derbyshire Green-pointed Swiss Teams). Pairs: Intermediate level: 1. Delia Stones

Hunts we won against three counties .

1 Star Premier Our County Championship Teams was and Diana Crapnell; 2. Estelle Robins

3 Star Regional


Regional Master played in December: 1. Glenda Lloyd, Dorset and Keith Morris; 3. Phyllis Skull and

Mr G Watson Peter Boardman, John Maclachlan and Jenny Pateman; Beginners level: 1. John

Mrs P Atkin Parsons and Mike Morris; 2. Fred Cross

1 Star Regional Bruce Denwood (48 VPs); 2. Babs and

1 Star Regional BOURNEMOUTH Au- and Christine Tancock; 3. Jan Meade

Master Tim Matthews, John Farmer and David

Master tumn Congress: Two Stars and Thomas Blazquez. Mixed Pairs:

Mrs J Floutier Strawbridge (30 VPs).

Mr T Williams Mr R Floutier Final: 5th, Mike Pownall 1. Margaret Curtis and David Sherman;

Diary Dates: Feb 3, Championship and Peter Goodman.

15 Star Premier 1 Star Master 2. Nicole Cook and Gad Chadha;

Pairs; Feb 24, Pivot Teams (both events Satellite Final: 17th, Eugene Sheehan and

Master Mr P J Bell 3. Coral Fallon and John Cosgrove. Flitch

are at the St. Herbert’s Centre, Keswick Dave Gill; 21st, Ann Sharples and Helen winners were Angela and Bill West.

Mrs FHM Allen

Advanced Master and start at 13.00). Ackroyd; 25th, Ron and Lynne Heath,

4 Star Master Diary Dates: Feb 10: Essex Non-Expert

Mr J Parker There are still places at the Cumbria 26th, Janet Smith and Claire Hillyard.

Mr NS Whittaker Pairs; Mar 12, Essex Spring Seniors;

District Master Congress which takes place at the Hydro Swiss Pairs: 1st, Miles Cowling and Eddie

3 Star Master Mar 16, National Newcomers heats;

Dr L Rose Hotel, Bowness on Windermere, March Lucioni; 4th, Mark Hooper and John Hol-

Mrs J Grayer 14-16 Enquiries to Janet Sheppard land; 10th, Frank Groome and Michael Mar 28, Gwen Herga Trophies; Mar 30,

Club Master Essex Novices Pairs.

Mrs A Read 01900 821421. Organ. Teams, Eastbourne Cup (Premier

Mr SO Cousins

Advanced Master Mr P Knighton Final): 8th, Eddie Lucioni, Miles Cowling,

Mr N Matthews Derbyshire Ron Davis and Paul Martin. Burlington Gloucestershire

District Master

Devon Cup (Secondary Final): 6th, Mark Hooper, Mike Pownall, Peter Goodman and Adam

Mr T Crawley National Master

Mr D Newman Mrs JD Murray-

IN a very close finish Dunn; 10th, Janet Smith, Harold Wayne, CONGRATULATIONS to the Tollemache

Mr A Wilkinson Brown Don Smedley and John Richard Vessey and Claire Hillyard. Team who have taken the first step to-

Griffin won the 2007 Children In Need Sim Pairs: 1st overall, wards retaining Gloucestershire’s hold

Club Master 5 Star Regional

Invitation Pairs followed Ray Burrows and Janet Smith. on the County Championship by qualify-

Mr H Lockwood Master

by Stan Haywood and County Winners: Ladies’ Pairs: Shirley ing in first place in their group for the

Mrs P Rowe

Channel Jackie Starsmore second, Groome and Doris Hutchinson; Men’s final. Well done indeed to Messrs

Islands 2 Star Regional and John Sowter and Amanda Grimsey Angseesing, Atthey, Butland, Chamber-

Pairs: Martyn Hill-Jones and Frank

Premier National Master in third place. Groome; Chope Salver: Hilary Brain and lain, Denning, Rookwood, Rue, Sadie,

Master Mrs P Ward Diary Dates: Feb 6, 1st round of Eric Chris Stevens. Shields and Stanley.

Mr NS Le Cocq 10 Star Premier White final and Winter Plate; Mar 26, Diary Dates: Feb 24, 2.00pm, Swiss Bad luck to the Cheltenham Bridge

Miss R A Pallot Master County Trial; Mar 29, Qualifying Heat teams for The Weymouth College Trophy Club’s team of Richard Butland, Richard

Premier Master Mrs C Taylor for the Garden City Trophy. (Weymouth, Preston BC); Mar 29, Chamberlain, Paul Denning and Keith

Mrs F Honey 9 Star Premier 7.00pm, Garden Cities Teams of Eight Stanley who came second in the Nat-

Mr JS Honey Master ional Inter-Club Knock-out for 2006/7. I

Mr B Elberg

Devon qualifier (Weymouth, Preston BC); Apr

suppose the Tollemache, NICKO, Garden

1 Star Master 6, 11:00am, Dorset AGM (Wimborne,

Mr M Russell 4 Star Premier Allendale BC); Apr 6, 1:40pm, Annual Cities and Pachabo would be the clean

County Master Master CONGRATULATIONS Prize Giving (Wimborne, Allendale BC) sweep – something to dream about at

Mr M J Hancock Mrs J Whitlam to Jim Grant and Stefan followed at 2.00pm by Swiss Teams for least.

2 Star Premier Lindfors who came 7th The Gee Trophy. Allan and Judy Sanis co-operated to

Cornwall in the prestigious Two great effect with two Oxfordshire players

Master Please feel free to e-mail any infor-

Life Master Mrs JC Keith Stars final at the EBU mation of interest for inclusion to to win the Seniors Congress Teams. Very

Dr L Haynes Mrs G Wiseman Autumn Congress, and to Louise and well done! Allan has now retired from

6 Star Premier Premier Master

Warner Solomon who came 2nd in the the pharmacy profession to concentrate

Regional Master Swiss Pairs. on his bridge. Keith Stanley and Derek

Mr RJ Mabley

Mr J Child

Congratulations also to Alan and Jette Essex Rue also performed well to come third

5 Star Master Bailey who came 5th in the ‘A’ final at the in the Pairs in the same congress.

10 Star Premier Mr R Arnheim


EBU Seniors Congress, and to Louise and IN recent national events, The County Knock-Out is now reduced

4 Star Master Warner Solomon who won the ‘B’ final. Stephanie and Laurie to five teams, with one quarter-final to

Mrs VC Pitman

Dr GM Simnett The numbers attending the Plymouth Burtt won the Mixed Pairs be played, and the County Pairs Qualifiers

7 Star Premier Congress were somewhat disappointing and came 4th in the Swiss have been run – further news next time.

2 Star Master


Dr L Homewood this year, with only 30 pairs and 18 teams Pairs at the EBU Autumn Please send any information for pub-

Mr JEA Finch

Mrs E Scott taking part. Results: Championship Pairs: Congress in Rhodes; Sid lication to

1 Star Premier 1. Geoff and Nethie White; 2. Tom Mc- Prince and Lionel Wernick won the Vet-

Advanced Master

Master Grenary and Duncan Hamlyn; 3. Alison erans prize in the B Final of the Champ-

Mrs J Cant

Mr D Pearson

Pollok and Ann Slee. Swiss Teams: 1. ionship Pairs at the Seniors Congress.

Hants and IoW


5 Star Master Barrie Benfield, Jennifer Congdon, As a result of the David Boston Sim

Mrs B Hocking Mr G Goodfellow Robert Mabley, Sallie Green; 2. Louise and Pairs in October, Essex raised the sum of CONGRATULATIONS to

Mr G Langley

County Master Warner Solomon, John Harriman, Bill £810, which was donated to St Luke’s Pauline Serby and John

Mrs M Rowe

Mrs EMS Knight Mr G Ward Ellis; 3. Sandra Bennett, John Vaughan, Hospice in Basildon in memory of Bob Moore, who won the

Pat Joseph, Jenny Northmore. Allen. The overall top ranking Essex Weston-Super-Mare Swiss

District Master District Master The popular Torquay Bridge Club players were Mike Stribling and Paul Pairs and came second in the Champion-

Mrs J Vaughan Mr J Jenkins Congress was held at the Palace Hotel Nettlingham (7th), and Anne Segal and ship Pairs at the Seniors Congress. Other

Club Master Club Master again this year. Results: Championship Kathleen Prail (8th). The non-expert good results: Madeline Lawson, Stuart

Mrs MB Moore Mr JM Brown Pairs: 1. Pat Meade and Ruth Harvey; winners were Richard Dench and Brian Strachan, Claire Hillyard and Janet Smith

Cumbria Mr DK Love 2. Ruth Edmondson and Brigid McElroy. Nicholson (17th overall); second were were joint third in the Swiss Teams in

Marjorie Bean Cup: 1. Margaret and Paul and Hilary Fomin (34th overall). Rhodes, and Dave Huggett and Jeremy

Life Master Direct

Robin Mardlin; 2. Richard Currie and Two Essex pairs did well in the BGB Baker came third in the Swiss Teams in

Dr EP Wraight Club Master John Amor. Wotton Printers Trophy: Autumn Sims: Sandy Riach and Michael Llangollen with their out-of-county team-

Dr SK Wraight

L Williams 1. Robert and Jacqueline Baker; 2. Dick Watson were 4th in the Wednesday mates. Jeremy’s team also reached the

Tournament Andrews and Titch Glenday. Swiss Teams: event, Mike Madden and Norman quarter finals of the Gold Cup. Kathy

Master Dorset

1. Alison Pollok, Amos Bridgman, Bob Meakin were 5th in the Thursday event. Vaile and Andrew Bennett were joint

Mrs G Oscroft Premier Life second in the Guildford Swiss Pairs.

Blackmore, Richard Lingham. Mixed Steve Cade-Bowyer and David Cooper

County Master Master Pairs: 1. Geoff and Nethie White; 2. Alison finished in 12th position in the Monday County Results: Wessex Swiss Teams:

Mr TF Baelz Dr R Mott Pollok and Amos Bridgman. event in the EBU Autumn Sim Pairs. 1. Babs and Bill Boswell, Clare and Keith

Diary Dates: Feb 9-10, Southern Essex events: Tony Kelvin Trophy: Palmer; 2. David and Rosemary Spencer, February 2008 English Bridge 43


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