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FEB_08_EB p46-53 County News 14/1/08 3:17 pm Page 46

Daily Telegraph Cup: 1. Surrey (Jeffrey tably, over a match clear of second place. The Dorset Cup was won by Jerry

Master Point Allerton, Frances Hinden, Graham Os- The County Pairs title for the Harouni, Ray Robinson, Tony Waterlow

promotions borne, Jonathan Cooke); 2. Sussex (Chris

Jepson, Liz and Ian Lancaster, Gerry

Waterworth Cup went to Geoff Cowie

and Rob Roberts – well done to them.

and Gerald Haase.

Diary Dates: Feb 10, Ladies’ and

Stanford). Close behind were Barry Jones and Gentlemen’s Pairs, Eastman’s; Feb 24,

1 Star Premier 2 Star Regional

Diary Dates: Feb 3, Championship Paddy Murphy, followed by Peter Middlesex Clubs Championships, Acol

Master Master

Pairs (Nigel Freake, 020 8801 2884 or Kaufmann and Matt Foster. BC; March 9; Ranked Masters’ Teams,

Mr B Hobden Mr M Davis

Ms AM Gayfer; Feb 24, Palmer The Merseyside Cup (County Open Pinner BC. There are a multitude of qua-

Premier Master Bayer Trophy, Simple System Pairs Teams) was won by the foursome of Bill lifying heats scheduled for the National

Mr A Murphy 11 Star Premier

(Chris Duckworth, 020 7385 3534 or and Joyce White, and Jim and Jenny Pairs, Middx Mixed Pairs, Middx Pairs.


3 Star Master; Mar 8-9, Morris. Second place went to Earl Do report points of interest to

Mrs A Smaje

Mrs K J Harris Green Pointed Swiss Weekend, Swiss O’Keeffe, Rob Roberts, Cameron Boyd

6 Star Premier Pairs on Saturday and Swiss Teams on and Geoff Cowie.

1 Star Master


Mrs BR Lewis

Ms M Page

Sunday (Chris Duckworth or Sati Mc- SPECIAL NOTE: the Eric Howarth Norfolk


Kenzie, as above); Mar 16, National New- Trophy has been moved for this season to

Mr P Shah comers Pairs (YCBC, 020 7373 1665 March 9th. This is an Open Swiss Teams

Mr J Quinn

5 Star Master or; Apr 13, event at a pleasant venue plus green THE County teams are

Mr RL Thomas

Mr LH Dreebin Fox Shammon Trophy, Seniors Pairs points – and only £40.00 per team! The having a spell of mixed

County Master Mrs SS Sallis (Steve Eginton, 01628 780862 or number of entries that can be accepted fortune. Against Bedford-

Mr S Leighton Mr J Sofier is limited, so contact the event organiser shire, the A team lost 5-15,

District Master 4 Star Master Nigel Worthington nigel@tilstonefernall. the B team won 15-5 and

Dr MS McPhillips Mr DR Arundel

Ms C Stafford

Manchester com ASAP to avoid disappointment! the C team balanced the

Club Master Diary Dates: Feb 3, County Trials, result with a 10-10 draw.

Mrs P Cathcart 3 Star Master MBC; Feb 17, Jean Keen trophy (County Against Hertfordshire, the A and B teams

Mr DM Shah CONGRATULATIONS Women’s teams), MBC; Feb 24, Mer- both lost 2-18, and the C team prevented

Merseyside/ to Manchester Bridge seyside & Deeside Cup (County Pivot a complete disaster by winning their

Cheshire Advanced Master

Club on winning the Teams), MBC; Mar 9, Eric Howarth match 18-2. The end of the first cycle of

Mr DB Combe

Premier National Nicko Trophy. The team Trophy, Deva BC; Mar 13, Charity Chal- the Norfolk and Norwich League saw

Master County Master of David Debbage, Mike Newman, lenge Cup, MBC; Apr 13, Charity Teams, David Newstead’s team on top of Div-

Mr J Tucker Mr G Daulby Andrew Woodcock and Michael Byrne MBC; Apr 20, Preece Rosebowl (County ision 1. Division 2 winners and runners-

Mrs S Kesselson defeated Cheltenham Bridge Club by 66

National Master Ladies Pairs), Blundellsands BC; May 5, up were Jan Anderson and Jola Allison.

Mr F Kirkbride IMPs in the final.

Mr G Horton Mr B Shah Mayday Pairs, MBC; May 9 Lady Con- They will join Division 1 for the second

The Ben Franks Pairs at Manchester nell – Cheshire Salver finals, LBC; May cycle.

8 Star Premier Mr SM Shah

Regional Master

Bridge Club in December was won by 10, Green-pointed Pairs, MBC. Trophy winners were: Orb Pacquot

District Master Michael Newman and Michael Byrne.

Mr G Eakin Swiss Pairs, Jacqui Murfitt and Val Mac-

Mrs S Sargent Second were Alan and Kath Nelson with

4 Star Regional Mr HK Shah David Debbage and Jeff Morris third,

Middlesex kenzie; Barclay’s Bank Trophy, Robert and

Barbara Shreeve.

Master Club Master and Fred Bell and John Roberts fourth. Diary Dates: Feb 17, Committee Cup

Mr R Acaster Mrs A Finch These pairs will represent the county in CONGRATULATIONS to (club restricted teams of eight); Mar 9,

4 Star Premier Mr M Leigh the Corwen Trophy. Alexander Allfrey, Andrew


North Walsham Swiss Teams, at

Over the weekend of the 15th-17th Robson and Tony Forrester Bawburgh. And it’s time to be getting

Mrs C Andrews Norfolk

February 2008 the Junior Home Inter- for decisively winning the organised for the 40th Norfolk Congress

3 Star Premier Life Master nationals (for under-25s and under-20s) Gold Cup. Glyn Liggins,


at King’s Lynn, Apr 11-13.

Mrs SD Gill will be held at Chancellors Conference Neil Rosen and Martin

Mr P Holt 11 Star Premier Centre at the University of Manchester. Jones were sadly knocked

Mr N Worthington Master Why not plan a visit to encourage our out in the semi-final. North East

Premier Master Mrs B Howlett young players and watch a Vu-graph Well done to Andrew Mcintosh for

Mr H Brewster Mr P Howlett presentation? Local interest will be qualifying for the final of the Open Trials. A BRIGHT, blustery

6 Star Tournament 10 Star Premier enhanced by the inclusion of two of Our Middlesex team comfortably quali- weekend at the Derwent

Master Master Manchester’s finest young players, Alex fied for the Tollemache final. Best of luck Manor Hotel in pictur-

Mr RJ Arnold Mr P Smith Morris and Mike Bell in the Junior to Heather Dhondy, Bill Pencharz, Neil esque Allensford was the

Mr DW Thompson Camrose. Rosen, Martin Jones, Jeremy Dhondy, scene in early November

3 Star Master

Congratulations to John Holland Keith Bennett, Victor Silverstone and for NEBA’s Congress,

Mr G Thomas 4 Star Master

who has been selected to play with John Tony Waterlow in the final. superbly organised by our Congress

1 Star Master Mrs S Briggs

Mrs BE Ingham

Armstrong for England in the second The Middlesex Congress Swiss Teams Secretary, Bev Godfrey, and efficiently

Mrs J Bate Camrose weekend (8-10th March 2008). was won by Jill Feldman and Anne and run by Chief Director Chris Benneworth

Dr C E Boyd 3 Star Master

Diary Dates: Feb 3, Cantor Cup, Neil Rosen; second were Catherine Seale, and his team. Pairs winners were: Men’s,

Advanced Master Mr G Hardman Altrincham Bridge Club, for new- Ivor Miller, Nevena Senior and Steve Terry Jones and Mike Thorley; Ladies’,

Mr G F Campbell 2 Star Master comers; Feb 17, Gazette Trophy, Altrin- Capal. Brenda and Geoff Foley came Nan Bell and Jo Lormor; Mixed, Bob

Master Mrs KE Bartram cham Bridge Club; Mar 8, EBU Green second in the Swiss Pairs. Watts and Liz Reese. Ken Spragg and

Mrs M A Mead 1 Star Master Point Event, Altrincham Bridge Club; At the Autumn Congress, Ian Pagan Bernard Shepherd won the late night

County Master Mrs GF Phillippo Mar 16, National new-comers, Man- won the Two Stars Pairs Final. The Sussex Speed Bridge Pairs’ event. For many, the

Prof P O Pharoah Advanced Master chester Bridge Club; March 30, Portland Cup was won by David Wing, Barbara highlight of the weekend was Saturday

Mrs J Hubbard Pairs, Manchester Bridge Club. Cohen, Irene Fine and Nigel Clayton. At morning when 13 tables of young

Club Master

the Rhodes Congress, Jeffery Alper and players aged 6 to 16 competed for

Mr H Brueckel Master

Wendy Tabor won the Swiss Teams. trophies in both Bridge and MiniBridge.


Mrs J Bartram Merseyside/Cheshire In the London Year End Swiss Pairs, (see page 35). The Sinclair Cup for

Mrs JH Bolton

Life Master Mr DE Ellis Keith Bennett finished second and Simon Schools Bridge was won by Yarm, and

Mr G Brito Mr AJ Ferenczy CONGRATULATIONS to Ted Reveley Cope was fifth; in the Mixed Pairs, Cope the MiniBridge Trophy by Polam School.

Mrs V Durbin Mrs J Stenson and David Stevenson on winning the was second, Vanessa Clarke and Trevor It was a grand sight! The Swiss Pairs went

County Master Llangollen Swiss Teams along with their Morris finished fourth and Anne Rosen to Chris Owen and Damian Hassan,

Premier National

Mr NJ Watts regular team-mates in this event, David was fifth; Nicola Smith was second in the who teamed up with Bob Watts and Liz


Miss BM Wooding Harris and Jon Williams. This foursome Women’s Pairs; Jerry Cope, Frances Mor- Reese to win the Swiss Teams on Sunday.

Mr A Gubbay

have an exceptional record in this comp- ton and David Walker finished third in Saturday’s Speed Bridge Teams event was

Premier Regional District Master

etition and this year they won comfor- the Swiss Teams. won by George and Phyllis Clark, David

Master Mrs B Wilson

Mr PJ Walker

North East

5 Star Regional When you have finished reading this magazine,

Master Life Master

Mrs E Gergel Mrs G Gold if you don’t want to keep it, please recycle it.

46 English Bridge February 2008


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