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GIRLS TEAMS: In 1968, the European that if they played well they would do well.

Bridge League introduced a new bi-annual ♠ 10 6 5 3 ♠J2 They exceeded this expectation, maintain-

competition, the European Junior Bridge ♥A5 W



♥42 ing a healthy second place for the majority

Team Championship. This was augmented ♦ A Q 10 S ♦K876542 of the tournament. Alas, with five matches

in 1994 by the Schools Team Champ- ♣ J 10 9 6 ♣A3 to go disaster struck, as some illness put

ionship and in 2004 by the Girls Team one of our team out of action for two

Championship. matches. This serious snarl was compoun-

2007 was the third Girls event and Elizabeth Roberts, West, chose to bid 3NT. ded by the mosquito and spider bites,

England were represented by Fiona Brown This was unbeatable on the combined chest infections and stomach aches that at

and Nicola Macdougall, Laura Macdougall holdings, and 10 IMPs were gained when least four members of the team suffered

and Alice Kaye, Elizabeth Roberts and only a diamond part-score was bid in the from at some point in the champion-

Jennie Marvin. Sandra Landy was Non- other room. (Sandra Landy) ship – although in fairness the stomach

playing Captain and Heather Dhondy aches appear to have been caused by too

Coach. People interested in playing were JUNIORS TEAMS: Dave Cropper and much ice cream!

only found a short while before the event Susan Stockdale, Simon Cope and Stuart The following deal generated a great

and most of those were involved in end-of- Haring, Ben Green and Duncan Happer result against Italy:

year exams, so we had to run intensive (Non-playing Captain Chris Dixon, Coach

training activities at the end of June, just Dave Muller) started well but found it dif-

before the event. This included two ficult to escape mid-table. They ended up ♠ A K 10 6 3 2 ♠8

matches on the opening day of the West in tenth place out of twenty-two, although ♥4 W




Midlands Bridge Club in Solihull. But now they showed their potential with a 20-10 ♦ J 10 5 3 2 S ♦A

the squad has been formed, it will be fully VP win over the Dutch Gold medallists. ♣Q ♣K98732

operational over the next two years, ready Italy came second and Poland third.

for the 2009 event. Inter-

ested girls born since The Italian West opened

1983 should contact the 4 ♠ and, receiving no

EBU now. assistance from the de-

The championship was fence, quietly went three

played at Lido di Jesolo off. At the other table, Ed

near Venice, with its blue Jones brought home 3NT

skies and long sandy on a double squeeze;

beaches. Of course we admittedly it required the

saw little of either since opponents to lead and

we were playing three continue clubs and fail to

twenty-board matches a switch to spades, but this

day from 10am to 8pm! doesn’t detract from a well

We started the event well played hand and 14 IMPs

with a maximum win to England!

against Sweden, but Our final position of

Photo: Sandra Landy

eventually finished in fourth out of sixteen was

eighth place out of twelve. a serious disappointment

Poland won, the Nether- to the team – just 1 VP

lands were second and off the medals, behind

that Swedish team we Poland, Bulgaria and

beat so thoroughly in The Girls Team: from the left, Laura Macdougall, Alice Kaye, France – but the good

round one finished third. Nicola Macdougall, Fiona Brown, Elizabeth Roberts and Jennie Marvin news is that we have

Bold bidding often almost certainly qualified

brought in points and perhaps we might SCHOOLS TEAMS: The Schools team for the World Schools Championship

have done more in that vein. In the match (Rob Myers and Ed Jones, Ben and Tom which, it is hoped, will be held in the next

against Israel, the team who finished Paske, Tom Rainforth and James Thrower, few years. England showed their quality

fourth, Jennie Marvin opened 3♦ with the Non-playing Captain Mike Amos, Coach and talent, and will surely be a force to be

East hand in the following layout: Michael Byrne) went with the attitude reckoned with. (Michael Byrne) October 2007 English Bridge 17


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