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English Bridge What does bridge

Editor: Elena Jeronimidis

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR

Tel: 0118 926 2602

mean to you?

Editorial Board

Sally Bugden (Chairman), Elena Jeronimidis

Jeremy Dhondy and Elena Jeronimidis

Advertisement Manager

Harpreet Gill at Blue2

Charlton House, Old Estate Yard, BRIDGE means different things to different The differences don’t stop here. Some

East Hendred, Oxford, OX12 8LL people. people play almost every day of the week

Tel: 01235 833060 fax: 01235 862589 To a great many, it is a pleasant way to at home or in clubs, because that’s their

Printing: St Ives (Andover) plc pass the time with friends, pushing the main, if not only, hobby or social activity.

cards around the table (whether in their Some players may enter national tourna-

English Bridge Union own living room or at a club or on a bridge ments because they have a realistic expect-

General Manager holiday) while chatting about this and that. ation of doing well, but others may do so

Barry Capal To many others, bridge is a stimulating simply because their friends needed team-

Broadfields, Bicester Road, Aylesbury HP19 8AZ

intellectual activity that also has the mates, or they fancied the venue (hands up

CONTACTING THE EBU advantage of giving access to a microcosm those of you who go to Brighton because

Tel: 01296 317200

Fax: 01296 317220 of like-minded persons. you like to wander through the Lanes in the To a minority, bridge is an absorbing morning). Others still may be hoping for

Web site:

Bridge play online: hobby that rewards talent, ambition and opportunities for romance (no idle dream:

Direct EBU helplines and email addresses hard work in the cut-and-thrust environ- as reported in our August issue, newlywed

(STD code 01296 for all telephone numbers and suffix ment of tournament play. Richard and Jurdy Brewer met across the for all e-mail addresses)

To a few top players, bridge provides a table at the Shrewsbury Congress).

Telephone E-mail

Accounts 317210 account

livelihood as well as success at the highest Talking of ‘romance’, I still remember

Bridge for All 317217 bfa levels of the game. how, years ago, when I was in charge of

Bridge Shop 397851 Players in each of these categories will Teletext Bridge on Channel 4 TV, a viewer

Competition entry 317203 comps

Education 317218 ebuta

have different expectations. Mabel will be rang me to ask whether I knew of any event

Laws & Ethics 317218 lecsec thrilled to bits when she makes eleven taking place on a particular weekend. She

Licensing of events 317205 license tricks in 2♠, when even her friend Edna had to find one, she explained, so as to be

Master Points 317202 points

Membership 317201 ebu

(who is quite ready to say so) would have able to tell her husband that she would be

Technical services 317207 technic called game. On the same deal, Norman away playing bridge when in fact she would

Tournament orgn. 317204 tourns might be wondering how on earth other be with her lover. There being no bridge

pairs bid the small slam when he and his events on the given date, I suggested she

partner stopped in 4♠ making six. The might as well invent one since, clearly, the

INSIDE GUIDE likes of Andrew Robson might find it odd purpose of the exercise was not the gaining

that other declarers did not find the of master points. ‘I would never lie to my

Duplicate pairs tips 5 stepping stone squeeze for the thirteenth husband!’ she cried, adding more truthfully

Antalya report 7 trick in the ‘obvious’ Grand Slam. if no less indignantly: ‘And anyway, what

Director, please! 9 And what about different attitudes to are we supposed to do in the afternoons and

Your questions 11 the rules of the game? Mabel and Edna evenings, if there is no bridge?’

Letters to the editor 13 probably believe that a hesitation is a Bridge can be an escape from everyday

Bidding quiz 14-15 break in the tempo in which gossip is life, or a way of life, as well as a way to

Jesolo reports 17 exchanged. Jessica, at her Learn and Play rebuild one’s life. How many widowed,

EBU problems 19 club, would not recognise, never mind divorced or single persons have found that

Bridge extras 21 be able to use, unauthorised information if bridge has unlocked the door to a new

Chariots without wheels 22 it were presented on a platter. Norman world of friendship and commitment?

EBU news and diary 23 might turn an apoplectic hue when an And how many of us duplicate practitioners

Brighton report 24-25 opponent doubles after her partner has have found that competition sharpens our

Standard English 26-27 hesitated and passed, but he would think it minds and helps to build confidence in

Prize play solution 27 quite rude to call the director. At tourn- other areas of our lives?

A memorable hand 29

ament and championship level, mean- All that bridge has to offer is priceless,

while, titles may be won and lost on whatever it is that each and every one of us

Prize play problem 29

Appeal Committees’ decisions. looks for in this wonderful game.

No-trump bidding 30-31

Really Easy Congress 31


Fine-tuning 34-35

Instruction EBU News Features On-line Bridge Reports

On-line bridge 35

From the floor 37

County news 38-45 October 2007 English Bridge 3


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