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COUNTY NEWS Diary Dates: Oct 21, Swiss Pairs; other they stayed out of (both decisions

Congratulations to Avon Nov 22, Inter-club Teams of 4. correct) while the Plumley team took the

newly promoted wrong option on both hands.

Premier Grand CONGRATULATIONS to Mike Elliott and Berks and Bucks The Guernsey Restricted Pairs (Upper

Tim Brierley whose Gold Cup team Ranks) resulted in a win for Lynda Mildon

Master: reached the last 16. and Colin Tostevin, with team-mates

Brighton Meeting: the best result in the WELCOME to a new season Robert Plumley and Susie Farnon 2nd,

Mr CF Owen of North East of bridge. The League of 8 is and Margaret Allen and Jill Morgan 3rd.

Swiss Pairs by Avon players was the 16th

place achieved by David Jones with his now under way with 43 teams

and Grand Masters: Dorset partner. In the Swiss Teams, David from 22 clubs. The League of


Jones, Brian Goalby, Marc Lee and Tony Four is also underway with 20 teams.

Prof DA Burgess of Notts Visit our website regularly for up-to-

Letts finished 8th in the main final.

Mrs B Matthews of Cumbria date information on our events, news RUTH Betteridge, who has died aged 91,

In the National Final of the Garden

Mr S McPhee of Oxford Cities Trophy, the West of England BC and reports on the successes of BBCBA was a very popular and well-respected

Mrs A Slee of Devon pairing of Andrew Urbanski and Gareth players elsewhere. We have events for all member of a number of club. A retired

Mr J Wightwick of Cambs & standards of players so if you would like headmistress, she played in the league

Evans finished 4th in the Butler ranking.

Hunts some help deciding, contact Margaret and county competitions. Unhappily, the

The Avon team for the Tollemache will

01628 623140 or marant@thehatches. onset of blindness meant that she had

be: Graham Hartley, Richard Dunn, For reminders of our events not been able to play for some years. Her

Mike Elliott, Tim Brierley, David Jones,

Master Point Duncan Cairns, Andrew and Cathy and results join our e-group by e-mailing final years were spent at Athelstan

House, Bodmin.

promotions Smith, Steve Turner, Steve Tomlinson.

The East Wales Congress was very

David Barnes, Joyce Baldock, John Two Cornish teams have ventured

across the Tamar this summer, both

Avon 4 Star Premier successful for Ralph Smith, who won the Greenhalgh, Nigel Guthrie, Anne and

enjoying the experience but somewhat

1 Star Premier Master Swiss Pairs with Steve Tomlinson and Graham Lucy, Barry Read, Alan F. Brown

Mrs R Power

disappointed by their results. Cornwall

Regional Master came 2nd in the Swiss Teams with Lesley, won the B Group at the National County

Mr R Kendall 2 Star Premier having won the B Division of the South-

Cathy and Andrew Smith. David Jones League Finals. BBCBA are donating a

2 Star Master Master Western League, four pairs travelled to

Mrs E Crossley and his team won the Swiss Teams. trophy for this event.

Mr E Wood Derby for the National Final against the

1 Star Master 1 Star Premier In the Hereford/Glos One-day Swiss Diary Dates: Oct 28, County Teams

Master winners in other areas. The standard of

Mr P Keightley Teams, Alan Jones, Jack Terry, David Qualifier; Nov 18, Friendly Pairs (for

County Master Mr MG Baily play was high and the day was enjoyable.

Mrs SM Baily Jones, Janine Griffiths-Baker came 3rd. players who are less experienced or who

Mr S Lawrence The team finished fifth.

Mr A Wallen In the Bristol Bridge Club Premier want a relaxed game). You can enter all

District Master 5 Star Master A week later another team (Rob

Ms T Easterford Pairs, the winners for the months of both our events through the web site.

Mrs A Gunning

Mrs S F Bond Mabley, Geoff Warren, Jenny Cant and

4 Star Master May and June were Jack Terry and Alan

Club Master Barrie Benfield) went to Exmouth for

Jones, and in July by Ian Duncan and

Mr D Clarke

Mrs J Cooper

Mr P J Lee Steve Lawrence.

Cambs and Hunts the Devon Green-pointed Swiss Teams.

Ms M Robathan They won their first five matches and

2 Star Master

Bedfordshire Mr SJ Kearon The West of England Bridge Club

FOLLOWING their success in the C were, at this stage, tied for the lead. In the

Premier Life 1 Star Master Teams Championship (Moorstone Cup)

sixth round they were beaten by the

Master Mrs S McNaughton was won by Jeremy Rickard, Huw Oliver, Division of the Eastern Counties League,

Mrs M Sheppard Mr JM Tyas eventual winners, Amos Bridgeman’s

Tony Gammon, and Robert Glass. the Cambs & Hunts C team played in the

Premier Regional Advanced Master team from Barnstaple, and they lost

Master Mr M Auger National County League Finals, finishing

Mrs J Bennett

again in the final round, to finish fourth.

Mrs G Dunn

6 Star Premier

Mrs D M Burley Bedfordshire joint second after leading at the halfway In July, Penzance were delighted to

Mrs K Fahrig stage. The team was David Carmichael, welcome back Robbie Hancock, a

Master Mr G Fuhrmann

Mr J D Andrews Mrs A Marchetti

Gladys Gittins, Dominic Clark, Wendy founder member, who also played at St.

THE Parkin Cup is a Pollard, Brian Last, Jenny Jacobsberg,

3 Star Premier Mr A J Marshall Ives. She moved to Louth some years ago

Master Master friendly inter-county teams

Nick Bull and Cynthia Bull. and this was her first return visit.

Mrs P Skelton Mrs A Francis event that was launched in

Premier Master Dr P E Francis Mike Seaver and Peter Morgan came Diary Dates: Oct 7, Cornwall Mixed

Mrs P Hanson

2006. Lessons learned in

Mr P F Habershon year one meant the comp- 3rd in the B final of the Championship Pairs; Oct 14, St. Austell Open Pairs; Oct

Mrs I Hart

3 Star Master Mrs G Perrin Pairs at the Summer Seniors Congress. 21, County Swiss Teams; Nov 4, Pivot

Mr MW Sim etition morphed from Teams of 8 to

Mr R Perrin Cambridge A have reached the NICKO Teams; Nov 25, Bodmin Swiss Pairs;

2 Star Master Mr PW Sparks Teams of 4. Nine teams competed, with

Mrs K Gilbert Mr G Watts Ian Mitchell directing. The winners semi-finals. Catherine Jagger’s team were Dec 2, Newcomers’ Pairs, Truro; Dec 9,

Advanced Master Mrs OM Watts joint first in the Brighton Bowl, losing the Men’s and Women’s Teams, Ladock.

County Master

were Beds grandmasters Brian and Rita

Mrs C Morant split tie on Swiss points.

Master Mr K G Carver Keable, with ever-youthful Alan Shillitoe

Mrs M Rider Mr J B Hockenhull

Mrs J Turpin

and school-boy champion Graeme Diary Dates: Oct 28, Cambs & Hunts Cumbria

County Master Mr T Williams Robertson, ahead of two strong teams Swiss Teams, Peterborough. This event

Mr A W Dyer

District Master fielded by holders Hertfordshire. replaces the Newmarket Swiss Teams.

Ms S Giordano Mrs R Birtles OUR team of Babs and Tim Matthews,

Mrs PE Kinselley It has been a storming year for

Mr R Chantler Mike Dunstan, Tony Parker, Peter

District Master

Mr R Perrott

Dr A George

Mr P Rackstraw

county captain Ron Davis who has done Channel Islands Mollart, John Farmer, Dave Mullany and

well in a number of events across the

Mrs S Richmond Mrs M Studt

UK, winning the Northants May Swiss Colin Woods played for the County in

Club Master Mrs P Styles

Pairs with Bill Hood; the Oxon Congress JERSEY: Maureen Breuilly is the President’s Cup. We achieved four

Ms J Membre Club Master

Mrs J Charlton Pairs with Pam Pearce; and the Scarbo- to be congratulated on win- wins and a draw in the entry of 11 teams

Berks. & Bucks. Mrs H Craig – a good result for our small county.

Premier Life rough Swiss Pairs with Bill Taylor. In the ning the District Individual

Mrs A Glynn

Master Mr G W Noyes Worldwide Sim Pairs, Ron and David with Mary Horton in second In the N.B.L. earlier in the year our

Mr D Owen Mr M F Timms place. In Guernsey the team won the C Team League. They were

Dickson came 1st at Bedford club, 2nd

Life Master Cambs & District Teams was settled: Dick invited to play in the regional winners

Mrs MA Fleming nationally and 22nd worldwide (out of

Mr M Fleming Hunts over 5,000). Teamed up with Julie and Langham’s team (Rudi Falla, Lynne play-off. The team of Geoff and Kath

National Master Grand Master Williamson, John Seymour and Brenda Bell, Alan and Carol James, Bruce

Mr J Wightwick Steve Abley and Richard Irwin, Ron

Mrs C Poole Walker), the winners for the last two Denwood, John Mclauchlan, Ian Smith

11 Star Premier National Master came 1st in the Swiss Teams at the EBU

Regional Master Mr D Carmichael Riviera Congress and 2nd with Monica years, were knocked out in the semi-final and Adam Aitkin achieved a commend-

Mr R Sheridan 9 Star Regional Lucy in the WBU’s May Congress Champ- by Robert Plumley (Susie Farnon, Colin able second place.

3 Star Premier Master Tostevin, Lynda Mildon and Ralph

Mr P Morgan ionship Pairs. His most recent success

Regional Master

Mr C S Bailey 7 Star Premier was at Brighton, where he won the Laski), and the Allen team (Mike with Derbyshire

Regional Master Master Mixed Pivot Teams. Andy Hall and Margaret with Jill

Mr M Wenble Maj CL De Vries Other successes include Jon Williams Morgan) accounted for Ian Monachan

14 Star Premier 6 Star Premier (Alastair Kent, Martin Jones, Hugh THE winner of the Indi-

Master and team, 1st in the WBU Swiss Teams;

Master Bacon, Mike Bane). Both matches were vidual Championship

Mr PA Wilson Mr P Oxley Rita and Brian Keable, 3rd in the Welsh

10 Star Premier 2 Star Premier Seniors Congress Championship Pairs and settled by a margin of about 20 IMPs. In (Gerry Fletcher Cup) was

Master Master 2nd in the Seniors Swiss Teams; Mike the final, the Allen team were 4 IMPs Alan Smith.

Mrs D Santon Mr F A Allen

Bale, John Neville, Jackie Davies and ahead at half time but ran out winners Malcolm Young and

8 Star Premier 2 Star Tournament

Master Master Mike Minting, 2nd in the Bedfordshire by 20+ IMPs, largely due to two slam Trevor Pilkington won

Mrs LC Barrow Mr BK Buckley May ODGP Swiss Teams. hands, one of which they bid and the the Men’s Pairs, and Mary Marshall and October 2007 English Bridge 39


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