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Jennifer Floutier won the Ladies Pairs. B Final on a split tie; Manny Marks and Wilkinson, S. Wernick, P. Cashman,

Master Point Don Smedley, John Griffin, Peter Kelly his team-mates won the Brighton Bowl. D. Goodlake, B. Wilson, L. and I. Borrow,

promotions and Alex Hogg won the Teams and Geoff

Alderman and Derek George were 2nd

At the Eastbourne Seniors Congress,

Alan Cohen and Richard Register won

J. Stredwick, A Darlington. HICKO Cup

winners: T. and D. Ginn, R. and W.

1 Star Tournament Mrs B Martin

Master 3 Star Premier in the Pairs at the Nottinghamshire/ the Pairs B Final, with Michael Wren and Hutchings

Mr F Padgett Regional Master Derbyshire Green-point Weekend. Richard Perryman in 2nd place. Diary Dates: Oct 6, Petersfield Swiss

2 Star Master Mr R C Hopton A team including John Armstrong In the Essex/Herts One-day Event, Teams, Petersfield (entries to Maureen

Mrs M Sayers 1 Star Premier

Mrs L Waters Regional Master

and Ron McEwan won the Scarborough highest placed Essex players were Manny Rubra 01730 263396); Oct 7,

1 Star Master Mr R Giles Summer Congress Teams. John and his Marks and his partner, who won the Simmons Trophy (married pairs)/

Mrs B Knight 3 Star Regional partner came second in the Pairs for the Swiss Pairs; Peter Oake and Tessa Beer Simmons Plate (not married pairs)/

Mrs C Parker Master

County Master Mrs MJ Adams

Harold Poster Cup at Brighton. Richard were 2nd in the same event and Nicole Newcomers pairs; Oct 28, Wessex Swiss

Dr RA Colledge 2 Star Regional Edwards and Bob Ross were the losing Cook and her partner 3rd. teams; Nov. 4, Jubilee Cup Teams of 8;

Mrs G Waljee finalists in the Seniors Knock-out for the Recent Essex events: Summer Seniors: Nov 18, Simple Systems Pairs (+IOW


District Master Mr DL Clarke

Mr P Bond Mr T Hirst

Gerald Faulkner Salver. 1. Manny Marks and Danny Roth; 2. heat); Dec 2, Bloxham Trophy Open

Channel Islands 8 Star Premier Diary Dates: Oct 3, First round of Roger and Jill Tattersfield; 3. Barbara Swiss Teams. Unless otherwise listed, all

Master Master Winter Teams of 8 (Divisions 1, 2, 3 and Fearnley and Sheila Melnick. Mixed events are played at Romsey and start at

Mrs M A Sowerby Mr E E G Boucher 4); Oct 10, First round of Eric White Teams of 4: 1. Tessa Beer, Peter Oake, 2pm. Entries: Lillian Craigen 02380

Club Master 6 Star Premier

Master Teams of 4; Oct 21, Macfarlane Cup; Nicole Cook, Gad Chadha; 2. Margaret 254276 or

Mrs K Rawlins-

Duquemin Mr M Gibson Nov 18, Invitation Pairs. Curtis, Sid Prince, Ray Cornell, Mary

Cornwall 2 Star Premier


Homer; 3. Martin and Sandy Smith, Herefordshire

2 Star Regional Miss E Highton Devon Roger and Jill Tattersfield. George Curtis

Master 1 Star Premier Swiss Teams: 1. Peter Scotting, Phil

Ms M Brinton

Master Collier, Michael Watson, Jacek Lapszys; TWO Herefordshire clubs were born out

15 Star Premier Mrs S Bennett CONGRATULATIONS to of the Bridge for All project in the late

Master Mr J A Vajda

2. Bob Hair, Alan Cohen, Jill Hair and

Mr R Bliss Ann Slee on becoming a Yvonne Dias; 3. Val and Paul Mollison, ‘90s under the guidance of enthusiastic

Tournament BfA teachers. Sandra Landy paid a return

3 Star Premier Master Grand Master. Elaine Green, Dennis Valtisiaris.

Master Mr N J Waterman 52 teams and 126 pairs visit to The Marches, founded by the late

Mr DE Voller Diary Dates: Oct 14, Essex Seniors

5 Star Master took part in the EBU Riviera Congress. Cup; Oct 28, Fletcher Trophy and Essex Barbara Forryan, which was a BfA pilot

1 Star Premier Mr GT Warren

Master Congratulations to Geoff and Nethie Cup for Clubs; Nov 25, Essex Novice and club where Standard English was tested

4 Star Master

Mr H Livesey Mr R I Stickland White, John Beard and Mike Hamon Intermediate Pairs. out. Members have moved on and

6 Star Tournament 3 Star Master who came 2nd in the Swiss Teams. The Sandra’s theme on this occasion was cue-

Master Mrs HB Bale

top Devon pair in the Swiss Pairs were bidding to slams. The Birches BC,

Mr FC Clifton

5 Star Master

2 Star Master

Maureen Baser and Ian Hopkins who

Gloucestershire founded by Sarah Mathews but now run

Mrs J M Mills

Mr D Astin Mrs J J Patrick came equal 6th. by its members, where all members are

4 Star Master Ms C M Smith CHELTENHAM Bridge Club teams required to join the EBU, has now expan-

Mrs RE Carter 1 Star Master

The Devon One-day Green Point event

Advanced Master Mr N Massey held in Exmouth was won convincingly usually do well in the NICKO and this ded to three sessions per week to allow

Mrs P M Green Mrs E A Nunn by Alison Pollok, Amos Bridgman, Carol year three such progressed to the final 32 those who like to play conventions other

County Master Mr I M Nunn – the team led by Keith Stanley has

Mrs J Trapnell Ritzen and Barbara Carr. than the Standard English ones to do so.

MrsE Tozer

Advanced Master Diary Dates: Oct 27-28, Plymouth reached the last four, so very good luck These are two welcome examples of

Cumbria Mrs E Ramsey to them. developing bridge skills.

Grand Master

Congress; Oct 30, Devon Simultaneous

Master Newent BC have recently purchased a The County continues to watch with

Mrs B Matthews Mr G K Baker Pairs (various clubs); Nov 9-11, Torquay

21 Star Premier County Master Bridge Club Congress; 1st Tuesday of Duplimate dealing machine. They will pleasure the progress of its Youth

Master Mr E A Treharne each month October to April, Devon be using this on Wed and Fri, with hand Internationals, Ben and Tom Paske.

Mrs L Harrison District Master record and analysis sheets at the end of

Winter Pairs (Newton Abbot). They played with distinction for the

10 Star Premier Mr N Guthrie

Master Mr A R Hards the evening. They are always pleased to English Team in the Schools Section of

Mrs R Jackson Mr R Watkins welcome new members and further the European Youth Championships in

4 Star Premier Dorset

Dorset details can be found on their website July. Playing in all save one of the 15

Master newentbridge

Ms D H Pritchard 5 Star Premier rounds, they helped England to fourth

County Master Regional Master COUNTY Winners: The GCBA website is thorough, usually place. They then went on to a very busy

Miss DM

Mr T Ward

Gladwinfield Boston Cup: John and up-to-date and contains details of all time at the Brighton Meeting: Ben,

District Master 4 Star Premier Marion Howitt, David County events: it can be found at playing with Ed Jones, finished in the

Mr T F Baelz

Master and Isabel Marr. top 20% in the Swiss Pairs; then, playing

Derbyshire Miss JH Suffling

Weymouth Cup: Allendale BC (Richard

Premier Regional 4 Star Master with Ed Jones and Michael Bell, Ben and

Master Mrs M M Sarson

1 Star Master

Vessey, Claire Hillyard, Janet Smith and Hants and IoW Tom finished 58th in the Swiss Teams. In

Mr A Pilling Michael Gore). between, they popped up with good

Mrs B Wilson Mrs T Farrar

Riviera Congress: Swiss Teams: 3rd

1 Star Regional Mr M W Loaring results in several mid-week events.

Hannah Kearns, Eileen Rundle, Hilary AT the Brighton Meeting, Diary Dates: Oct 14, Avocet Teams,

Master Advanced Master

Mr A Kenny Mrs JA Arditti Brain and Chris Stevens. Swiss Pairs: 2nd John Jones and Madeline

Mr DTaylor

Tarrington; Oct 17, Next Steps Pairs

County Master Miles Cowling and Eddie Lucioni. Lawson came 19th in the

6 Star Premier Mr R M Bates (restricted to players with Master Point

Diary Dates: Oct 7, Simeon Cup Swiss Pairs, and Jan

Master Mrs H Kearns Ranking of 1* Master and below),

Mr M Clayton District Master (Pairs), Allendale; Oct 14, Hardwick Whitehouse and Sula Turpin, with their

Mrs M Kenworthy Bartestree; Nov 3, Ladies’ and Men’s

Mr G D Bradley-Cox Cup, Sherborne; Knight Cup Qualifiers: Devon partners, won an Open Teams

1 Star Premier Club Master Pairs, Tarrington; Nov 16, Inter-Club

Master Oct 25 Preston, Nov 21 Sherborne and event. Jeremy Baker’s team have reached

Mr C R Barker- Teams League, Round 2, Ledbury.

Mr R Horsley Bennett Dec 10 Allendale; Nov 11, Ladies and the last 16 of the Gold Cup.

Premier Master Mrs A Richardson Leagues and cups winners for the last

Ms W Watson Men’s Pairs, Westbourne. Hertfordshire

Essex season: League Div.1: B. Anderson, J.

3 Star Master

Mrs BM Craig Premier National Shergold, S. Lee, G. Allan. League Div. 2:

2 Star Master Master Essex D. Morison, C. Carter, P. Loader, B. Sta- CONGRATULATIONS to Stan and Tara

Mr AC Foster Mr B A Hunt

12 Star Premier pleton, K. Palmer, K. French. League Div. Harding, Andrew Doye and Mike

1 Star Master

Mrs J Goulden Regional Master SEVERAL Essex players had 3: S. Hands, N. Crawford, G. Dalton, S. Rawlins on reaching the semi-finals of

County Master Mr T V Clark good results in the Brighton Blandy. Cahalan Cup: J. Baker, J. Moore, the NICKO.

Mrs A McLean 3 Star Premier

Regional Master Summer Meeting. In the A. Hughes, D. Huggett, F. Hotchen, G. Congratulations to Alan Kay playing

District Master Swiss Pairs, Gad Chadha and Smith. Cahalan Plate: M. Lawson, S.

Mr J Squires

Mr R Clarke with Andrew Macnair who came 10th in

6 Star Regional his partner finished equal Strachan, J. Jones, M. Nurmohamed, E. the Brighton Swiss Pairs; Dave Dickson

Devon Master

Grand Master Mr LJ Peacock 31st, with David Duffy and Bernie Rice. Solent Trophy: S. Preston, J. Moore, playing with Mike Hill was 16th. Dave

Mrs A Slee 5 Star Regional Harrison equal 41st. In the Swiss Teams J. Guiton, H. Maidment, G. Lawrenson, was also 4th in the Seniors ‘B’ Final.

Premier National Master event, Peter Franklin and Alan Mayo J. Baker, R. Spencer, D. Huggett, S. Lee, A. The One-Day Joint Green Point

Master Mr AA Eames

with their team-mates were 4th in the A Hughes, J. Carter, B. Marks. Basingstoke Weekend with Essex was a great success,

Mr J A Lankshear 4 Star Regional

National Master Master Final, and Sue and Chris Taylor, with Cup: the Swanmore team of D. Ross, Dave Dickson and Dave Walker coming

Mr MA Ball Mr SP Cade-Bowyer their team-mates, only failed to make the B. Mitchell, T. Quincey, R. Green- 3rd in the Swiss Pairs, and David Stimson

40 English Bridge October 2007


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