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Master Point promotions and Roger Edmonds, Colin Sanders and The winning team was Barry Brelsford

Derek Peers being the highest placed and Jacqueline Wright, Megan Taft and

Mr D Piper Mrs S J Oliver 2 Star Master 4 Star Master

1 Star Regional Club Master Mrs B Aldworth Mr I Dixon Hertfordshire team in 8th place. Dorothy Gilbert, David Briggs and Allan

Master Mrs J Cherrett Mr DS Godivala Mr M Golding In the Summer Seniors Congress, Celia Kenyon, and Malcolm and Madeleine

Mr R Lenger Mrs J A Morrow Mr A P McMullen Mrs B Thorn

Mrs L Peers and Derek Oram won the Swiss Pairs, Fyne. In the second round of matches

Mrs B A Osborn Mrs R S Needell 3 Star Master

13 Star Premier

Mr JW White Mr R F Lawrence and playing with Roger Jackson and Lancashire A finished third, Lancashire B

Herefordshire 1 Star Master

Master 3 Star Premier

2 Star Master Tony Gordon came 3rd in the Swiss fourth and Lancashire C third.

Mrs K Wells Mr A Bardett Dr HSA Fido

Regional Master Mr R Bourne Mrs J Paige

Teams. In the President’s Cup, Lancashire

8 Star Premier Mr P Watts Mr J Penrose Diary Dates: 4th Nov, Golfprint finished third out of eleven teams behind

Mr M Rixon

Master 1 Star Premier Mrs JA Walton Mrs P W Smith

Mrs CEM Irvine Advanced Master

Trophy Qualifier, Bridge Centre Welwyn Yorkshire and Manchester.

Regional Master 1 Star Master

8 Star Tournament Mr JH Thacker Mr T Beck Dr D Chastell Garden City; 23rd Nov, Eccles Cup, R.C. Congratulations go to Tony Woollin,

Master Dr S Hartland Mr G Da Costa Parish Hall, Hemel Hempstead. Contact Ken Renno, John Brearley and Ross Shine

Mr G Mann 3 Star Regional Mrs J Katzen

Master Mrs C Fowler

3 Star Tournament Mrs P Jenkins Master Mr S M HoggMaster Mike Minting at on winning the Lancashire Knockout

Master Mrs EC Whitfield Mr RH Mauger Mr C V Barton to book these events. Teams of 4 competition.

Mrs Z Skinner Mrs M A Wright Mr N P Kincaid Well done also Catherine Draper and

17 Star Premier County Master Mr J D Merrett

5 Star Master

Mrs D Ross


Mrs J Homes

Mrs R Barlow Mr S Moruzzi Kent Andrew Woodcock who won the North

4 Star Master Mrs R M Craggs County Master West Joint Venture Swiss Teams at Risley

Mr J J Buckley

13 Star Premier Mr C Holehouse Mr D Churchman

Master Canon T J Potter Mr P Stacey with Dave Debbage and Edward Levy.

Mrs A M Sharp JOHN Cullingworth has

3 Star Master

Mrs J B Holder Mrs J Wren District Master Preston Pairs: 1. Barrie Newall – Brian

8 Star Premier District Master Mrs KA Schapira

been elected Deputy Kent

Mr M Krimgoltz Ripley; 2. Sue Whittam – Wynn Suther-

Master Mrs J Hanlon Club Master Chairman after Bob

2 Star Master Mr M J Lane Mr G Lock land; 3. Neil Thomas – Peter Foster.

Mrs S M Danby Mr B Hardie Manser’s retirement.

Mr B A Wells Diary Dates: Oct 21, Foundation Cup

Mr M Stares 2 Star Master Lancashire Mike de Winter has been

Mr B J Meadows Club Master Swiss Teams, Blackburn BC; Oct 27,

1 Star Master Mrs S Frais LifeMaster appointed Chief Tourna-

Mrs F M Brown Mrs L Ray

Mr R Levy Dr JM Brearley Northern Bridge League Round 4, New

Mr D Stewart 1 Star Master Mr M Martin ment Director following the resignation

Mrs E Drew National Master Earswick; Nov 3-4, Lancashire Congress,

Advanced Master Mr J L Smith Mrs I Bowers of Rachael King. Malcolm Lewis was

Mrs JL Furlong Mrs B E Ferris Brierfield BC; Nov 9-11, Seniors Con-

Mr JA Hutchinson Mr M G Moore Isle Of Man 2 Star Premier elected to the committee, and Jim Wortley

Mr R Williams 3 Star Regional Regional Master gress, Daventry; Nov 18, Athenaeum

Mr P Kingston is taking on the role of Area Secretary for

Mr R Lewis Advanced Master Master Mrs I Bowers Swiss Teams, Bury Athenaeum; Nov 24-

Mr C D J Sainty Mrs J Holman Mr A Elliott 2 Star Premier South West Kent. A tournament sub-

25, Tollemache Cup Qualifying Round,

Master Dr R M Holman 1 Star Premier Regional Master committee has been appointed: Stephen

Mrs L A Falder Master Mr J F Ashworth Hinckley.

Master Pierce, Keith Ashcroft, Mike de Winter,

Mr G Randall Mrs F C Nightingale Mrs P Townsend 7 Star Regional Jeremy Willans, Monica Aitken.

County Master

Mr A C Falder

County Master

Dr J A Lee

1 Star Master

Mr M J Brown


Mr N Mitra A Bridge Student Championship (Ray Leicestershire

Mr D Greenbaum Mrs V J Lee Club Master 4 Star Regional White Trophy) will be played at the

Mr G Oldham Mrs E Warrington Mrs G M Hodgson Master

Mrs I I Snow Mrs P T Whittal Mrs B A Sims

October Congress. Kent will also be WELL DONE the Leics team that won

District Master District Master Kent 3 Star Regional staging a heat of the simultaneous the A Group in the National County

Mrs J Pateman Mrs H Seabright Premier National Master National Newcomers Pairs in March. League Finals: Paul Bowyer, Jim Mason,

Mrs A Scott Club Master Master Mrs D Fazackerley Philip Morgan will captain the Home Ben Gibson, Mike Osborne, Peter Harvey,

Club Master Mrs A Crocker Miss HR Sanders

2 Star Regional

Mr BA Newman Mrs H Macdougall National Master Master Counties League, Kate Morgan organ- Nick Stevens, Alan Langley, Dick Pathan.

Mr M Parry Mrs D Charteris

Herts Mr D King ising. Brian Crack and Dean Mortlock Diary Dates: Oct 9, Josephs Bowl

Gloucestershire Life Master 17 Star Premier 1 Star Regional have been selected to represent Kent in heat; Oct 14, Midland League County

Regional Master Mr R Button

Regional Master Master

Mr J Councer Mrs P Shaw Mrs R P Halliwell

the Surrey Invitation Pairs in September. Match v Worcestershire, LGS; Oct 15,

Mr D J Stimson

7 Star Tournament Premier National 6 Star Premier 11 Star Premier Congratulations to Ian Draper and Josephs Bowl heat, Loughborough

Master Master Regional Master Master Jeremy Willans on winning the Philli- University; Oct 16, Josephs Bowl heat,

PE Franklin Mr R C Shilling Mrs J McWilliam

Mr P Littlewood more Cup and Brian Crack and Dean Blaby; Oct 17 Stanley Trophy heat two,

5 Star Master 5 Star Premier 4 Star Premier 3 Star Premier

Mr D G Cook Regional Master Regional Master Master Mortlock for taking the Larsky Cup. LGS; Oct 22, Charity Simultaneous Pairs,

Mr RG Dalgleish Mrs A Cox Mrs RN Kennedy Congratulations to the winners of Ashby, Bradgate, CBC, Grantham; Oct

Mrs J C Farndon

Hants and Premier Regional 3 Star Premier Premier Master

Regional Master national competitions: Karen Pryor and 23, Charity Sim Pairs, Blaby; Oct 25,

I.O.W. Master Mrs J Newall

Mr CA Sanders

Mrs A Burt

3 Star Tournament

John Griffiths won the National Ranked Charity Sim Pairs, Loughborough; Oct

Life Master Premier Regional Masters Pairs; Christine Kempton and 31, Leicestershire (teams of 4) Cup,

Mrs M Rudd 5 Star Regional Master

Master Master Mr DS Milne Marian Hunt came 2nd in the National round 1, Barkby; Nov 4, Midland

7 Star Premier Mr D Mortlock

Regional Master Mr G H Bowley Mr B prior 5 Star Master Women’s Pairs; Barbara Schultz and Counties league v Notts, away; Nov 14

Mr AS Howell 4 Star Regional Miss MR Vinten

4 Star Regional 3 Star Master Mirna Goacher won the Swiss Pairs B Josephs Bowl round 2, LGS; Nov 28,

3 Star Premier Master Master

Regional Master Mrs AJ Barnes Mr AM Foster

Mr MC Lewtas Flight at the London Easter Festival. Dean Stanley Trophy heat 3, Glenfield; Nov 28,

Ms J Bellinger Mrs F Beman Mrs V Golding 2 Star Master Mortlock and Brian Crack came 1st Wilde (non-expert teams of four) Cup –

12 Star Premier 1 Star Regional 2 Star Regional Mr N B Saville

Master 1 Star Master nationally in a heat of the BBL Spring Level 2 only, CBC; Dec 9, Midland

Master Master

Mrs T Blackmore Mr MJ Mendlson Mrs M Phillips Mrs M Edwards Simultaneous Pairs. League County Match v Oxfordshire,

17 Star Premier Mr R A Parkinson At the Eastbourne Seniors, Swiss Teams LGS; Dec 12 Joephs Bowl round three,

7 Star Premier 1 Star Regional

Master Master Master Advanced Master

Mr W E Kenney Mrs C Munro winners were Brian Crack and Bob Blaby.

Mrs B Bennett Mr P A Burt

9 Star Premier Mr W S Woods Jones, Diana Avis and Colin Wilson. EBU

Tournament 15 Star Premier

Master Master

Mr JE Mills



Ms L M Halsted

Riviera Congress: Malcolm Pryor and his Lincolnshire

Mrs J Whitehorn Mr A J Waddington Mr RV Troughton partner came 1st in the Swiss Pairs.

5 Star Master 5 Star Premier 10 Star Premier

Master County Master Brighton Meeting: Swiss Pairs: 2nd Peter

Mrs C Brayford Master Ms MA Brown WINNERS of Davey Cup

Mrs VA Stevens

Mr B Grimwood

Crouch and partner; Seniors Teams:

4 Star Master

4 Star Premier Mr RW Crittenden are Roy Hughes, Keith

Mrs M J Collier 8 Star Premier District Master Marco Alcalay was in the team that came

Master Stewart, Dennis Mellor and

3 Star Master Mr G Conrad Master Mr P Dunstan 2nd .

Mr A H Bradley Mrs C J Whyman Club Master

Andrew Green.

1 Star Premier Would you like to be considered to

Mr BJ Mitchell 6 Star Premier Mr B Armitage Entries to the Ghost Pairs on 24th June

Mrs J M Sebag- Master Mr A Conley represent Kent? Please check our website.

Mr C Mark Master were a little up on last year; N/S winners

Montefiore Mrs S Scott Mr C A Kenyon

2 Star Master 3 Star Tournament Drene and Alan Brown, runners up

Mrs E D Spraggett Master 4 Star Premier


Leicester Lancashire Adrian Underwood and Janet Paley;

1 Star Master Mr D G Goodwin Premier

Mr BWG Morton Mrs J Batson National Master E/W winners Mo Parsons and Maurice

Mr B Auger Mrs HM Gibbons

Mr DR Brown 1 Star Tournament Mr W Stocker LANCASHIRE lost to Ladlow, runners up Ron Wall and Brian

Mr JR Guy Master 1 Star Premier 10 Star Regional

Master Master

Cumbria in the Pearse Smith.

Advanced Master Mrs M M Goodwin

Mrs JM Blackwell 5 Star Master

Mrs K Morgan Mr R Le Vesconte McNamara Trophy. Tragically, Barbara Maplethorpe died

Mr K Cholerton Mrs J E Green 1 Star Tournament 3 Star Regional In the first round of suddenly on 1st August. She was a

Mr K S McArdle Master Master

3 Star Master Mrs T Bryant Mr A E Bowyer

matches in the Northern long-time member of the county and

Mr D B Saunders Mrs E A Crook

Mrs SDE Wilson Mr G R Horn Tournament 1 Star Regional Bridge League, both Lancashire A and B participated in most events. She will be

Master Mrs G M Horn Master Master teams finished fourth in their groups sadly missed. Deepest condolences to her

Mr G Morgan Mrs E Williams Mrs C Hughes Mr S Wright whilst Lancashire C topped its group. family and friends. October 2007 English Bridge 41


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