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Since this report is too soon for the Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield, Kathy (county open pairs), MBC. Please note

Master Point AGM, please note there will be a change and Alan Nelson, Michelle Brunner, Jeff this season’s Lady Connell (County

promotions of Treasurer. Unfortunately, Jeff Jeffery

has had to stand down due to family

Smith, Boris Ewart, Tracy Capal. The B

team finished 3rd in Keighley and move

teams) qualifying rounds: Sept 27 MBC,

Oct 9 LBC, Oct. 12 Deva BC.

11 Star Premier 7 Star Premier commitments.

Master Regional Master into second place, just 1VP off first; well

Mr MJ Rughani Mr G Barlow Dairy Dates: Oct 7, Restricted and

Nat. Pairs qualifying (the Restricted

done to Sidney Travers, Joyce and Peter Middlesex

5 Star Premier Premier Master Hismurgh, Pauline Lang, Dave Penning-

Master Mr D G J Matthews pairs is open to non-members and

Mrs J Gibson Ms K Reissmann ton, Royce Alexander, Robert Jones. The

limited to players below 2* Master); C team, many of them enjoying their BRIGHTON Meeting:

Tournament Tournament

Master Master Nov 4, County Swiss Teams (Pre-entry first Northern League match, had a great top Middlesex finishers

Mrs E Cooper Mr LG Barnes essential); Nov 18, Lincoln Imp (only for day out; they were Dave Matthews, in the Swiss Pairs were,

3 Star Master 5 Star Master players up to Tournament Master); Artur Malinowski (4th),

Mr J A Dean Mrs M Eisenberg Valerie and Barry Hobden, Jennie and

3 Star Master

Dec 2, Charles Heward (all members of Jim Morris, Eddie Thornton Chan, Joyce and Neil Rosen and

2 Star Master

Mrs L A Stone Mr D P Bailey the team must be no more than a 1* and Bill White. Martin Jones (6th). In

1 Star Master Dr K L Hughes Master; open to non-members). the Teams, Heather

Mr GB Beauchamp 2 Star Master The junior team crushed Yorkshire in

Mrs M W Wildey a head-on match, leading throughout. Dhondy finished second in the A Final.

Advanced Master

Mr R Sherwood 1 Star Master London Well done to Mikey Bell, Joe Mela, Jon Glyn Liggins won the B Final. The

County Master Mr A F D Ferguson Brighton Bowl was won by Waseem

Miss MA Nicoll King, and Simon Mattinson.

Mr WM Harvison Naqvi, Jerry Stamatov, Manny Marks

Club Master Advanced Master MANY congratulations to President’s Cup: Manchester led

Mrs K M Clarke Mr P M Green Nick Sandqvist and Artur throughout but a slip in the last round and Victor Silverstone.

Mr C Cramphorn Ms J L Rich Congratulations to Richard Johnson

Mr M R Trounce Malinowski who won the saw them fall to second place. Well done

Lincolnshire Master silver medal in the European and hard luck to Rhona and Bernard for a successful July. He won the Teams

National Master Mrs R V Moorehead Open Pairs Championship, Goldenfield, Michelle Burnner, Jeff in Hertfordshire. In the Scarborough

Mr D Caldow District Master Congress, he finished second in the

and to David Bakhshi, David Gold and Smith, Alan Jones, Dave Barton, Ray-

7 Star Regional Mrs M A Gee

Master Tom Townsend who also did well in this mond Semp, Mikey Bell, Dave Collier, Teams and third in the Pairs.

Mr A Andrews

Merseyside/ event. Nick and Artur, along with Janet Well done to Ernest Glanville, Alan

Cheshire Boris Ewart, Sid Travers, Mark Halliwell,

4 Star Regional de Botton, also won the bronze medal in Gradus, Vic Reader and Gerard Brito

Master Life Master Mike Ardron.

Mr P Childs Mrs O E Brown the European Open Mixed Teams event. Brighton Meeting: Manchester players for their 1st equal in the Eastbourne

5 Star Master Mr C J Merrill Well done to Nicola McDougall, had several good results. Bill Hirst and Senior Swiss Teams. Waseem Naqvi and

Mr EE Poole 3 Star Premier Laura McDougall and Alice Kaye, all Manny Marks won the Pairs in Essex.

3 Star Master Regional Master John Holland were in the team that won

members of the England Girls team in In county events, Jacqui Tobias, Gary

Mrs JF Hill Mr K McNeill the Seniors Teams. In the mid-week

2 Star Master

the Youth European Championships also Jones, Uday Hegde and Richard Bowdery

2 Star Premier events, Denis Robson came 2nd in the

Mrs JS Paley Regional Master held this summer. won the Middlesex Plate. Well done to

Mixed Pivot Teams. In the Teams finals,

Master Mrs JM Lovatt Congratulations to those who did well the Victor Ludorum winners: the Expert

Mr R Shelley 9 Star Premier in Brighton: Andy Bowles came third in Kath and Alan Nelson, Jeff Smith and

County Master Master Andrew Petrie were 3rd in the B Final. category was won by Waseem Naqvi

Mrs EM Wilson the main Swiss Pairs, with Artur and the Non-Expert category by Pauline

Mrs F L P Spriggs

Malinowski and David Herman in Youth Europeans: Jennie Marvin was

Club Master 2 Star Premier Cohen.

Mrs M McLeod fourth place; Sarah Dunn and David part of the England Girls team. Michael

Master Best of luck to our Middlesex players

Mr D Trinder

Mrs S Mattison Ewart won the Play with the Experts Byrne was coach and led his Under 20s

London team to 4th place, an excellent result. invited to compete for the Lederer

5 Star Master Pairs; Gunnar Hallberg won the Mixed

Premier Life Mrs F J Davies Pairs; Rob Cliffe was second in the Four NICKO: Manchester B (Michael Memorial Trophy: Heather and Jeremy

Master 2 Star Master Byrne, Andrew Woodcock, David Deb- Dhondy, Artur Malinowski, Glyn

Mr S X Cochemé Mr R Roberts

Stars A final; and David Burn won the

Premier National Four Stars B final, with David Bakhshi in bage, Michael Newman, Kathy Nelson) Liggins, Neil Rosen, Martin Jones and

County Master Andrew McIntosh.

Master Mrs J E second place. reached the semi-final of the NICKO for

Mr J Jacobs Courtney the second year running by beating West Neil Rosen was elected to serve as

Mr B C Peers In the Riviera Congress, Dave Muller

District Master won the Swiss Pairs. of England D. Middlesex County Chairman. Heather

1 Star Premier Mr M Greatbatch

Regional Master Mrs A Thompson This year’s Lederer Memorial Trophy Dhondy is the new Vice Chairman.

Mrs C Tomkin

Premier Regional

Mr S K Thompson will be held on 20th-21st October at the Merseyside/Cheshire Diary Dates: Oct 24 and Nov 7, Ace


Club Master Young Chelsea BC. Come along to see of Clubs Championship Pairs; Oct 31

Mr A T Goodier

Miss S Dunn Mrs K Gordon

Zia and all the other national and inter- semi-final, and Nov 14 final, of the

Ms S Rohan CONGRATULATIONS to two local

Mr P Herbert national bridge stars in play. 1.00pm Dorset Cup and Plate at Eastman’s

2 Star Regional start both days. More details from teams on reaching the latter stages of

Master Middlesex (closing date for entries Oct 24). Nov

Simon Cochemé 020 7603 3032 or national events. In the Crockfords Plate

Mr E A M Leatham National Master 17-18 Middlesex Congress, Stevenage;

1 Star Regional Mr R Johnson Dave Keen, Jean Keen, Tim Prior and

Nov 18, Under 19 Pairs qualifier at

Master Mr DH Wing Results: London League winners: Div I: Matt Foster have reached the final. In the

Mr D Strawbridge 2 Star Premier Pinner.

NDF (Ian Swanson); Div II: Young NICKO Plate, Deva BC E (David Flacks,

15 Star Premier Regional Master Do report points of interest for this

Mr D E Lake Chelsea 5 (Dave Muller); Div III: Mad John Leather, Paul Roberts, John

Master column to

Mr C Moore 9 Star Regional Axemen III; Newcomers: August Red Hampson) have reached the semi-finals.

1 Star Premier Master (Paul Spence). The Risley GP Weekend in mid-July

Master Mr K A Drane

Diary Dates: 7 Oct, Junior Inter- was very successful for M&CBA players. Norfolk

Mrs M Robertson 4 Star Regional

5 Star Master Master County Teams, YCBC (contact David In the Swiss Pairs, the top two places in a

Mr D N Bowers Mrs H Greenholtz Muller 020 8204 3975 or dmuller@ strong field were taken by John Hamp- The Norfolk and Suffolk Green Point

Mrs J A Bowers 3 Star Regional; 7 Oct, Champions Cup for son and Paul Roberts, with Richard Weekend was well supported, and there

2 Star Master Master

Mrs D S Birshan Ms LJ Quigley League winning teams, YCBC (contact Silcock and Bill Niccol not far behind. In were good results for Norfolk players.

Mrs K Diezinger Regional Master Sati McKenzie 020 7627 0977 or the Teams, Barry Jones, David Stevenson, The Swiss Teams event was won by Mike

1 Star Master Ms H Bakhshi; Oct 20-21, Paddy Murphy, Tim Prior finished 2nd. Whiting, Maurice Lewis, June Scotting

Mr R R Pingle Mrs BR Fess

Mr S E Haring Lederer Memorial Trophy (see above); The annual County Match B Team and Jon Williams (Beds); Mike Bolster,

Advanced Master

Mrs L Kennedy 6 Star Premier Nov 11, Under-19 Pairs Championship, against Derby resulted in a loss for us by Mark Hill, Paul Darby and Steve

Mrs H Rizk Master YCBC (contact Dave Muller as above); 37 IMPs, but thanks to all those who Dannell were 4th. In the Swiss Pairs,

Master Mr M Davis Dec 2, Daily Telegraph Cup (Invitational

Mr P W Blumer 5 Star Premier

took part. The M&CBA team were Chris June Scotting and Jon Williams, and

Mr G Fraser-Sampson Master inter-County Teams of 4), YCBC (con- Whaley, Rekha Gatfield, Geoff Cowie, Paul Darby and Steve Dannell were

County Master Mr S M Walter tact Chris Duckworth 020 7385 3534 Cameron Boyd, Rob Roberts, Earl equal 3rd.

Mrs S Cowen Premier Master or chris.duckworth O’Keeffe, Margaret Lloyd, David Howe, Trophy event winners: Kings Lynn

District Master Mr G Ridger

Mrs DA Friedman 3 Star Tournament Ian Stanley, Joan King, John Griffith, Trophy (teams), Tony and Sheila Warner,

Mr RS Friedman Master Manchester Olwen Brown. and John and Julie Aspinall. Gender

Ms M Stanley Mr PH Vernon

Club Master Diary Dates: Oct 6-7, Great Northern Pairs: Ladies: Irene Bevan and Ann Ellis;

5 Star Master Swiss Pairs; Oct 7, Chester Bowl (charity

Mr T Chapman Mr E Littlejohns NORTHERN League Men: Richard Thornley and Malcolm

Mrs F M Gordon pairs), Deva BC; Oct 27, Northern Connolly. Mills Knight Trophy: Mary

1 Star Master Match 2: The A team

Manchester Mr C D Morren continued to stamp their Counties League round 4; Oct 31, Smith and Graham Hardman. Broke

Life Master Advanced Master authority by winning the Smedley Hydro (County inter-club Trophy: Mike and Barbara Harnden.

Mr WD White Mr J Baruch

Mrs J White Mrs A Mace second match. The team at Brierfield was teams of eight); Dec 2, Waterworth Cup Wymondham Trophy (restricted pairs):

42 English Bridge October 2007


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