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third in the Senior Teams and the Pivot

Master Point promotions Teams. Sussex

In the President’s Cup, the team of

Mr T H Burn Dr J Murray 3 Star Master 3 Star Premier Mike Amos, Peter Jones, Malcolm and THE Venture Pairs for basic

Mrs N Robson Mr S Nyman Mr P Killen Master Judy Mitchell, Ian Pendlebury, Dave bridge players took part on

Mrs E Thompson Mrs S F Smith Ms S Scott-Laws Mrs P Plinston

Mr D Tarsky Smith, Edward Levy and Paul Hackett 1st July at Henfield:

County Master 2 Star Master 2 Star Premier

Mrs J Clement Mr W Trench Mrs W Beharrell Master were the only team to beat the winners, 1. Sheila Wright – Joan

Mr JR Sadler Mr D A Walton Smith; 2. Mike Greenfield –

Mr J Wills 1 Star Master Mr E J Jones Yorkshire, and after a disappointing

Mr J Taylor Mrs N M Waller

Mrs J Thompson Advanced Master Mrs J Bell Saturday finished strongly on the Beryl Pitman; 3. Sandra

Mrs J A Havard-Davies Tournament Master

District Master Mrs V Gorton Mr CW Robertson Sunday to end fifth. Dennison – Sandy

Mrs L Swadling Mrs JF Gardiner

Mr D Blacklidge Advanced Master Mrs BD Gover Grinham.

Mrs P Hall Master Mrs E Matthias Mrs S Marks Several players from Sussex were

Mrs P A James

Mrs M Sewell

Mr E Auckland

Mrs M Czapski Master Mrs RB Reynolds Suffolk successful in the EBU Riviera event in

Mr E Szymczuk Mr R Czapski Mr G B Fawcus 4 Star Master

Mrs SJ Postlethwaite the Pairs: 1. Malcom Pryor and David

Mr A N Wedderburn Miss H Erfan-Ahmed County Master

Mrs C Wigham Mrs S I Harkness Mrs C Flux 3 Star Master THE new season’s comp- Muller; 2. Eddie Lucioni and Miles

Club Master Mr M D Hickling Mr M C O’Sullivan Mr J J Spring etitions are now well under Cowling; 4. Matthew and Liz Hoskins.

Mr B Graham County Master District Master Mrs JIC Suckling We congratulate Dave Franklin and

way. I urge all members to

Mrs E J Gray Mr J Hooper Mr P T Martin 2 Star Master

Mrs L A Heeley Mrs A Roberts Mr MG Osborn Mrs EM Attenborough actively participate in as Gerry Stanford who won the ‘A ‘Final in

Mrs M Lydon Ms H Strang Club Master Mrs BBonner many events as possible. the Pairs event at the Seniors Comp-

Mrs J Thomas Mr P Whetton Mr PC Brooks etition at Eastbourne. Molly Freeman,

Notts Mrs D Hall The Senior Pairs event for the Stokes

District Master

Grand Master Mr M Gray Surrey Mr C E Lemon Trophy was won by Andrew Moore and Mike Finch, John and Beryl Bramwell

Prof DA Burgess Mrs A Manders Life Master 1 Star Master were 3rd in the Swiss Teams.

David Price. The Married Pairs for the

National Master Mr P P Stephens Dr B D Cavell Ms N J Battell A Basic Bridge competition was held

Mr L Eagling Mr A Webb Mr LJ Roffey Mrs M A Battye Lang cup was won by Andrew and Jane

Mr D K Rodgers Club Master Mrs A Calverley Moore . at Hastings on 14th July: 1. Claire

Premier National

5 Star Regional Mr M Brooks Master Mrs M Harold

Diary Dates: Oct 21, Club Teams of Weston and Molly Freeman; 2. John

Master Ms JC Castle Mr R Gronau Mr A Kennedy Bushell and Ken Robinson; 3. Maureen

Mr PF Waldron Mr R H George Mrs BF Loveland Eight in Colchester at 2pm; Nov 11,

Mr J Lowen National Master Mrs A H Rudd Duffey and Sue Baker.

8 Star Premier Mrs C Vernon Mr J R Bryant Mr K Sinden

Novice pairs at Stoke-by-Nayland at

Green-Point Event at Hove on 22nd

Master Mr M Gurney Mrs J G Snell 2pm. Stowmarket Swiss teams is on Nov

Mrs DE Grainger Somerset 12 Star Premier Mr FY Thomson July: 1. Pyers Pennant, Jeanne Boydell,

National Master

18, starting at 11am, and includes a hot Roger Poulter and David Sedlickas;

4 Star Premier Regional Master Advanced Master

Master Mr C H Floyd Mr P Whitehurst Mr JH Ayshford

lunch between sessions. The major 2. Jeremy Willians, Martin Pool, Jill

Mrs J Jacques 2 Star Premier 7 Star Premier Mrs K P Barker Suffolk Championship Teams event will

Regional Master Mrs R Buxton

Skinner and Eddie Lucioni; 3. Malcolm

Mr R W Spalding Regional Master be held on Dec 2 at Stoke-by-Nayland

2 Star Premier Mrs GA Shave Mr N Barnes Mrs K Williams and Karen Pryor, Michael Prior and

7 Star Regional Master at 2pm. Keith Ashcroft.

Master 6 Star Premier

Mrs J Marron Master Regional Master Mrs P G Davies For more information on Suffolk Brighton Congress: First Weekend

Mrs JAM Jones Mrs PMR Hoskins Dr J H Davies competitions,contact the Competitions

Premier Master Mr K M Davies Pairs: 5. David Clifton and Julian

Mr I W Roxburgh 5 Star Regional 4 Star Premier

Master Mrs LVO Davis secretary, Rick Waters, 01379 870291 Mitchell; Open Pairs Tuesday: 2. Eddie

5 Star Master Regional Master Mr D Fletcher or e-mail

Mr J J F Robinson Mr C R Jones Mr R Sugden Mr R Foreman

Lucioni and John Dakin; Seniors Pairs ‘A’

Advanced Master 3 Star Regional 3 Star Premier Mr G Jones Final: 8. Peter and Marit Langston; ‘B’


Mr P Wood

Mr B Bottomley

Regional Master

Mrs BP Stephens

Mr J Kelly

Mr J Legg

Surrey Final: 6. Pat and Kathy Kent; ‘C’ Final:

County Master Mr M Holcombe Mrs K Legg 9th Tilly Hennings and Jack Wooddard;

Mr A J Dexter Mr NG Mallett

Mr M G Ullyett

6 Star Regional

Mr S R McNeill Senior Teams: 6. Dave Franklin, Martin

Club Master 11 Star Premier Mrs CM Turner SURREY players have had some notable Pool, Mick Carrington and Mike Keep-

Mr R Kowalczyk Master Master

Mrs M Grinter County Master successes in National competitions ing. Congratulations to the winners of

Oxford Mrs M Stodgell Mr W R V Archer

5 Star Regional Mr C Gilliam

during the summer. Pride of place must Mid-week Teams Eddie Lucioni, Andrew

Grand Master 5 Star Premier

Master Master Mr W A Johnstone go to Frances Hinden, Peter Lee, Southwell, Matthew Hoskins and Dave

Mr S McPhee Mrs S S Cabello Mrs P Millard

Premier Life Master

Mrs B E Parker Graham Osborne and Jeffrey Allerton Moir.

4 Star Regional Prof I Niculescu-Duvaz

Mr N Perceval-Price 2 Star Premier for convincingly winning the 4 Stars A

Master Master Mr R Sanders Diary Dates: Oct 21, SCCBA Ladies

Premier National Mrs M Lundqvist Mrs M Wilson-Smith Final at Brighton. This is the comp- Pairs, Patcham; Nov 11, SCCBA

Mr P McEwen Mrs ME Young

Master 3 Star Regional etition where the leading 8 teams after

Mrs A L Smith 2 Star Tournament District Master Chairman’s Cup, West Sussex; various

Master Master 10 matches of the Swiss Teams play an heats at different clubs for Sussex Pairs,

4 Star Premier Mr R Bolton Mr A Birkby

Mrs J Murray Mr M Clarke

Regional Master Mrs CA Tuininga all-play-all final. Sussex Individual, Elizabeth North

Mr J D Gunn Advanced Master Mrs L Parker

Mrs D J Sturt 1 Star Regional Dr D Riley Also at Brighton, Graham Hudson Trophy and Mixed Pairs. Please see the

Premier Regional Master County Calendar for dates.

Master County Master Mr H vanRaaij and Shirley Pritchard were runners up

Mrs B E Moroney Mrs J S Adams Mrs J S Witham

Mr C A Gidman Mr M M Steinberg in the Mixed Pairs.

Mrs K P Whittall Club Master

7 Star Regional District Master 14 Star Premier Mrs D E A Boston At the Eastbourne Seniors Congress, Warwickshire

Master Mrs PJ Pugh Master Mrs H C Collier John Ward, Les Roffey, Bill and Norma

Mr R Quainton Mr AM Scarfe Mr G Gardiner Mr P Cretch

1 Star Regional 13 Star Premier Mrs S Cretch Macmillan came equal 3rd in the Swiss

Master Staffs & Mr P Fedzin Teams. At the same congress, Tony CONGRATULATIONS to the county’s


Mr P Owen-Smith Shropshire Mrs J M Knott Mrs B Humphrey

Turnage and John Cruickshank were Markham team in winning their section

10 Star Premier Premier National Mr C Messenger

12 Star Premier Mr P West first in the Pairs Qualifying and 9th of the 2006-7 Midlands Inter-County

Master Master Master

Mrs R Willison Mr D Heseltine Sussex overall in the A Final. League, so qualifying for the National

Mr S J Marks

9 Star Premier 3 Star Premier Dr K I McKenzie Life Master Members were sad to learn of the Final at Derby, and even more plaudits

Master Regional Master 11 Star Premier Mr A Litchfield death of Dickie Phillips. Although for winning the final. Our team was: Jon

Mr J Cullen Mr G H Roberts Master Premier National

Mrs J P Shuter Dickie had been ill for some time, he Downing, Liam Johnstone, Ali Imam,

3 Star Regional Mr J H McKimmie Master

7 Star Premier Master 10 Star Premier Mrs B Cross had been a stalwart of Surrey bridge for Abul Mostafa, Anne Woosnam, Barbara

Master Mrs M Davies Master National Master many years. He was one of the founders Wren, David Hulston, Julian Wernick,

Mr D Stead 1 Star Regional Lt.Col M H Lipscomb Mrs S Thompson of the SCBA pre-war and became the but Paul Cotterill, Tony Cundy, and

3 Star Premier Master 9 Star Premier 7 Star Premier

Master Mr J Vickers Secretary for some twenty years after the Chris and Rob Evans played an equal

Master Regional Master

Mrs I Merriman 1 Star Premier Mr D G Butt war, when he was the county’s lynchpin. part in getting to this stage. Ali and Abul

Mrs C Moore Mrs B Tolhurst

Master Mr LR Leake 3 Star Premier He was President in 1979 and an Hon. distinguished themselves with the top

Mr R Moore

Mrs M G Bridge 8 Star Premier Regional Master Butler score in the competition.

1 Star Premier

Master Master Life Member (one of only 2 ever). As a

Master Mr R E Thompson

Mrs M H Adams Mr ED Louis bridge player he won many trophies In the second match of the Midlands

Miss L Massey 10 Star Regional

Mrs P M Davies Mr RF Mariner with his wife Liz, who described him as Inter-Counties League, Warws slipped

3 Star Tournament Mrs P Webster-Smith Master

Club Master Mrs KV Gaylor an excellent player of the cards but an with 9-11, 9-11 and 15-5 in the Dawes,

Master Mrs S M Ullmer 7 Star Premier

Mrs J Brown Mr NJR White Master 9 Star Regional occasionally eccentric bidder! Porter and Markham events against

2 Star Tournament Mr AR Baig Master

Suffolk Dr KWG Shillam Please enter next year’s events details Derbys.

Master Mrs W Lancaster

Mr DB Marsh 2 Star Regional Mr A Martelli 4 Star Regional which are in the Competitions brochure Apologies and congratulations to

2 Star Master Master 5 Star Premier Master that you should have received by now. If Allan and Margaret Bond, whose success

Mr B Burgess Mrs E J Marsh Master Mrs S Dyball

Mrs MLR Johnson

you have not yet received your copy, in the last session of the Birmingham

9 Star Premier Mrs U Adilz 1 Star Regional

1 Star Master Master Mrs R Hickman Master please contact Frances Trebble 01252 Div II Invitation Pairs took them to top

Mr P Murphy Mrs M Scurlock Miss S Simm Mrs B Attwood 679883, place, inadvertently overlooked last time.

44 English Bridge October 2007


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