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West Midlands Bridge Club have Georgina Lineker, Ian Lineker, Nigel

Master Point promotions celebrated the reopening of the club

after renovations but pride of place

Walters and Gerald Hill by 1VP.

Clubs were invited to send teams-of-

14 Star Premier 5 Star Tournament 6 Star Premier 5 Star Premier goes to Jack Davies who celebrated his four to Holt Fleet. Seventeen teams

Master Master Regional Master Master 100th birthday on 23rd August with entered and the winners were Worcester

Mrs E V Connell Mr W Stanford Mr W G Everley Dr SM Gabbitas BC (Jessie and Jean Newton, Dennis

G/Capt A F Wallace 4 Star Master Regional Master

almost 100 members of family and

4 Star Premier Loynes, Sue Evans) with Spadesbourne

12 Star Premier Mr R D Timms Mr B Welch Master guests including a large contingent from

Master 3 Star Master 4 Star Premier Mr I E Draper the club. Jack is a founder member of BC 2nd (Ian Argyle, Monica Parker,

Mrs P R Gray Mr T Edge Master 2 Star Premier Andrew Tryndie, Paul Webley).

the club, a former member of the Board

10 Star Premier Ms M Morgan Mrs L V Mitchell Master Diary Dates: Oct 8, Men’s and

Master Mrs S B Rose Tournament Master Mr DJ Ambler of Directors, and now an Honorary Life

Mrs E G Harris 2 Star Master Mrs S M Martin Mr SPB Percival Member. He has just renewed his driv- Ladies’ Pairs; Oct 13, Irene Allen; Oct

8 Star Premier Mrs A Kent 5 Star Master Mr M Rodgers 27-28 Malvern Green Point Weekend

Mr A B Patel ing licence to continue travelling to the

Master Mr B J Nightingale 1 Star Premier Congress (; Nov

Mr PJ Gates 1 Star Master Master club, where he is still a very competent

Mr MRB Bailey

4 Star Master 5, Mixed Teams Holt; Dec 3, Mixed

Mrs A Hone Mrs A Phillips Mrs A Clegg performer.

4 Star Premier Mr AJ Poole Pairs; Xmas Charity Swiss Teams.

Mr G Varnom 1 Star Master Premier Master Diary Dates: Oct 10, BGB Sim Pairs;

Master Mr C J Clark Mrs C Heron

Advanced Master Oct 21, County Teams trial; Oct 21,

Lord Newton

3 Star Premier Mrs P Brownbill Advanced Master

Mrs J Little

Ms A L Wall

Prof T D Wall Charity Pairs; Oct 24, Ann Ormond Yorkshire

Mr M Whitfield

Master Mr C J Richards 3 Star Tournament Pairs; Oct 25, Coventry Pairs League;

Mrs HJ Kent Master Mrs G S Richards Master

Mr R H Weir Mrs E I Duffy Mr K Southwell Mrs E Fryer

Nov 11 Warwks v Worcs; Nov 11, PRESIDENT ’S Cup:

Mrs L Motley Mr M H Vetch Gibbons Trophy (Open Mixed Pairs); Yorkshire won this event

2 Star Premier Mr G Sherlock-Brown 1 Star Tournament

Master Master Master Nov 12 & 14, Children in Need Sim for the second successive

Mr M Kent County Master Mr S F Clifton

Mr H R Beattie Mr J Maltman Pairs; Nov 18, Weston Trophy (Swiss year. The team was

1 Star Premier Mrs A H Cowdry

Mr A S Hickman Dr M Heard 5 Star Master Pairs); Nov 21, Joyce Hare (Mixed Sandy Davies, Tom

Master Mr S Swift Mrs E Hunter

Mrs M L Drake District Master

County Master Mrs L Yates Pairs); Nov 22, Cov. Pairs League; Nov Gisborne, Mike Ingham,

Premier Master Mrs P M Dutton David Lewis, Adam Dickinson, Steve

Mrs S Hull Mrs S R Wilson 4 Star Master 28, European Sim Pairs; Dec 2, Garden

Mr S Ackroyd Mrs D M Jones Mr R Blamires Raine, Dominic Pinto, Robert Myers.

1 Star Tournament Mr P B Plimmer District Master Mr C Milton Cities Qualifier; Dec 9, Warwks v

Dr C Skinner Mr A Knowles Worcs. Pachabo Cup: Yorkshire finished in

Master Mrs J M Price 3 Star Master

Mrs M Bryant Mrs C Swanston Miss D Carlton 4th place and were represented by the

Mrs A Wallis Mr G Tasker

Mr R E Herman Mrs B Hoyle Sheffield team of David Musson,

5 Star Master

Dr P R Whale

Club Master

Club Master

Mrs C Mitchell

Mr C M Smith Wiltshire Graham Jepson, Frank Littlewood,

Mrs A W Ashby Mr L Winters

Mr F W Brooks Mrs M Packwood David Robinson, Richard Pike.

Mrs SA Hall Mrs S Shaw 2 Star Master

Mr J R Hedgecock Mrs S Hamlyn Mr D Goode THERE is a new club in Garden Cities Trophy: in the national

Mr D Mobbs Mrs L M Smith

4 Star Master Mrs S Owen Mrs P D Woodley Mrs F Higginson Trowbridge on a Mon- final, the York BC team (Keith Sower-

Mrs M A Carruthers Mr B Sidney Mr E Jennings

Mr G Cook Yorkshire Mrs B Sykes day night; ring Diana butts, Frank Dixon, Mike Urmston, Phil

Mr W B Davies Westmorland Premier Life Master 1 Star Master King 01225 774488 Godfrey, Mark Bratley, Paul Brereton,

Mr D J Ellis 4 Star Regional Mr P Radley Mr J Appleyard Steve Raine, Liz Reese) finished 3rd.

Mrs A O Woodfine or visit www.trowbridge.googlepages.

Master Premier National Mr J M Collier

Brighton Meeting: Yorkshire players’

3 Star Master Mr A G Anderson Master Mr D S Dempsey com. There is teaching at the Salisbury

Mrs HM Ogden 6 Star Premier Mr P Franks Mr J Griffiths Bridge Club. More details from Phil successes included: Hugh McGann,

2 Star Master Mr SJ Raine Mrs D Smithson Swiss Pairs; Sarah Teshome and Richard

Master Philbrick 01722 322823. There is

Mr M Fromm Miss EB Limb 7 Star Premier Advanced Master Winter, Brighton Bowl. A double for

1 Star Master Regional Master Mr G Lyon bridge teaching in Trowbridge and the

Advanced Master Mrs B Milligan junior player Tom Rainforth in the

Mr M J Dancy Mrs JEA Frobisher Mr S Codling contact is Diana King (see above). The

Mrs H Gimson Mrs M Tebb Mr C Monaghan

bridge teaching in Bath is done by Phil Tuesday Pairs Championship and the

Mr J B Vidler County Master Master

Prof P J Harrison 6 Star Premier Mixed Pivot Teams.

Mrs M L M Winn Regional Master Mr B Lawson Cooke who can be contacted on www.

Mr J Wrapson Wiltshire Mr R Sykes Winners of recent county and open

Mr A Swiers

Advanced Master Life Master 5 Star Premier County Master club events were: YCBA Schools Cup

Dr F Civello Diary Dates: Oct 14, Corsham pairs;

Miss K Hodgson Regional Master Mr A P Allen and Christine Asquith Trophy: James

Mrs S E Lawson

8 Star Regional Mrs E Hirst Mr D Carter Oct 21, Garden Cities Qualifer; Dec 2, Thrower, Chris Knight, Liam Jones,

Mr D Municchi Mr A Gembicki Championship Pairs Heat. Entries via

Mr R K Slatter Master 4 Star Premier Mr J Gembicki Mark Dessain; B flight: Rhys Munden,

Mrs SM Blandy Regional Master the web site

Master Mr R Gembicki Matthew Poulter, David Fennimore,

Mr C W Andrews 3 Star Regional Mr P R Clark Mrs JL Marshall

Mr J D Harris Master 13 Star Regional Mrs D Stephenson Kenneth Andrew. Mini-bridge: Sam

Miss SM Penny Mrs S R Gall Master District Master Worcestershire Smith and David Bliss, and Luke Rostin

County Master 1 Star Regional Mr J R Legg Prof F R Bridge and Connor Featherstone. Harrogate

Mr C C A Coote Master 5 Star Regional Mrs M Darling

Mr I N Rudd Mr C Jones Mr J F Elliott WORCESTERSHIRE bridge is feeling Teams: Giles Foster, Phil Godfrey, Steve


Miss H V Sexton 8 Star Premier Mrs PM Jackson Mr M Emmott the loss of Diana Williams to cancer. We Raine, Fiona Brown. YCBA Newcomers

District Master Master 2 Star Regional Mr J B Forrest Pivot Teams: Shirley Morrisroe, Brenda

Ms J Alderman Mr B Johnson Mr G M Stead miss her good competition and the

Master Mr A Stephens Fryer, Valerie and Garth Lawrence.

Dr E Celinska 6 Star Premier Mr D Calvert excellent demeanour she displayed both

Mrs L J Collinge Dr A K Walton Waddington Cup: Malcolm Robinson,

Mrs J M S Millman Master 1 Star Regional Mr I K Whitehead at the bridge table and to the Charities

Mrs TKH Attwater Master

John O’Sullivan, Roger Gascoyne, Mike

Mr R J Millman Club Master in which she involved herself. Porter. Yorkshire Flitch: Penny and

Mr D H Winterflood 1 Star Premier Mrs JE Hempson Mr D H Alderson

Master The County abandoned the New- Roger Gowland.

Club Master Regional Master Mrs J H Bartlett

Mrs W B Botfield Mr R Williams Mr I Grant Mrs D Brewin comers format of competition (where Gerard Faulkner Salver: the Bradford

Mr B Davies 1 Star Tournament Mrs J Grant Mr P Davies someone with 20 plus years of bridge

Mrs K M C Humphrey Master Mrs J Rodgers Mrs J Fletcher based team of Bill Townsend, Richard

Mrs M Topley Lt.Col GB Brisby 19 Star Premier Mr P J Garbutt experience can still call themselves a Edwards, Giles Foster, Sue Logan, Tony

Mr A N Whall Tournament Master Master Mrs J Henson ‘newcomer’). Instead, you can only McNiff and Bob Ross reached the final

Mr DH Willmer Mr B Wilson Mrs SE Roberts Mrs PL Macfie enter the Chairman’s Cup if you have

Mrs M E Still of the national seniors‚’ knockout,

Warwickshire 5 Star Master 15 Star Premier Mr P Witty left your Beginner class within the last

Mr R Dockerty Master where they lost narrowly.

Premier National Mrs G Wooler five years. Chairman Richard Jephcott

Master 1 Star Master Mr M Porter Diary Dates: Oct 14, Leeds Swiss

Mr D G Franks Mrs A Harris stated he would buy a Cup if three tables Teams; Oct 21, Yorkshire League; Oct

1 Star Regional Advanced Master 14 Star Premier were in play, and 91/2 tables materialised 28, Nelson Rose Bowl; Nov 4, Yorkshire

Master Mr B O’Donnell Master

Mrs H Baxendale with Bruce and Rosie Carter winning, League; Nov 18, Yorkshire League

Mrs J Whittaker Master

Regional Master 13 Star Premier and Richard Davey and Sandra Bristoll (division 11 only); Nov 25, Ryedale

Miss L B Atkins

Mr R L Langowski Mr P R Edwards Master in second place. Pairs (New Earswick).

4 Star Premier Mr K Williamson Mrs DA Benn

The Stourbridge One-day Swiss Teams

Master County Master 9 Star Premier

Mr C Malthouse Master was played in a new venue, the King

Mrs L Bennett

2 Star Premier Miss E S Helme Mrs JE Bull Edward VI School in the centre of

Master 8 Star Premier

October 28 is the closing

District Master Stourbridge. (We bridge players do not

Prof R J Stacey Mrs G Coltman Master date for the submission of

Premier Master Mr JLC Raine

drink enough for the Stourbridge

Club Master Rugby Club to continue entertaining county reports for the next

Mr J Lillycrop Mr T D Martland 6 Star Premier

Mr D C Pratt Master us.) This contest was won by John issue of English Bridge.

8 Star Tournament Worcester Mr P Barr E-mail:

Master Premier Life Master Mr I Johnson

Cattanach, Suzanne Griffin, Maureen

Mrs SR Browne Mrs J A Skelton Mr G Nixon Hannah and Susan Sharp, who beat October 2007 English Bridge 45


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