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Ridge Units

Used for creating pitched roofs and large spans.

Join two units together at the eaves to create

buildings or eliminate scaffolding. Separate ridge

tracks are attached using spring clips.

Specialist Series Beams

0.45m or 0.78m deep. Aluminium unit beams for

incorporation within any type of scaffolding. Large

spans are possible using in-line spigot jointed beams.

Beams are connected to scaffold standards using double

couplers. Connection at any point using standard

scaffold ittings. Simple spigot connection for beams.

Rubber Spigot

Aligns, retains and seals track

joints all in one.


Used for joining beams together

and for securing ridge tracks.

K Frame

Brace frame which connects the top members of

adjacent beam trusses in a fully-braced bay. The

ends have a special claw casting for simple ixing.

The casting includes a top track mounting button.

2.07m, 2.57m or 3.07m wide.


Braced bays 1 - in - 2 Braced bays 1 - in - 5


A UBIX® roof is built up from a combination of fullybraced

bays and inill bays. Fully-braced bays use

K-frames and diagonal braces to link the lattice beams,

stiffening the roof in all 3 planes. Inill bays are simply

linked with horizontal braces, without the need for

additional stiffening.

Braced bays are needed 1 in every 5 bays, plus a braced

bay at each gable end. Roofs erected by crane will

usually need to be braced 1 in every 2 bays, plus a

braced bay at each gable end.

Sheet Pulling Bar

Special sheet pulling bars with

roller wheels aid easy sheet

installations. Adjusts to all

bay sizes.


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