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Temporary Rooing Systems | Uniquely UBIX 11

Roller Brace

Used at eaves and ridge to aid

sheet tension and installation.

Spring-loaded pin drops into

the provided socket. 2.07m,

2.57m or 3.07m wide.

Horizontal Brace

Provides horizontal restraint between main

chords of adjacent beam trusses. Ends

include the claw casting and track mounting

button. 2.07m, 2.57m or 3.07m wide.

Tension Bar and Knee Brace

Individual roof design calculations may require use of a tension bar

linking each side of the roof truss to eliminate sag and outward thrust

or knee braces to reduce the effective roof span. These components

and the required connection to the UBIX® beam are available as part

of the UBIX system. Modular sizes, extendable to any length.

RunWay® Track System

Available as an option for safe erection, also for

opening roofs. Modular track beams with customdesigned anti-uplift rollers. 2m, 3m long.

For full details see separate RunWay brochure.


Track stops and intermediate roller

brace couplers for tracking end

termination. Track couplers for securing

keder track to scaffold tubes or beams, for

special applications.


Aluminium extrusion used to secure

edges of roof sheeting. Slides onto

integral buttons on brace claws.

2m, 3m or 4m long.

Diagonal Brace

Provides diagonal bracing between top and

bottom members of adjacent beam trusses.

It is similar to, but longer than, the horizontal

brace. There are no buttons on the claw

castings. 2.07m, 2.57m or 3.07m wide

0.45m or 0.78m deep.


Heavy-duty PVC coated sheet with acrylic

lacquer and 3-year anti-UV guarantee,

standard colour white, lame retardant with

nylon keder beads to each edge.


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