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Temporary Rooing Systems | Uniquely UBIX 5




For over two decades, Combisafe has set the standard in

accident prevention, protection and safe access systems for

the construction industry.

We work closely with customers and policymakers to

provide up to the minute advice, best practice guidelines

and innovative new product solutions for those charged

with maintaining health and safety on-site.

UBIX is part of our comprehensive range of safe

scaffolding and access solutions.

Project: Chartwell House, Kent, UK

Client: National Trust

Main Contractor: Clarke Rooing (Southern) Ltd

Scaffolding Contractor: P & T Scaffolding Ltd

Equipment Supplier: Deborah Services Ltd

Products: UBIX® Temporary Rooing System

"We needed a high performance roof to cover this historic

building and had to be sure that its weatherprooing was to a

high quality. We looked at the alternatives but the reputation

that UBIX has within the industry is second to none. This project

required a complex temporary roof structure, with several

changes of span and transitions from duo to mono-pitch, as well

as both high and low-level zones. I was particularly impressed by

the lexibility of the UBIX system - its ease of use and the ability

to use universal beams in other applications is a deinite bonus."



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