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Temporary Rooing Systems | Uniquely UBIX 7

For its Speed

Quick and easy to handle and erect, UBIX requires no specialist

tools or lifting gear.

It's lightweight, aluminium frame components can be managed

at height by a relatively small team and its boltless ixings allow

for rapid, 'snap and lock' assembly.

Rapid Assembly

With more rapid assembly, of course, comes reduced time and

labour costs. For planning purposes, assume a rate of 250sq.m.

on the irst day and 450sq.m. on subsequent days.

And because a rooing system that is quick to erect is also quick

to disassemble, you beneit from reduced hire costs at the back

end of the job as well.

For its Safety

Safety is in the Combisafe DNA. All our innovations as a

company are directed towards making the workplace safer

and healthier and UBIX is no exception.

Reduced Risks

The RunWay track system on which the UBIX structure can

be mounted means roof bays can be assembled at the safe,

guarded gable end of a building and pushed easily into position.

Reducing the risks involved in working at height.

Because UBIX keder sheets are installed and ixed from

underneath the canopy rather than on its exposed top surface,

the potential for accidents is further reduced.

No Wrenches or Hammers

Plus, UBIX boltless ixings aren't just quicker. With no wrenches

or hammers to be dropped onto the site below, they're far safer

than conventional methods too.

Integrate with Other Systems

UBIX® is also designed to integrate with other scaffolding

systems to add still more to its lexibility - although the strength,

lightness and regular bracing intervals of the 'pure' system may

be compromised.

The system offers total erection lexibility and assured safety.

The methods available, depending upon the size and shape of

the roof and site conditions, include: In-situ erection (supported

with a perimeter platform), erection by crane, erection from

central tower and roll-out method. The Roll-out method, using

RunWay®, is Combisafe's recommended option due to its

inherent safety as it avoids work at height.


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