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Combisafe provide a dedicated support service for users of the

UBIX® system at every stage of the process.

It includes:

• Full product training, either on-site or at a Combisafe Safety Centre.

• A full breakdown of costs and system requirements based on a

pre-quotation questionnaire.

• System design and technical support.

• Site visits to advise on safe access issues and the most suitable

methods for planning and erecting a UBIX system.

• 'On tap' application advice by phone, e-mail or fax.

Design Support & Guidance

Design support is a critical consideration if your roof span is

greater than 45m or is subject to extreme weather conditions.

In these circumstances, you should always contact the

UBIX support team for help in engineering a bespoke

roof to it your application.

As well as offering a full technical service, our advisers

will also help make sure your roof and safe access designs

conform to all relevant UK and European legislation on temporary

rooing, including TG 09:10 Code of Practice for the Design and

Construction of Temporary Roofs (UK only) and EN 1991 for wind

and snow loading.

RoofPro® Project Planning Software

RoofPro is a unique service from Combisafe. It's an easy,

intuitive software design programme that allows you to calculate

your requirements, even factoring in geographical variations such

as wind and snow.

RoofPro is relatively sophisticated; however, it doesn't do

away with the need to talk to a UBIX adviser. Calculations for

irregular roofs must still be made manually to ensure the correct

speciication for the job and we recommend you always consult

with one of our team to be certain your igures are correct.




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