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Temporary Rooing Systems | Uniquely UBIX 9

Application Guidelines

The notes which follow have been prepared for the guidance

only of those concerned with specifying the system and therefore,

do not form a part of any contract.

Typical Section - additional bracing members are shown dotted.

(These additional bracing members or other measures may be

speciied by the responsible design engineer.)

Important Notes

For each UBIX® application, the complete roof system together

with its support structure must be designed by a competent

engineer to meet the particular contract requirements. Combisafe

does not supply design calculations and working drawings as part

of its sale contract for UBIX but may do so as an option against

speciic order and payment by the customer.

The UBIX rooing system is designed on the basis of a series of

simply supported beams and it is the contractor's responsibility

to provide a suitable support structure.

It is also the contractor's responsibility to meet the requirements

of the appropriate statutory regulations and relevant codes of

practice for the particular location.

Tension bar

knee brace


knee brace



Project: Falu Tingsrätt, Falun, Sweden

Client: Domstolsverket

Main Contractor: Byggpartner AB

Scaffolding Contractor: JUF Byggnadsställningar AB

Products: UBIX Temporary Roof with Tension Bar System

"I have had great results with UBIX since investing in the system

last year and the service from Combisafe has been excellent.

They have helped me with design and erection advice, so that

the jobs have gone really smoothly. We will certainly be

looking to use UBIX in future whenever we need reliable

weather protection."



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