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BAINTON Trophy: 1. Ron Wall - Brian Smith; 2. John and

Gerry Petherick; 3. Chris Phillips - Alan Millington. In the

Garden Cities Trophy, Scunthorpe BC beat the City of Lincoln.

Annual Championships: Pairs Final winners were Maurice

Ladlow - Mo Parsons; the Consolation Pairs was won by Roy

Hughes - Dennis Mellor. Teams Final winners were Andy

King, Ron Wall, Mo Parsons, Maurice Ladlow; the Consolation

Teams was won by Ted and Brenda Goodacre, Brigid Hughes

and Sylvia Bunton. The Veterans Cup was won by Ron Wall -

Brian Smith.


THE ODGP Swiss Pairs in March was won by

Allison Green - Glyn Liggins, with Barry Stoker

and Gordon O'Hair 2nd and Heather Dhondy -

Brian Callaghan 3rd. The ODGP Swiss Teams was

won by Graham Osborne, Frances Hinden, Philip Wood and

Jeffrey Allerton with previous two-time winners Paul Hackett,

Roger O'Shea, Justin Hackett and Jason Hackett 2nd and

Dinah Caplan, Dessy Malakova, Marion Robertson and Mike

Bell 3rd.

The Garden Cities heat was won by the Young Chelsea BC

team of Paula Leslie, Roger Gibbons, Peter Taylor, Ingar

Hansen, Richard Hillman, Richard Bowdery, Andy Bowles

and Shireen Mohandes,

The London Championship Pairs was very close at the end,

with Victor Silverstone - Brigid Battiscombe winning by a

whisker from Debby Sandford - Gad Chadha, with David

Williams - Paul Russell 3rd.

The London Trophy Pairs was won comfortably by Bill

Linton - Carrie Eden with Charles Moore - Kate Woodruff

2nd and Philip Watson - Rita Desmarais 3rd.


CONGRATULATIONS to Alec Smalley, Tom

Slater, John Currie and Royce Alexander who

won the League finishing with an emphatic 30-0

victory against Bare Bones. This is the first

league win for all four players in their first full season in their

current line-up. St Titus (Michael Byrne, Michael Newman,

Alan Mould, Gary Hyett, Rodney Lighton, Ollie Burgess) were


In Div. 2 DASH (Ken Hassell), North Star (Mike Hart) and

Leaders with Attitude (Jeanne Bayly) are promoted -

congratulations. In Div. 3 Sedgely (Bernard Kaye) have won

the division with a fine average of 23 VPs. In Div. 4

Manchester A (Ray Ashleigh) and Altrincham Z (Roy

Higginbottom) are promoted. In Div. 5 Davenport (Derek

Bailey) are promoted. In Div. 6 Enigmas (Heather Saunders)

are champions. In Div. 7, 3 Reds and a Rebel (Annie Curtis)

have won the division.

Green Point Pairs: winners of the annual MCBA Green

Point Pairs, by a large margin, were Alan Nelson - Jeff Smith

with Peter Kauffman - Chris Pope of Merseyside in 2nd place,

again well ahead of third; congratulations to Stephen Ward -

Chris Hine who came 3rd belying their Intermediate status.

Rodney Lighton and John Currie won their last match 20-0

and leaped a large number of places to finish 4th.


THE County Ladies' Teams event for the Jean

Keen Trophy was won by Joan King, Pat

Crossley, Mui Fellows, Lollo Murthwaite; the

runners-up were Dorothy Hislop, Lucy Jones,

Anne Davies, Dorothea Gilbert.

In the Eric Howarth Trophy (County Open Teams) the local

foursome of Peter Hall, Danny Miller, John and Pauline

Rudolf finished in 2nd place behind winners Babs Matthews,

John Farmer, Bill and Joyce White.


CONGRATULATIONS to Suren Velayutham -

Rasool Somji on winning the County Champion ship

Pairs; Peter Hasenson - David Sherman were

2nd and Anne Rosen - Jeremy Dhondy finished


Well done to Pauline Cohen - Joanne

Waterman who won the County Ladies' Pairs;

Frances Liew and Belinda Bridgen were 2nd with Daksha

Malde - Jayoti Shah finishing 3rd.

All results, diary dates and much more information can be

found on the Middlesex County Bridge Association website:


THE Hudson Cup is our qualifier for the Corwen

Trophy; this year's winners were Peter Ison - Jane

Aylett. We wish them and the two other qualifying

pairs every success at the next stage.

Our 'less experienced' pairs weekend featuring

the Barbara Dick Cleland and Buxton trophies was marred by

a problem with the scoring programme so that the wrong

winners were announced on the day. Congratulations to Tina

Potter - John Savery and Karen - Gary Seaman, and our

apologies to those whose hopes were raised only to be dashed.

The Norfolk Congress is the big event of the year; turnout

was slightly down on last year and there are too many winners

to list them here! Instead our thanks to Congress Secretary

Maureen Kimbley and TD Martin Lee, who will not be

returning next year when we will be organised by Gary


The North Walsham Trophy Swiss Teams event attracted

thirteen teams and was won by the new County Chairman,

Sue Gill and her team of Graham Hardman, James Tullett and

Andrew Brown.


June 2015 English Bridge


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