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by Alan Mould

All this month’s problems were sent to me and occurred in actual play. (New quiz: page 54.)

At the table partner had the ®Q and a is very unlikely to give the contract so this

Hand 1

singleton diamond, so either minor-suit lead gets top marks.

´ 765

™ J4

lead worked. (d) t3: 6 marks. The same idea as the tA

t A864 but inferior to it for the reasons given above.

® K752 ´™t® At the table partner had tK-Q-x-x-x, so

any diamond or the ™A was successful.

Hand 2

West North East South ´™t®

1´ ´ Void

Pass 2t 2™ 2´ ™ A J 10 8 7 3

Pass 4™1 Pass 4NT t AJ53 Hand 3

Pass 5™2 Pass 6´ ® 872 ´ K86432

All Pass ™ AQ64

1 Splinter t 7

2 Two ‘aces’ without the trump queen West North East South ® K4

1™ Pass 1´ 2®

Pick your lead out of: (a)small spade; Pass 3® Pass 3NT

(b) ™J; (c) tA; (d) ®2. All Pass West North East South

Pick your lead out of: (a) ™A; (b) ™J; 1®

1´ 3® Pass 3NT

(a) Small spade: 6 marks. This could be (c) tA; (d) t3.

right if it is necessary to cut down heart All Pass

ruffs, but your diamonds are a worry sug- Unless declarer is mad, he is expecting six Pick your lead out of: (a) ´4; (b) ™A;

gesting the suit will set up for discards. club tricks at least and has stops in both (c) ™4; (d) t7.

(b) ™J: 2 marks. It is said no one ever gets majors. It is therefore likely that you need

shouted at for leading partner’s suit. But to cash out quickly. (a) ´4: 8 marks. Fourth highest of your

here how can it be right? The opponents’ (a) ™A: 7 marks. Not a bad idea, in that it longest and strongest. And it is not a bad

bidding has told you they have the heart ace may pick up a stiff honour in dummy, or idea at all. It looks like you have a club entry

opposite a singleton. may (as in this case) enable you to switch if and the ™A to get in with. But the minors

(c) tA: 5 marks. This is basically playing the heart suit is obviously going nowhere. are a worry and declarer may get to nine

partner for a singleton diamond. While this (b) ™J: 4 marks. This is liable to be too tricks before you can get him down.

is not unlikely on the bidding, if partner passive. Declarer will take the heart trick, (b) ™A: 10 marks. This allows you to

does not have one the contract will certainly the clubs and any spade tricks, and it will retain the lead and so continue if this

make. likely add up to at least nine tricks. looks right, or switch to spades if that

(d) ®2: 10 marks. This is the indicated lead. c) tA: 10 marks. On the bidding, diamonds looks right. It is pretty unlikely that either

You need a trick to go with your tA and will certainly be declarer’s weak suit and this declarer or dummy has four hearts, so this

this is the suit, rather than hearts, in which lead may well find declarer with a stiff would be unlucky to give the contract

you have a chance of setting one up. honour and your side able to set up tricks. It away.

(c) ™4: 5 marks. Trying to set up heart tricks

is quite a good idea but if this lead is wrong

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS: you have lost a valuable tempo. It is there-

fore inferior to the ™A.

Master: Bill Roberts, Regional: Michael Kaye, (d) t 7: 1 mark. All I can say is: why? Even

Thornton Kintbury if you find partner with a good diamond

suit, how are you ever going to get him in

again? Anyway, partner hasn’t got much

Open: Pauline Hanson, when you have all this lot. One mark for

Ipswich novelty.

At the table dummy had ®A-x-x-x and

five good diamonds, so declarer had nine

running tricks. The only winning lead was

Sponsored by the ™A as dummy had ™J-x and declarer the

singleton king! r October 2011 English Bridge 15


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