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If you understand what is going on you

will realise that you are certain to defeat IN A NUTSHELL

this contract provided you prevent by Jeremy Dhondy

declarer reaching whatever winners he has

in his hand. Partner has no spades left. If

you leave him on lead he can only put REVOKING

declarer in his hand. Declarer has twelve

winners, courtesy of the club finesse. His If my partner shows out, can I check he is transferred.

hand is: hasn't made an error by asking him? • If the offending side does not make a

´ 6 4 ™ J 10 5 4 t J 10 9 8 7 ® Q J Yes. The 2007 Laws restored the right to trick subsequent to the revoke, then

The successful defence is hardly rocket do this. If you ask in a surprised voice, no tricks are transferred.

science. Neither does it take huge knowl- you may create some unauthorised

edge of bridge technique. Just overtake information for your partner. Dummy What happens if transferring one or

partner’s jack of spades with your king may not ask a defender . two tricks is not enough?

and return a spade, putting declarer back It's possible that a revoke may do some-

on the table. You will make your king of Can revokes be corrected? thing nasty like cut declarer off from

clubs at trick thirteen. A player must correct a revoke if he be- dummy and stop him making several

You may not like your opponents’ comes aware of it before it is established. tricks. In this event the director may

bidding, or declarer’s card play, but that is The card he played in error, if he is a decide that the non offending side is

no excuse for letting through a clearly defender, becomes a major penalty card. insufficiently compensated and assign

beatable slam contract. an adjusted score.

Can I revoke at trick twelve?

HHHHH Yes, but if you do then if it is discovered Are there revokes for which there is no

before the hand is returned to the board, rectification?

Sometimes you need to be a little bit it must be corrected. Yes. The law lists seven situations

subtle. You may have enough defensive including both sides revoking on the

tricks to defeat the contract but you How does a revoke become estab- same hand and revoking more than

simply cannot get at them. In the last deal lished? once in the same suit (only the last is

you cash your ®A-K, but partner shows When the offender or his partner play to subject to rectification). Law 64B gives a

an odd number of clubs. What do you do the next trick. If you revoke and then full list.

at trick three? claim, this establishes the revoke.

Final notes

How many tricks? • The law is quite complicated, so please

Game All. Dealer South. • Once the revoke is established, if the call the director every time there is a

´ 75 trick was won by the revoking player, revoke.

™ Q53 then this trick and one other is • The law specifies that the prime pur-

t A K J 10 2 transferred to the opponents. pose of the revoke law is to rectify the

® J76 • If someone else (partner or oppo- damage and not to punish the revok-

´ K8 nents) won the trick, then one trick ing side.

™ K4 N

t 8654 W

® AKQ32


West North East South TWO Poulton bridge players

1´ cemented their partnership by

2® 2t Pass 3´ getting married in Kendal

Pass 4´ All Pass Registry Office.

Bill Winter, aged 74, has repre-

You will need to make a trick with the king sented Poulton BC and more re-

cently Lytham BC in local leagues

of hearts, but a little thought will show

for many years. He has also been

you that it is pointless hoping partner has running the Beginners and Im-

the ace of hearts after declarer’s strong provers weekly classes at Poulton.

bidding. Instead you must hope that Bill’s bride, Hazel Shaw, is 70

declarer has: and, being an ex-pupil of Bill’s,

´ A Q J 10 9 3 ™ A J 10 t Q 7 ® 9 4 now helps him with his teaching.

In that case you can attack the entry to The happy couple, seen here

dummy’s diamonds by switching to a the morning after the wedding,

diamond now, and playing another dia- spent their honeymoon (two days

without bridge!) in Ambleside.

mond when you come in with the king of

spades. Declarer will then have to resort to (Neville Wiseman)

the doomed heart finesse. r October 2011 English Bridge 23


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