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OPENING leads are often subjective and vir-

tually any opening lead can be successful some

of the time. However, bridge is in many ways a

game of percentages and therefore certain

leads will gain more often than others. In each

issue you will be given three hands and the

bidding on each, and you are asked to choose

your opening leads from those proposed by

Alan Mould our Quizmaster. Answers will be in the next

issue. In each problem you are on lead as West. THE name of the winner of our August

competition is on page 13, but this time

This month’s problems are a little we had so many entries and so many

different: the same hand and three good captions, that we needed extra

space to publish more than a small

different auctions. Do the differ- selection. So, here are more offerings:

makers of playing cards since 1824

ent auctions make a difference to One diamond – One heart – One spade

the opening lead? – Two clubs – That would be fourth suit

( 020 8661 8866

forcing! (Bill Howe, Ferndown); Not

another new-fangled signalling system

(John Baker, Sidmouth); That’s a brave

The hand:

bid! (Melanie Clarkson, Snitterfield and

Paul Quinn, Toprow); I told you their

signalling was ambiguous (Sheena Millins,

´ 652 Langdon Hills); Well, they don’t play

™ 10 9 3 asking for suits in ascending order (Mike

t K9654 Orriel, Newton Abbot); I wonder how the

® J3 bidding went in the closed tepee ? (David

Richardson, Boston Spa); The proposed

This elegant, new-look Piatnik bridge set is smoking ban will ruin my game (Dave

the prize on offer this month. Robinson, Sheffield); It’s my annual

The auctions: For information on the new Piatnik membership reminder from the EBU

cards visit (Steven Sakstein, Stanmore); I suppose

1. West North East South it’s his idea of Ghestem (Pauline Bell,

1NT Alderley Edge); Typical. He insists on

Pass 4NT Pass 6NT There are three categories in our

playing Culbertson and won’t get a mobile

All Pass competition: up to and including Master;

phone (Ed Blincoe, Fowey); We hold all

up to and including Regional Master;

the cards, Crazy Horse. Custer doesn’t

and those with higher ranking. Please

stand a chance! (David Fellows, Crow-

2. West North East South indicate on the top left-hand corner of

borough); Presumably the bidding ends

1® the envelope, or in the e-mail subject when the fire goes out (Chris Ruff, East

Pass 2´ Pass 3® line, the category for which you are Finchley); Pipe signals are OK except when

Pass 3´ Pass 4NT1 entering. The first correct entry in each it comes to no-trumps (Nigel Stribling,

Pass 5´2 Pass 6NT category out of a hat will win the

All Pass Ferndown); I see Hiawatha is practising


prize. The Editor’s decision is final. his suit preference signals (Alex Harding,

Roman Key-Card Blackwood

2 Two ‘aces’ and the trump queen (spades Horsham and Dave Workman, Woking-

assumed to be trumps) Entries to the Editor, ham); I did say they would get even better

signals using the Blackwood (Stanley

23 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR,

Fingret, Scarcroft); I thought we’d agreed

or e-mail on only McKenney signals (Barbara

3. West North East South

1NT by October 20th, 2011. Herold, West Sussex); and Bad News!

Pass 3NT All Pass He’s been picked to play for the ‘Reserve’

Please make sure you include your full team (Sally Izod, Cheltenham).

postal address AND rank Many thanks to all entrants, they

The leads: even if entering by e-mail and/or provided oodles of fun!

(a) ´6; you have entered before!

(b) ™10; Continued

(c) t5; from page 13

(d) ®J. Solutions to August Quiz: page 15.

54 English Bridge October 2011


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