Its deterioration is one of the drivers

of the global populist movement, which

is influencing the direction of policy,

regulation, transactional activity

and business risk. And it also sets the

framework for the challenges of the

future, not least the rise of technology

and its impact on employment.

As a firm we are grappling with the issues

touched on above, guiding our clients

through major cross-border deals under

intense political scrutiny, honing our

regulatory advice to negotiate national

interest concerns and acting at the cutting

edge of tax disputes and regulatory

investigations. But if we accept that the

business/society relationship lies behind

the current uncertainty, then improving

it should have widespread benefits.

We want to contribute to a better

understanding of how businesses can

continue to flourish while improving

their relationship with society. As a

starting point we believe there are three

fundamental questions that all businesses

need to ask - ourselves included. This

article is our attempt to set the context in

which we will explore possible answers,

in collaboration with our clients and

leading thinkers. We hope you will join

the conversation.

While the relationship between

business and society may be an

abstract concept, the quality

of that relationship has huge

practical significance.

We believe there are three questions

corporations should ask themselves.

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