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Three questions

businesses should ask.

Do we work in a

way that considers

our contribution

to society?

Does our company's 'purpose' govern

the way our people work and

the decisions they make (ie do they

believe it and buy into it)? Does our

culture support our social contribution?

Millennials are the largest employee

demographic in many countries,

including the US. A recent Deloitte

survey reveals that most choose to

work for businesses with a strong

purpose that make a positive

contribution to the world around

them; they are also positive about the

potential of business 'to do good'.

How can we embrace this dynamic?

How does making

a positive social

contribution drive our

strategic thinking?

Social contribution is about more

than supporting social initiatives

- if we are to make a difference

this has to go to the core of our

operations. So how does making

a positive social impact figure

in our decisions (in terms of

investments, suppliers, customers,

etc)? Are there things we currently

do that are incompatible with this?

Is there a tension between making

a lasting positive difference and

short-term financial measures and,

if so, how can we manage it?

Beyond creating

jobs and paying

taxes, how do we

contribute to society?

Where are our interests and

society's interests aligned? Can we

articulate why focusing on these

interests is good for business? How

do we communicate our societal

contribution to the outside world

- can we move people beyond

the prevailing 'anti-business,

anti-globalisation' narrative by

organising more clearly around

our societal contribution?

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Business and society

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