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2.1 If an adult indicates that they are being abused the person receiving the

information should:

• Stay Calm

• Listen carefully to what is said, allowing the adult to continue at their own pace, and

take it seriously.

• Explain that it is likely the information will have to be shared with others- do not

promise to keep secrets.

• Keep questions to a minimum, only ask questions if you need to identify/ clarify what

the person is telling you. Take care to distinguish between fact, observation, allegation

and opinion. It is important that the information you have is accurate.

• Reassure the person that they have done the right thing in revealing the information.

• Ask them what they would like to happen next.

• Explain what you would like to do next and ask if they are happy for you to share the

information in order for you to help them. As long as it does not increase the risk to the

individual, you should explain to them that it is your duty to share your concern with

your Lead Safeguarding Officer.

• Record in writing what was said using the adult's own words as soon as possible

2.2 DO NOT:

• Dismiss the concern.

• Panic or allow shock or distaste to show.

• Probe for more information than is offered.

• Make promises that cannot be kept.

• Conduct an investigation of the case.

• Make negative comments about the alleged perpetrator.

If the matter is urgent and relates to the immediate safety of an adult at risk then contact

the police immediately. Complete and Incident Form and copy it to the England Golf Lead

Safeguarding Officer within 24 hours.


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