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Sample Menu

Traditional Picnic Platter

£45.00 per person

Selection of Breads

Sour dough (23g slice 58kcal), baguette (18g slice 48kcal) and black treacle soda bread (30g slice 60kcal)


Oak smoked salmon platter (80g 146kcal)

Lemon, caper and water cress (6kcal)


Peppered mackerel pâté

F-SU-M-C (100g 368kcal)

Selection of Charcuterie

Honey roast ham (12g 14kcal), smoked duck (50g 115kcal), cured and smoked meats (100g 129kcal)

Condiments and pickles (8kcal)


West Country Cheeseboard

Crackers, condiments and homemade chutney (15g 31kcal)

Devon Blue (30g 123kcal)

Stinking Bishop (30g 89kcal)

Wookey Hole cave aged cheddar (30g 121kcal)

Sharpham Rustic (30g 100kcal)


Selection of fresh berries (138Kcal per 200g) and clotted cream (165kcal)


Still and sparkling water

…Add a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne for £85.00 per bottle

Allergen Index:

F-Fish, E-Eggs, L-Lupin, MO-Molluscs, S-Soy, M-Milk, C-Celery, MU-Mustard, G-Gluten, P-Peanuts,

SE-Sesame, NU-Tree Nuts, CR-Crustaceans, SU-Sulphur Dioxide

Adults need around 2000kcal a day


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