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Programme and Modules

Module 3

Module 2

Module 1

Deep Dive on Action Planning

Deep dive on Risk and Adaptive Capacity

Summary of standard and Communication

and Monitoring & Evaluation

Self-learning Building organisational resilience with ISO


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By completing the programme as a whole, you will understand

• the content of ISO14090;

• that compliance with the standard requires continuous


• what is required to develop, implement, monitor, evaluate and

report upon an adaptation plan in line with the standard;

• what is required to continuously improve adaptive capacity to the

level required to manage its climate risk;

and will be able to make an informed judgement about:

• the current capability of your organisation to meet the standard's


• the resources and capabilities you have to contribute to bridge

any gaps;

• where additional capability is needed, either internally or

externally, to meet the requirements of the standard.

The programme begins with an interactive self-learning module that demonstrates the case for the ISO 14090 approach. Our Foundation Module

introduces the guiding principles of the standard and the concept of adaptive planning, whilst Modules 2 to 5 collectively provide the insight and

knowledge needed to achieve your organisation's compliance with the standard; both for initial compliance and subsequent continuous


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