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Australia, America or Germany is an

essential way to drive global standardization,

but also to be able to support remote

operations with the same skills sets and


SynQ's standard platform also enables

companies to upgrade and extend solutions

at any time in the future. Swisslog's

warehouse management system, SynQ, is

modular, ensuring functionality can be

added or removed as required with minimal

to no impact on existing live operations.

Having the certainty and predictability

across different geographies allows Swisslog

and our customers to source, support and

develop solutions without any challenges

relating to local resources or skills, and all

the while supporting global enterprises to

compare data across locations, and ensuring

a local support communication channel



Flexible solutions that adapt to changing

demands bring a huge advantage to

warehouses. It is also important for the

solution to remain consistent across

operations, and be driven by a global

software development standard and quality


Swisslog's SynQ has a unique Product

Development Center driven by certified

experts, ensuring consistency and

continuous improvement for the platform. A

large team of over 500 talented SynQ

professionals work across the globe and

locally to continuously introduce new

functions while keeping a common

standard platform as streamlined as

possible with the standard SynQ product

available in all warehouses around the



A strong platform allows for extensions to

the system at any time after the initial

go-live of a distribution center. For

instance, if more AGVs and storage

locations are brought in to meet an

increase in demand, they are introduced


As a supplier of future-ready automation,

Swisslog is in the best position to deliver

software that can communicate with

other warehouse systems. Setting the

proven standards of how to integrate with

machines, SynQ is the software for any

company looking for a platform that

communicates with advanced and

automated warehouse technology.


A consistent software platform also offers

possibilities for virtual commissioning.

With the ability to develop solutions based

on findings from a digital shadow of a

warehouse, software becomes part of the

process from the very beginning. This also

Stuart Dunn, Software and Controls

Senior Product Manager & Global

Key Account Manager

Stuart is based in the UK, is married

and has two daughters and a pet dog.

He has worked for Swisslog for 20


He enjoys long distance running to

burn off the calories consumed in tap

rooms in his home town of Birmingham.



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