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allows companies to ensure the solutions

are a good fit for their operation early in

the development phase of any new


The changes to our world in the past two

years have seen the need for remote and

virtual commissioning to be accelerated,

as this is a key driver for successful, timely

project deliveries in a time where traveling

is not always possible. We have

demonstrated remote commissioning

across the globe during this worldwide

pandemic, and this has only been possible

due to our detailed digital investment in

SynQ and the reduction of risks related to

employee health, proximity, and travel


We have already made significant progress

with virtual commissioning tools, with the

use of both augmented reality and virtual

reality. While augmented reality is utilized

in the sales phase, virtual reality has been

identified as a useful tool for training

workers to use machinery, understand

warehouse process, and optimize training

and warehouse performance.


For many businesses, a software platform

is the foundation of the operation, and

therefore should be maintained. A

continuous stream of patches, quality and

performance improvements should be

installed simply and affordably as well as

at regular intervals. Technology never

stops and staying on top of technological

advancements across all parts of your IT

landscape is a vital step to ensure

operational security and reduced risks.

We therefore offer standard software

packages at a fixed price. Our 'Forever

Young' contract package, for example,

provides customer access to security

patches and a software update every two

years for a fixed price. All SynQ standard

and enhanced functionality is included in

the update as well as certification against

all third party products interfacing with

SynQ and used to run your operations.


Software for distribution centers works

best when it is developed using customercentric tools. Capturing data from installed

solutions gives us full visibility of what

works and allows us to 'do the right things


To enhance this, we utilize and data mine a

library of information on all of our projects

to help build our current and future

solutions. By learning what works best and

using this insight, we can achieve the best

possible time to market via our continuous

improvement strategy and associated

development roadmap.


For software suppliers, the work doesn't

end when the product is sold, in fact that's

where it begins. The ability to offer

high-quality lifetime support services,

around the globe and around the clock, is a


Swisslog's intelligent network benefits

from all of these features and more. Having

both a global and local SynQ software

presence allows Swisslog to manage and

support your business needs in a modular

way, enabling insights, optimization and

agility for your operation. It's the answer

to delivering on your promises in the

smartest way possible and continuing to be

a delivery partner for your own customer

commitments and promises through

contractual service levels and support.


Ensuring you have the right software in

place to stay future ready is vital.

Swisslog's SynQ software has specially

designed standardized modules (called

'Directors') not only for each Swisslog

technology, but also for third-party

products like AutoStore.

SynQ's AutoStore Director for example is

designed with the specific solution

principles in mind to guarantee

improvements in operational onboarding

and pick performance. This includes a one

use, multi-function workstation for

picking, receiving, quality control and

exception handling.

Standing for synchronized intelligence, the

complete SynQ software has been

designed with a simplified user experience

in mind.

Facts and Figures

ƒ SynQ stands for synchronized


ƒ SynQ has an installed base of 400+


ƒ SynQ is used worldwide, backed

by the industry's largest support

organization - 24/7.

Find out how SynQ can benefit your


Read about SynQ deployment for bio-food

retailer, Alnatura:





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