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'At Swisslog Customer Service, we have a

great responsibility not only toward

employees, but also their families,' says

Thomas Müller, Head of CS in Germany.

Thomas is one of the bright and determined individuals in our company who

stood face to face with customers. His

stories from the pandemic underline how

important close collaboration and

partnership with customers is - to gain

trust and secure operations 24/7 - even in

critical times.

In March 2020, while the world held its

breath, Customer Service Professionals

bravely fought to mitigate the unknown

risks. They did their best to ensure security,

follow the safety protocol and introduce

measures to reduce contamination in

warehouses. It was a time when our

Customer Service colleagues changed the

way they collaborate with customers. They

faced problems that were unprecedented,

and no guidebook could inform them of

the right way to manage such difficulties.

The challenge was to deliver the same

level of service across the board, while

system critical companies, like pharmaceutical, needed special care and urgent


Indeed, we bent over backwards to ensure

the necessary flow of materials in order to

support the timely delivery of medicine to

the market.


'Challenging times demand difficult

decisions. During the coronavirus pandemic we were there to support the critical

infrastructure of delivering medicine and

FMCG, so that 'no table would be left

without food and no patient without

treatment,' states Thomas. But what

happened with Swisslog customers from

other focus segments that suffered from a

dramatic, negative shift in demand?

Covid-associated issues and showstoppers

can prove highly disruptive. 'I am proud of

our colleagues. They were there to listen

to our customers and, where necessary,

were ready to pause the contract for a

while if the customer suffered from

unexpected downscaling of the business.'

At Swisslog, we believe in building trust

and long-term relationships with our



The coronavirus made many companies

rethink their data strategy. Digitization and

the abundant presence of the Internet of

Things delivers huge promise for customer

service. As Thomas mentions, 'The challenge

of delivering technical support quickly and

ensuring accuracy and consistency is

becoming more and more critical and the

pandemic is proof of this.' But the real

challenge is to put the data into practice and

create something tangible from scratch. Our

colleagues in Australia recently made history

by building the automated storage, handling,

and picking solution at a new distribution

center for Jaycar Electronics in Eastern Creek,

NSW - all delivered remotely. 'I could see the

effort the team was putting in, and I knew it

would deliver results for our valued customer.

Additionally, our local team now has a

roadmap for future remote commissioning

projects that may become increasingly

common as a result of COVID,' said Swisslog

Australia Managing Director, Francis Meier.

Remote commissioning has validated

confidence in our own expertise. We made our

experts accessible by creating new channels






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