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and is linked to another by the automated

guided vehicle (AGV). Raw materials from

the dry range and packaging materials are

stored in the new automated high-bay

warehouse. The adjacent production hall

is supplied from the HBW by means of a

driverless transport system (AGV). The highbay warehouse with 4 aisles stores Euro or

industrial pallets on 6 levels. Thanks to the

4-place field storage, either 4 Euro pallets

or 3 industrial pallets can be stored in one

storage location.


'We approached our customer by starting

with a workshop to discover their needs

and objectives, and then designed with

the customer a concept perfectly meeting

their expectations,' shares Swisslog's Sven

Borghoff who supported Rapunzel the

requirements and design phase. 'We studied

the existing data flow of material and

evaluated possible future areas of demand.

Together with Rapunzel we analyzed the

local situation, delivering a solution proposal

that satisfies current and future needs of the



'I am proud of our consulting team in

Germany, as they easily found a common

language with Rapunzel's management and

team members. It is an honor to serve a

dynamically developing family enterprise,

with a long history in the bio-food segment,

and whose values are deeply embedded

in trusting people and caring for the

environment. I am particularly happy that

they have put their faith in our people.

I truly believe that through innovation,

Rapunzel will create a safe and efficient

workplace for its employees, while scaling

up the business.' states Antonio Trioschi,

Swisslog CEO.

Rapunzel will start their operations in the

raw material warehouse in June 2022. This

will mark another successful deployment of

projects with environmentally-oriented and

eco-conscious food and beverage producers

that Swisslog wishes to support.

We have already supported BioPartner,

Weiling and Alnatura and we welcome

supporting more fair and sustainable

businesses with their growth.

Drop Sven a message to find out more about

sustainable solutions >> Contact Sven

See how we care about other organic

customers within wholesale >>




Stefan Schmaus, Head of Logistics,

Rapunzel Naturkost GmbH

'Swisslog's know-how and appetite to

continuously and rapidly improve as

a company, as well as their feel and

appreciation for innovation, put them

at the top of the list and made the

choice an easy one.'

Facts and Figures

ƒ According to the AMI (Agricultural

Market Information Society),

Germans spent 22 percent more on

organic food in 2020.




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