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For many prospective Swisslog customers,

seeing installed solutions and experiencing

our automation in action is important. But

when pandemic restrictions made it

impossible to travel, site visits were out of

the question.

As a forward-thinking organization, we

were eager to adopt new possibilities to

harness the power of collaboration. We

needed to embrace new methods of

working in order to bring the industry

together, even if it was virtually. Close

collaboration is a company-wide culture

that influences all that we do, not only in

the design of our solutions. So, with a

strong digital focus, we worked to find a

way to push the boundaries of what was


The Swisslog World Automation Tour

series was the result of our efforts.

Customers and prospects could now see

automation in action in real time, no

matter where they were working. The tour

welcomed automation fans from across

the globe, allowing them to join us for

virtual demos of some of our most

legendary customer sites.

Each show kicked off with ameet-andgreet with a Swisslog logistics consultant

and on-site engineer, who were equipped

to take attendees on a virtual tour of one

of our sites. Participants were able to see

automation in action from the customer's

viewpoint and have their questions

answered in real time throughout the


The best part about offering virtual site

tours was that you could sign up for any

or all of our tour dates, regardless of

whether they were hosted in Berlin,

London, Barcelona, Sydney, New York, or

Shanghai. This new platform also opened up

opportunities for prospective customers who

may have been interested in a particular

solution but would otherwise have had to

travel internationally to see an installation.

Coca-Cola in Australia, Trinchero Family

Estates in the United States, REWE in

Germany, and ASDA in the United Kingdom

were among the prominent names on the bill.

Each show was a huge hit, with hundreds of

automation professionals singing up for each

one, and the response was overwhelmingly


Although each show was accessible to watch

live from the comfort of your own workspace,

we recognize that finding time in your hectic

schedule can be difficult! Those who missed

out now have the option to catch up at a time

that is convenient for them.






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