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June 2019 English Bridge


I was most interested to read in

your April magazine of the

proposed introduction of the

Undouble card. Hopefully this is

just the thin end of a wedge of

ways and means of immobilising

partner in critical situations.

Just one technical query - does

the Undouble negate an

intervening redouble, or not?

John Elder

Oldbury Bridge Club

How nice to hear from you Mr

Elder. I remember you well. How

is your membership drive going,

using wireless headphones for your

burgeoning young players to listen

to loud music while they play? Ed


What a brilliant idea to

introduce Undouble cards. They

would certainly enliven a few

bridge sessions! However, I can

imagine they would provoke the

dissolution of many a

partnership and precipitate a fair

number of divorces.

Nevertheless, it did get me

thinking: can anyone envisage a

scenario in which undouble

cards, as described, could

conceivably be viable?

Andrew Hamling

I think it might save a few

marriages. Ed


I was most interested to read

about the introduction of the

Undouble bidding card in the

April magazine. Surely it would

be logical to also consider the

introduction of an Unredouble

bidding card! Nigel Hopwood


I know all bridge players will

welcome the introduction of the

UnBid card. This exciting

innovation from the WBF will

allow any player to cancel

partner's last bid without

penalty; opposition players will,

rightly, have to pause 5 - 10

seconds before bidding

continues in the normal manner.

It is expected, however, that if

the original player repeats his bid

then the Director may be called

and will rule as to which bid

stands. The new card (colour

yellow) will appear at the same

time as the UnDouble card on

1st April next year. Paul Quinn


What a brilliant idea the

UnDouble is. Could I suggest

that the WBF be asked to

consider extending the system to

an UnBid card? This would

convert partner's last bid into a

Pass. It would prove invaluable

when, for example, partner bids

a phantom sacrifice over a nonmaking contract.

So perhaps the

opponents bid to 4™, clearly not

making and partner for some

reason bids 4´. When the

bidding comes round to me, I

Unbid the 4´ thus reverting the

contract to 4™. The Unbid would

silence partner for the rest of the

auction, which is what we are

trying to do in the first place, so

a win-win all round. It could also

be useful when partner bids 4NT

looking for a slam and we end up

going one off. With the Unbid we

could remove the 4NT and settle

in game.

Brian Dorey


I should just like to register my

deep concern over the

introduction of the Undouble. I

recognise that there must be

innovation in our wonderful

game if we are to encourage and

maintain membership especially

amongst the younger brethren.

Surely, however, there must be

better ways rather than this

totally unsatisfactory and unreal

bid. I would suggest, for

instance, the introduction of the

8NT bid. This strikes me as a far

better way to add a level of

competition at the higher and

highest levels of our game. An

8NT doubled non-vulnerable

with just a few off is still better

than losing to 7NT vulnerable.

I would please ask the EBU to

reconsider and to press, at the

highest level, both the WBF and

the European Bridge League to

contemplate a similar level of


L O Oflirpa

Thank you to all who wrote such

funny letters about the Undouble

of which I have published a

selection. Thank you, too, to Steve

Thomas from Taunton Bridge

Club who designed the artwork for

the card and the front cover, and

who I was unable to name at the

time for obvious reasons. Last,

thank you to Mr Bridge who

generously called to say he had

fallen for the ruse and had

commissioned an article about the

Undouble. The author in question

had gently suggested it might be

an April Fools. Mr Bridge - you

were not alone - I had several

emails asking whether it was 'for

real'. Ed


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