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Director Please! by Mike Swanson

John Hesitates

‘THANK GOODNESS this round is over, bidding continue. I would say however is actually thinking at the time,’ quipped

that pair are so slow and it really affected that, if John and Julie play Sputnik Julie.

my concentration,’ said John. doubles as I believe they do, it is normal to ‘But then shouldn’t John actually tell us

‘You may have your faults but playing re-open with a double in this situation on what he meant when he bid 2´?’ asked

slowly is certainly not one of them,’ replied any opening hand that has a shortage in West.

Julie after deciding not to comment on the overcaller’s suit, no matter how few East then came to John’s rescue:

John’s ability to concentrate. High Card points are held,’ replied the ‘Actually I believe that John didn’t need to

Director. say anything at all. All we are entitled to

After all that fuss, John felt riddled with know is what the meaning of the bid is

E/W Game. Dealer West. guilt and didn’t dare pass, so his con- according to John and Julie’s system.’

´ 7 voluted logic persuaded him to bid 2´ in Convinced that John must have all the

™ A Q J 10 3 the hope that Julie would then realise he spades over his partner, West tried leading

t A652 held spades. Of course it did anything but, a club. John crossed his fingers, played

® Q96 and Julie duly alerted the 2´ and, when small from the dummy and East took the

´ 9 ´ A J 10 5 3 2 asked, explained that it was game-forcing king of clubs. John then took the spade

™ 965 N ™ 742 and merely asked her to describe her hand switch in hand and played a club to the


t QJ43 S t 97 further. Over 3t John felt he had little nine and ace of clubs. East now decided to

® J8542 ® AK choice but to bid 3NT even though he take his ace of spades and John emerged

´ KQ864 didn’t really have a club stop, and that with ten tricks and a near top.

™ K8 ended the auction. ‘Well done, partner; you got there in the

t K 10 8 Before West chose his opening lead, end despite slowing down,’ said Julie.

® 10 7 3 John said: ‘I think it is fair to point out ‘However, I think in future you should

that, although Julie’s explanation of the play at your normal speedy pace so that

meaning of my 2´ is correct, that is not you don’t have time to outthink yourself.’

West North East South what was in my mind when I bid it.’ John just nodded, not quite knowing

Julie John ‘Fortunately I only have to tell you what whether Julie was being complimentary or

Pass 1™ 1´ Pass the bid is supposed to mean, not what he not. r

Pass Dble Pass 2´

Pass 3t Pass 3NT


After East had overcalled 1´, John sat and THE SMALL friendly bridge club of

thought about what he should bid; double Markeaton, Derbyshire, was founded in

would be for take-out so that wasn’t an 1965 at the old Markeaton Bowls Club

option and he was reluctant to bid 2NT so premises, formerly a golf club house. On

eventually he settled for a pass in the development of the land into flats, the

knowledge that Julie would be bound to club relocated to the White Hart function

bid again if she had spade shortage. room at Duffield. Three more moves

The instant that Julie put the Double later, the club now meets at the Weston

card on the table West thrust his arm in Centre, Duffield, Belper, where it hopes

the air, and called for the Tournament to stay for a long time!

Director, as he was sure that John had The one constant factor in all these

spades and was going to leave the contract changes has been the club founder, John

as 1´ doubled. Robshaw. He will be 90 on November 3rd,

‘John thought for an eternity before pass- and in nearly fifty years has rarely missed attending the club’s weekly duplicate

ing over my partner’s 1´ and now Julie has on Tuesday evenings. Although Markeaton is a democratic club, members often

doubled. She can’t do that!’ argued West. refer to it as ‘Johns club’! He is still the club Secretary and runs its affairs as

‘At this stage all we need to do is agree efficiently as ever. (Alwyn Lycitt)

that there has been a hesitation and let the August 2012 English Bridge 11


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