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Photo: Ron Tacchi

The England Women’s team on learning of their win: from the left, Heather Dhondy, Nicola Smith, Nevena Senior,

Sally Brock, Fiona Brown and Susan Stockdale; at the back, NPC Jeremy Dhondy (on the left) and Coach David Burn.

Scotland’s Sheila Adamson doubled for three spades and Hallberg leapt to 6®.

take-out and Anne Symons went straight Game All. Dealer South. When Jacek Romanski led a diamond,

to 6t. Senior had no wish to double this, ´ AJ all was easy. Hallberg was able to ditch the

of course, since North-South might well ™ KJ864 heart loser, draw trumps and set up the

have a making slam elsewhere. Declarer t AK8 spades for the loss of one trick. At the

lost a club and two trumps, going two ® KQ3 other table Paul Hackett found the better

down. ´ 10 8 ´ K54 lead of the ™3, Waterlow winning and

At the other table, Nicola Smith found a ™ 932 N ™ AQ75 returning a diamond. The Polish declarer


better sequence on the South cards: t Q975432 S t J 10 6 ruffed in his hand and took an immediate

® 9 ® 10 7 2 spade finesse, going one down for a 16-IMP

West North East South ´ Q97632 swing to England.

Punch Brock McGowan Smith ™ 10 Do you see the line of play that declarer

4® Dble Pass 5® t Void missed? He had a chance to discard all five

Pass 5™ Pass 6t ® AJ8654 losing spades from the South hand!

Pass 6´ All Pass Suppose he wins the diamond switch,

throwing a spade, and calls for the king of

The 5® response showed a powerful hand West North East South hearts, covered and ruffed. He plays the

with two places to play. The spade fit was Romanski Holland Kowalski Hallberg ace and king of trumps, followed by the

found but what would the reward be? Liz Pass jack of hearts, throwing another spade.

McGowan led the king of clubs and Pass 2NT Pass 3™ When the nine of hearts falls, he can draw

Samantha Punch followed with a suit- Pass 3NT Pass 6® the last trump and throw three more

preference ®3. East was not pressed to find All Pass spades. If the nine does not fall, he can

the diamond switch and West ruffed for one return to his hand with a diamond ruff

down. Just 3 IMPs in the England plus Hallberg, passed initially as South and res- and take the spade finesse.

column. ponded with a transfer bid of 3™ when John With twelve games played, and seven still

At three tables in the Open event South Holland opened 2NT. North would have to play, the England Seniors were in 9th

ended in 6´ and West then found the rebid 3´ only with at least three-card spade place, 9 VPs away from a qualifying

brilliant lead of the ®3, putting partner on support (an excellent method, which position for the world finals.

lead for a diamond ruff. announces spade support immediately and England faced Bulgaria early in the

After a series of great results, and with allows partner to cue-bid when a slam is Open final. Townsend and Bakhshi found

just four matches to play, the leading possible). Holland’s actual 3NT denied a special defence on this deal:

positions were: England (yes, indeed!) 286

VPs, Turkey 271 VPs, France 266 VPs. The

six top teams would qualify for the Venice


Championships Facts and Figures

The England Seniors team included five • 27,792 boards were played at the 51st European Team Championships.

of the squad that won the world cham-

pionship in 2009: Gunnar Hallberg – John

• This was Nicola Smith’s seventh title, moving her into third place on

the all-time list (a position she shares with France’s Sylvie Willard).

Holland, David Price – Colin Simpson,

and Paul Hackett playing with Tony • The England Seniors were sponsored by Pharon Independent Financial

Waterlow (NPC Simon Cochemé). They Advisers of Canterbury.

faced Poland on this deal: August 2012 English Bridge 15


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