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have ‘extra’ tricks, then it means we can

usually discard our losers if given the

Top Table Tony Forrester

opportunity. We have already seen one

example in Hand 2.

More tricky are the cases where the

winners and losers add up to less than

thirteen. In these cases it is often the right

plan to try to make the extra tricks by Tony Forrester is the most capped England player. He has won most of the national

ruffing the losers. trophies at least once and the Gold Cup an amazing ten times. Among his achievements are

coming second in the 1987 Bermuda Bowl and winning the European Teams in 1991.

Hand 4

South plays in 4´.

West leads the ™3.

´ Q J 10 8

™ A J 10 6 5

t Q63

® 8




´ AK653

™ KQ2

t 4

® Q964

On this deal there are ten winners (five

spades and five hearts) but only two losers

(one club and one diamond). How can we

make this work to our advantage? Well,

the solution is to make an extra trick by

ruffing a club in the dummy (the hand

with the shorter trumps, note).

The opponents have led a heart (which When did you start playing What are your favourite bridge

could well be a singleton), so declarer bridge? books?

must first draw trumps. Let us assume My parents taught me after a selec- For technique superbly explained,

that they split 3–1. Now declarer can run tion of unsatisfactory O-levels. Terence Reese’s The Expert Game.

off dummy’s heart suit if he wishes, Curiously, my exam results improved For humour and fun, Skid Simon’s

throwing some rubbish from his hand. after that. Most odd. classic Rubber at the Club.

South now concedes a club to the

opposition and waits patiently until he How often / where do you play? What are your hobbies?

regains the lead. At that point South can Just major events. I have not played Any sport where you can hit, kick or

lead his club and ruff it on the table. In serious local bridge since my days at throw a ball. Walking in the Black

effect South makes six trump tricks and Wakefield, which I still remember Mountains. And here’s one you

five heart tricks for a total of eleven fondly. would not expect: shopping.

winners and two losers. Do you always play with the same What would you change in bridge?

It is important to realise that extra tricks partners / team-mates? What do Improve dress code; scrap alerting

can only be made by ruffing in the ‘short you expect of them? procedure. Focus on 35+ age group

hand’ – in this case that’s the North hand. I have always sought an eclectic mix of professionals who are looking for

Declarer makes five spade tricks plus one of partners, because I feel you learn a hobby in later life. Streamline the

extra ruff for six in all. Ruffing a diamond more from a varied diet of styles EBU (sorry, it is too cumbersome).

in the South hand doesn’t help, as declarer and theories. I have at least ten

still only makes five spade tricks. This is a What’s the bridge success (so far)

favourites over the years, which

very important point, which will be ex- closest to your heart?

shows that the approach has

plored in a later article. Players (even ex- My first Gold Cup win comes close,


perienced ones) often make the fun- but it has to be the European Cham-

damental mistake of trumping losers in What do you do for a living? pionships with Andrew Robson in

the hand with the long trump suit. In I write for the Daily Telegraph and 1991. Probably the best bridge of

essence they have achieved nothing by dabble in sports betting on the side. my life.

doing this. r August 2012 English Bridge 21


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